Magnolia (1999) Poster


Plot Keywords

coincidence one day
whiz kid cancer
decision dating
seminar motivational speaker
cocaine forgiveness
dog ensemble
consolidated pby 5 catalina plague of frogs
suicide attempt starts with narration
double barreled shotgun loading gun
tv game show urban legend vector
water bomber abusive father
tears crying
man with glasses flower in title
voice over narration topless female nudity
fictional game show fired from the job
fictional quiz show male tears
synchronicity seduction
pain life coach
growing up fate
denial surprise
one word title ambiguous title
vomit father daughter relationship
drunkenness drug use
dead body tv show in film
television producer singing
scuba rooftop
restroom reno nevada
rapping rainstorm
prologue premarital sex
prayer pilot
name change murder
mother daughter relationship misogyny
marriage love at first sight
loss of son loss of father
live television library
lawyer key
hotel hanging
gun gay
game show host floor safe
filicide falling from height
fainting execution
ensemble cast elevator
electronic store domestic violence
doctor divorce
dental braces crush
chapter headings catholic
casino car accident
attempted suicide apology
ambulance adultery
addiction 1960s
1950s 1910s
frog rain divine intervention
biblical passage multiple storyline
long take forest fire
burglary urban legend
shot in the head interview
police terminal illness
police officer infomercial
pharmacy chance
child abuse frog
father son relationship suicide
deathbed male nurse
serendipity hospital
child prodigy wetting pants
los angeles california morphine
mercedes benz independent film
actor shares first name with character surprise ending

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