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Not the worst B-movie action flick I've seen
rm9194529 January 2003
When I first heard this movie was being made, and that Randolph Mantooth was in it, I couldn't wait to see it. Then when I learned another favorite, Richard Lynch, was in it as well, the search was on and after much searching in various video stores I finally found it.

Mantooth's portrayal of an angry, Russian-like character was superb, his acting always is whether playing a good-guy (his usual role) or a baddie. However, his accent was less than impressive, even Mantooth admitted in interviews he was never happy with it. But this does not take away from his obvious talents as the evil Solansky who wants to cause a political coup in a small `Eastern block' country.

Lynch is always fun to watch and never disappoints either, especially when playing the baddie. I especially like the scene where he punches C. Thomas Howell in the face, while holding a rather impressive looking handgun in the same hand -- ouch!

C. Thomas Howell did a good job, but his partner was horrible! Who told that woman she could act!? Think she was merely `window dressing'. The rest of the cast were `okay', not the worst I've seen, but not the best either. Clearly the standouts in this cast were Mantooth, Lynch and Howell.
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Great Acting by Randolph Mantooth
carol.orndorff6 January 2002
I purchased this video only because Randolph Mantooth acted in it. I must say that I was not disappointed at all. Randolph Mantooth's acting ability is great. I have not found a role that he has played that he did not play well. In this film he portrayed the bad guy wonderfully. I would suggest that anyone who is a Randolph Mantooth fan and wants to see great acting watch this movie. Mr. Mantooth definitely was the hit of the movie. I must say without Randolph Mantooth acting in the movie it would have been a lot less than okay, probably a flop.
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An exciting Randolph Mantooth film.
cgwright115 July 2000
I must admit that when I heard that Randolph Mantooth was in a movie I rushed to the video store to rent it. I am a new user to the internet and was excited that I found this website. At first I watched the movie because Mr. Mantooth was included in the cast, but right away I realized that the plot was interesting. It is interesting to see Mr. Mantooth in a variety of characters. This character was fascinating, his accent "on the money". I enjoyed watching the movie and anxiously await more.
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A great villain is good to find
taarna-215 July 1999
A grade B Roger Corman production (he is King of the B's). There are no better B's than his. The standout Grade A performance is Randolph Mantooth. His 'bad' guy Solonsky is so good that you're rooting for him to complete his evil mission so he won't go the way of all bad guys. All the rest of the characters are cardboard cutouts. Solonsky is fleshed-out, warm-blooded,and hot-headed. Mantooth should be picked up for more roles in this genre. I can see him in a Bond type flick. Or Austin Powers...
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Good story, one great performance, rest of the cast only mediocre.
Kalin-216 June 1999
I watched this film only because I had read that Randolph Mantooth was in it. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at Mr. Mantooth's performance. He plays the bad guy to the hilt, but with a perfectly sane reason for his actions.

I won't go into details about the story, too complicated, but the film has reflections of another High Concept film that flopped at the box office I think it starred George Clooney and Nicole Kidman.

The rest of the cast are okay in their roles, but just okay.
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