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  • A wealthy Indian scientist known as Professor has developed a nuclear project to bring about peace in the world. He has encrypted this project in code words known only to him and his daughter, Reshma. Then Wong abducts his wife, Paro, and blackmails the professor. The Professor is ready to turn over the project to Wong, when Wasco abducts Reshma and holds her for ransom in exchange for the same project. C.I.D. Agent Raju steps in and rescues Reshma and both fall in love with each other. But their problems are far from over as Reshma gets abducted again - this time by both Wong and Wasco. Raju search for Reshma lands him in a dungeon - paving the way for the criminals to force the professor to handover the project as well as the solution to the secret code to them.


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  • CID 909 is a exciting, thrilling and romantic film of Feroz Khan. It is about a wealthy Professor Bhardwaj who had invented a formula by which any powerful country in the world could come to terms of peace. The formula was written in code words, which he or his daughter Reshma could only de-code. Two different underworld gangsters Mr. Wong and Mr. Vasco were behind the formula. Mr. Wong had kidnapped the wife of Professor and by torturing her he was forcing Professor to decode the formula. But the formula gets stolen from Wong by Vasco. To handle the case they appoint CID 909 to protect the formula as well as Bhardwaj family. When Vasco was unable to decode the formula he tried to kidnap Reshma but CID 909 foiled their attempt. On the other side, Wong was threatening them that he would kill Professor's wife if he will not get the formula. 909 smartly palyed a trick on the gang of Vasco. He handed over Reshma to Vasco against ransom money and then he followed them to their headquarters and completely smashed the gang. But Vasco escaped. CID 909 succeeded in rescuing Reshma and getting the formula back. Also CID 909 very smartly handled Wang as he had kidnapped Professor's wife.

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