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21 Oct. 1998
To Fly or Not to Fly?
The series begins with an in-depth look at flightless birds around the world.
28 Oct. 1998
The Mastery of Flight
The focus turns to the mastery of flight, from the science of gravity to the ability of birds to cover extremely long distances.
4 Nov. 1998
The Insatiable Appetite
Discovering the role of beaks within various species of birds.
11 Nov. 1998
Birds eat more than berries; this episode takes a look at birds that eat meat.
18 Nov. 1998
Fishing for a Living
Cameras follow birds as they dive into fresh and salt waters for their meals.
25 Nov. 1998
Signals and Songs
The myth that birds only sing for pleasure is destroyed as birdsongs become known as ways of communication .
2 Dec. 1998
Finding Partners
Male birds show off in the exotic ritual of mating.
9 Dec. 1998
The Demands of the Egg
Laying eggs and keeping nests are two things that keep birds grounded.
16 Dec. 1998
The Problems of Parenthood
Raising children is no easier in the air as it is on the ground, as bird parents care for, defend, and even kill their young.
23 Dec. 1998
The Limits of Endurance
Left to their own devices, birds have reached almost all ends of the Earth - still, humans can do many things to help their feathered friends.


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