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The best TV series of my childhood

Author: uiflorin from Romania
21 May 2006

I have nostalgic memories about this series. The best kids TV series of the '80s for communist countries. It was broadcast on Sunday in my country Romania, at 11.00am, and the whole day I was dreaming the episode. It had the power to transport the kids for 30 minutes to a world of magic and hope, in a time of darkness, lack of food and electricity. All the kids were talking the next day at school about the magic adventures they witnessed. It was the 30 minutes drop of heaven. Has been aired several times, because there was nothing against the communist party's doctrina and propaganda in this series. I remember it had a sequel, it was done with the same cast and it worked, kids loved this too. I would like to have this show on DVD for my kids, but I can't find it anywhere. If it has not been restored in digital format probably is already reddish in color like all the TV footage from the '80s.

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THE TV series for kids, but not only them...

Author: mirceaar
2 December 2001

This series, together with the "Expedition Adam '84" ("Die Besucher"/ "Návstevníci"), made by the same crew, are the most entertaining, funny, witty, intelligent, you name it. Unfortunately, I haven't seen since anything that would equal these, not to say top them. Now, that I have access to all kinds of TV stations, all I can see are some absolutely dumb, rubbish (mainly) american series. Stuff that I wouldn't let my kids watch for anything in the world. Maybe there are some worth watching, but I haven't seen or heard of them yet.

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A classic which stands the test of time.

Author: gaabinka from Sydney, Australia
14 October 2005

I watched it the first time they screened it on Czech TV and without a doubt it is one of the best kids series I have ever seen. I don't think there's anything like it and no matter how many times I've seen it, I always enjoy watching it as if it were my first time. It's a shame that it's not in English, I'm sure it would capture the imagination of millions of other children around the world even 25 years later.

Well that's all I had to say, but really your guidelines are annoying me, why can't I write how much or how little I want. Why does it have to be a minimum of 10 lines? Give your registered users a bit more flexibility, otherwise you'll rob yourselves and your customers of many comments. Thank you, that's all... and I hope its more than 10 lines. (Don't mean to be smartypants)

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Charming,bewitching and really fairy-fictious!

Author: Basti H from Germany
17 June 2001

The story begins when Mr. Majer,an actor who reads fairytales on a children's tv show,finds a little bell.He rings it,and Rumburak appears,a wizard from the land of fairytales,who takes him to this wonderland - where he by mistake shoots the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood!When he's back in the human world,Rumburak is for punishment transformed into a wolf - order of the king and queen of the fairy-tale land!But Rumburak gets help from two witches (one is from Hansel and Gretel!)...and he cries for vengeance!He wants to conquer the fairy-tale land and become husband of the beautiful princess Arabela!This smart girl flees into the human world,where she meets the undergraduate Petr,the son of Mr. Majer,and falls in love with him... But Rumburak doesn't give up that easy! Not only many famous figures from the fairy tales,but also Mr.Majer and his family have to fight against the bad wizard...magic rings,cloaks and a suitcase play important roles in this wonderful series,people get transformed,the fairy tale-people don't know our world and get in strange situations,our world can't accept or understand that there's something that we CAN'T understand,that's not logic,just magic... It's a pleasure to watch this famous czech TV series, which is for a long time a classic and an evergreen! An intelligent,delightful plot between fairy and reality,great actors,pretty costumes,funny gags,but also moments of melancholy make this series to one of my favorites!

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Wonderful series, great director, fantastic actors!

Author: c_tudoran from Romania
14 April 2007

I think it is a must for any child! I remember it very well, as I was a young man at the time it aired in my country, Romania (I was in my twenties then). Therefore, I was truly able to appreciate the actors' play, the great director, the witty and imaginative writer and the incredibly astute special effects it displayed. I would be extremely happy to have my grandchildren see it on DVD! Am STILL waiting for it! As in Romania foreign films have always aired and were always showed in theaters or TV with subtitles (never dubbed!), I was also able to learn some Czech words watching it! Great movie, great actors! A special mention for the late Mr. Vladimir Mensik, whom I also remember from numerous other Czech children and mainstream movies.

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The DVD, Please!!!!

Author: cicciofrancolando from Somewhere on the globe
24 December 2003

This is a wonderful series that I remember from my childhood. Magic is the word here. All the actors are great but I especially remember Vladimir Mensik. Let's have the DVD now - with English subtitles please!

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The best TV series ever

Author: kertschy from Praha
11 August 2007

This is such a warm, wonderful and lovely series. The screenplay, actors and the location are just perfect. This serial connects the "real world" with the world of the well-known fairy tales. A land ruled by a fairy king who rules over Little Red Riding Head, Cinderella, the Sleeping Beauty and many more. The king who has two daughters, vain Xenia and sweet Arabela. Everything is perfect until one day an actor (Mr. Mejer) is asked to read fairy tales on TV. He finds a secret bell and by ringing it, he orders Rumburak, a 2nd grade sorcerer. At first Mr Mejer refuses any wish - in the end he wants to learn how to shoot, as he always makes an idiot of himself at the fairgrounds. So Rumburak takes him to the fairy world (with the help of a big coat) and there, the unfortunate Mr Mejer accidentally shoots the Little Red Riding Head's talking wolf. Of course the king is very enraged about this, as it disturbs the fairy tales. From then on, everything starts. Different persons are beamed into the "other world" by the help of a magic ring. So when some of the fairy characters end up in the real world, they have a real Crocodile Dundee feeling. Marvelling at watches, collecting plastic bags, etc. A wonderful series.

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My fairy-tale

Author: Pegg from Czech Republic, Brno
10 November 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am from Czech Republic and this is the fairy-tale of my childhood. Magic rings, coats and all kingdom of fairy-tales were the best for me for a long time. The biggest enemy was Rumburak by Jiri Labus and my the most liked person was not Arabela but it was Xenie by Dada Patrasova. Only good king by Vlastmil Brodsky (that is a pity he died)and his land full of fairy-tales could make a magic afternoon for me. It is wonderful tale with classical magic persons like Snow White, "Popelka", Princes and Princesses. I spend many nice moments watching this and imagining that I am Arabela with the nice pink glass ring on my finger. I remember it very often. The true is that I just love The lord of the rings and I probably won´t watch this serial anymore, but I am sure I loved it, when I was a child. And that is important.

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just a fairy tale

Author: Armand from Romania
30 March 2012

magic, escape, chain of two worlds, memorable Rumburak and his ring, fragile princess Arabela, extraordinary metamorphosis and Peter as bridge between myth and reality. a series out of age and full of good memories. a tale in perfect sense. and universe of Narnia, Neverending Tale in basic measure, without complicated recipes or strange parables. the reality of Czekoslovakia was present in each part of Communist puzzle. so, it was not only movie for children but , in same measure, image of a society for who many windows was just walls. not political satire; only suggestions. innocent, nice, soft. and the circle is OK. nothing fake, far from special effects or 3D, only marmalade for Sunday. a freedom exercise. nothing else. naive, childish, picture book. and, yesterday was enough. maybe, today too.

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What if the real world would meet the fairy tale world? And if the characters of the fairy tales would start to go around the real world? What a trouble, and what a fun!

Author: Stefano Detoni from Italy
20 August 2011

I think this is one of the best TV series ever. Unfortunately - as far as I know - it was seen only in its country (Czecoslovakia) and Germany. It was also dubbed in German, thank God, a language I know. Anyway, it is very entertaining both for adults and children, where none of the two has less fun than the other. In its plot the real world and the fairy tales world meet, and produce a third world which is full of incredible and unforeseeable situations. Fantasy and humor play the main role, and we are constantly surprised and amused by always new events and inventions. The director Vaclav Vorlicek gives a further proof of his talent with fairy tales full of humor and original ideas. What maybe is most entertaining are the many spells and transformations of people, animals and objects. Special effects are simple and yet surprising, and made me regret the time when digital techniques where not in use: one had to think out something really interesting and find out good ideas. I would also like to lay stress on the fact that, although the film was shot in the communist period in CZ, there is no trace of political propaganda, which would have spoiled the whole fun. Somebody wrote that one of the reasons why the Czechs were so good in the fairy tales genre, was just the fact that it was a way of escaping from a depressing political situation. Neither are there negative messages which could harm the innocence of children, because characters and situations have the good and the evil in the right place, with no confusion between the two. On top of this, male spectators could fall in love with the fairy bride, the very pretty Jana Nagyová. Take the opportunity of buying the DVD, and enjoy the thirteen episodes of this marvelous TV series, you and your children. It is almost impossible to be disappointed.

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