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Season 1

6 Feb. 1999
Quasar Quest: Part 1
An adventurous young man embarks on an epic adventure in space when he sneaks aboard the massive space colony Terra Venture.
13 Feb. 1999
Quasar Quest: Part 2
As five heroes unite to protect planet Mirinoi from the villain Furio, the Galaxy Rangers are born.
20 Feb. 1999
Race to the Rescue
The Rangers befriend the Galactabeasts - five enormous animals that help them defend Terra Venture from the forces of the evil Scorpius.
27 Feb. 1999
Rookie in Red
Leo accepts responsibility as the newest member of the GSA (Galactic Space Alliance) when he forgets to properly lock a weapon storage room on Terra Venture.
6 Mar. 1999
A homesick boy who misses Earth helps the Rangers during Furio's sleeping gas attack on Terra Venture.
13 Mar. 1999
The Lights of Orion
The shape-changing monster Mutantrum poses as Mike to lure Leo to the legendary Lights of Orion.
20 Mar. 1999
Double Duty
Battling the Wisewizard, Kendrix meets an actress on a movie set who looks exactly like her.
27 Mar. 1999
The Blue Crush
Kai is smitten by a pretty girl but has little time for romance as the monster Quakemaker attacks Terra Venture with earthquakes.
3 Apr. 1999
The Magna Defender
The heroic Magna Defender renews his feud with Scorpius' new general, Treacheron.
10 Apr. 1999
The Sunflower Search
Seeking vengeance for his slain son, the Magna Defender battles the Fish Face monster on Terra Venture.
17 Apr. 1999
Silent Sleep
Leo and the Magna Defender are forced to work together when the Chillyfish monster freezes the people of Terra Venture.
1 May 1999
Orion Rising
Kendrix and Maya work to escape from a force field created by the monster Destruxo before he can find the Lights of Orion.
8 May 1999
Orion Returns
It's a three-way race between the Power Rangers, the Magna Defender, and Destruxo as the Lights of Orion return.
15 May 1999
Shark Attack
Both Treacheron and the Magna Defender hunt Trakeena for revenge while the Power Rangers find themselves outmatched in battle without Leo (recovering from injuries).
22 May 1999
Redemption Day
The Magna Defender struggles to overcome his loss of values while facing (causing) Terra Venture's immanent doom.
25 Sep. 1999
Destined for Greatness
Mike's return stirs up mixed emotions in Leo, who feels obligated to return his Quasar Saber to its rightful heir.
2 Oct. 1999
Stolen Beauty
Trakeena worries about losing her beauty when her father Scorpius wants her to become a full insect like him.
9 Oct. 1999
The Rescue Mission
Commander Stanton sends a boarding party to investigate a derelict spaceship with a dangerous secret.
16 Oct. 1999
The Lost Galactabeasts: Part 1
The treacherous Deviot assists Scorpius by unleashing three lost Galactabeasts to attack Terra Venture.
22 Oct. 1999
The Lost Galactabeasts: Part 2
The Rangers struggle to free the lost Galactabeasts from Deviot.
23 Oct. 1999
Heir to the Throne
While Trakeena makes new allies on Onyx, Deviot plots against Scorpius.
25 Oct. 1999
An Evil Game
Seeking vengeance, Trakeena captures Leo while Deviot plots against her.
26 Oct. 1999
Memories of Mirinoi
Maya's best friend from her home world Shondra arrives on Terra Venture, but Kendrix suspects Shondra may not be who she claims.
27 Oct. 1999
Green Courage
Trakeena blackmails Terra Venture into sending their best engineer to repair the Scorpion Stinger's engines.
28 Oct. 1999
Blue to the Test
Kai suspects Commander Stanton is under mind control when he orders Terra Venture steered into the course of a nearby star.
29 Oct. 1999
Mean Wheels Mantis
Leo, Damon, and Kai race the Motor Mantis monster on motorcycles, the prize: Kendrix and Maya!
1 Nov. 1999
Loyax' Last Battle
Deviot sends the honorable warrior Loyax to destroy the Rangers, but when he meets Maya he questions the honor in his ways.
2 Nov. 1999
A Red Romance
Leo struggles to earn the approval of the brother of the girl he wants to date while trying to save her from Trakeena's latest monster.
3 Nov. 1999
The Chameliac Warrior
The Rangers fight the Chameliac Warrior to save their Galactabeasts.
4 Nov. 1999
To the Tenth Power
Trakeena resurrects the Psycho Rangers, and has them attack the Rangers. Andros finds out about the impending attack and helps Leo fend off Psycho Red. Later the rest of the Space Rangers, except Zane, arrive to help the Galaxy Rangers fight/defeat the Psycho Rangers.
5 Nov. 1999
The Power of Pink
The Space Rangers get a tour of Terraventure from the Galaxy Rangers. Psycho Pink survived the battle and manages to find a sword that has increased her powers. Kendrix and Cassie battle Psycho Pink. Psycho Pink manages to damage Cassie's morpher, and starts a chain reaction. Kendrix makes the ultimate sacrifice to stop the ensuing vortex.
8 Nov. 1999
Protect the Quasar Saber
The Galaxy rangers search for Kendrix's saber. But some villains have already found it and are auctioning it off. Karon, disguised as Astronema coerces the sellers, and takes the Saber for herself. Trakena exposes the deception and goes after Karone, the Galaxy rangers show up, and try to help. Trakena takes the saber and throws Karone off a cliff. Karone is saved by Kendrix's spirit who tells her, it's up to Karone to get the sword back and become the Pink Ranger.
9 Nov. 1999
Facing the Past
Leo comes across Magetox, a monster who drains Leo's powers. Knowing the other Rangers could face a similar fate, Karone tells the others of a possible power source they could use against Magetox. But to gain the power, Karone must face some of her history, when she was Astronema.
10 Nov. 1999
Turn Up the Volume
Damon competes against an unscrupulous rival for the position of head mechanic on Terra Venture.
11 Nov. 1999
Enter the Lost Galaxy
The Terra Venture discovers the fabled Lost Galaxy
12 Nov. 1999
Beware the Mutiny
The Rangers are welcomed to the Lost Galaxy by a scheming space pirate named Captain Mutiny.
15 Nov. 1999
Grunchor on the Loose
The Rangers battle the enormous Grunchor monster that has burrowed inside Terra Venture
16 Nov. 1999
Until Sunset
Captured by Deviot, Leo and Damon reminisce over their adventures up until now.
17 Nov. 1999
Dream Battle
Captain Mutiny's sorceress Hexuba uses her magic to cause the Power Rangers to fall into a deep restless sleep.
18 Nov. 1999
Hexuba's Graveyard
Hexuba uses her magic to resurrect defeated monsters to battle the Power Rangers.
19 Nov. 1999
Raise the Titanasaur
Captain Mutiny unleashes the gargantuan Titanisaur on Terra Venture, the greatest threat the Rangers have faced yet.
3 Dec. 1999
Escape the Lost Galaxy
Mike sacrifices to help Terra Venture escape the Lost Galaxy.
16 Dec. 1999
Journey's End: Part 1
Terra Venture discovers a lush green planet to colonize as Trakeena merges with Deviot to become stronger than ever.
17 Dec. 1999
Journey's End: Part 2
The Rangers work to evacuate the crew of Terra Venture as Trakeena launches her final assault.
18 Dec. 1999
Journey's End: Part 3
Trapped on a desolate Moon in the ruins of Terra Venture, Leo faces Trakeena all alone.

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