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5 Jan. 2001
The Headsuckers Moxie/Equal Fights
"The Headsucker's Moxy" There's a mysterious villain in town who's sucking pertinent information from the brains of powerful people and committing crimes. How do the Girls trap this sucker before his next victim is drained?
9 Feb. 2001
"Powerprof." The Girls are so busy fighting crime that the Professor doesn't get to see them anymore. He creates a super suit for himself so he can fight crime with them. The Girls are having a great time with their dad until he starts cramping their superhero style. (22 Minutes)
9 Feb. 2001
Moral Decay/Meet the Beat-Alls
"Moral Decay" When Buttercup accidentally knocks out Bubbles' tooth, she learns that tooth decay does pay and soon goes on a spree knocking out teeth and collecting the cash.
3 Apr. 2001
Helter Shelter/Power Lunch
"Helter Shelter" Bubbles has a habit of saving helpless animals and the Professor is sick of it. When Bubbles brings a baby whale home, she and her sisters have a whale of a time hiding this new addition.
20 Apr. 2001
Film Flam
"Film Flam" A sleazy director comes to Townsville ready to make a film about the Girls saving the day in their city. But this Hollywood-type wants more from Townsville than an Oscar winning film. (22 Minutes)
27 Apr. 2001
All Chalked Up
"All Chalked Up" Him tricks Bubbles into bringing her chalk drawings to life, who then reek havoc on Townsville. (22 Minutes)
4 May 2001
Get Back, Jojo
It is Career Day at Pokey Oaks, and the Professor shows to the class a time machine and explains how he got into science and created the Powerpuff Girls. But Mojo Jojo overhears everything and uses the machine to go back in time to that specific time period in order to prevent him from getting into science at all costs. But the Powerpuff Girls also go back in time and are hot on Mojo's trail.
18 May 2001
Super Friends
"Super Friends" The new girl next door learns its hard to be best friends with superheroes and soon starts hanging out with the wrong kind of kid-Princess. (22 Minutes)
25 May 2001
Members Only
"Members Only" When the Girls try to join the all-male superhero organization, they learn that sometimes supermen aren't so super. (22 Minutes)
11 May 2001
Him Diddle Riddle
"Him Diddle Riddle" The PPGs must solve a series of riddles by Him to prevent the Professor having to "pay." The entire episode is in real time. (22 Minutes)
1 Jun. 2001
Nano of the North
"Nano of the North" It's raining in Townsville, but this is more than just rain. These drops are really microscopic robots tearing apart the city and the Girls must fight with these creatures on their own level. (22 Minutes)
22 Jun. 2001
Forced Kin
"Forced Kin" A terrible, evil menace from outer space descends upon Townsville. The Girls must fight evil with evil but to do so they seek the advice of ...Mojo Jojo. (22 Minutes)
8 Jun. 2001
Stray Bullet
"Stray Bullet" In order to save an innocent squirrel, Bubbles gives him a dash of Chemical X, giving him some super squirrel powers. (22 Minutes)
13 Jul. 2001
Knock It Off
"Knock it Off" When the Professor's college roommate sees his brilliant creations, he decides to cash in on the popularity of the Powerpuffs. (22 Minutes)

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