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Season 5

6 Dec. 2002
Keen on Keane/Not So Awesome Blossom
"Keen on Keane" It's Valentine's Day and the Girls notice that Ms. Keane is all alone. Time for a little matchmaking. But who will the lucky fella be?"
13 Dec. 2002
"Power-Noia" (22 minutes) The Girls have become paralyzed by their greatest fears. Who could be behind such an evil trick?
5 Sep. 2003
Monstra-city/Shut the Pup Up
"Monstra City" When all the Monsters move from Monster Isle to Townsville it's up to the Girls to keep the peace.
12 Sep. 2003
Toast of the Town/Divide and Conquer
"Toast Of The Town" When the Mayor rubs on Chemical X on his head for hair growth, all of him grows and stomps through Townsville.
19 Sep. 2003
Burglar Alarmed/Shotgun Wedding
"Burglar Alarmed" A new burglar comes to Townsville and his first robbery is at the house of...The Powerpuff Girls?
26 Sep. 2003
Save Mojo/Substitute Creature
"Save Mojo" An animal activist group sets out to protect Mojo, ensuring that he can behave like the naturally evil monkey that he is.
10 Nov. 2003
See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey
In this rock opera, the Girls are outmatched by Townsville's villains. They turn to Gnomey to bring peace to Townsville in exchange for their powers, but, when the city falls under the rule of Communism, it's up to the Girls to stop him.
6 Nov. 2003
The Boys Are Back in Town
"The Boys are Back in Town" Him brings the Rowdyruff Boys back, protecting them from the Girls' feminine wiles.
13 Nov. 2003
Pee Pee G's/Boy Toys
"The Pee Pee G's" When the Girls wake up to discover their bed is wet, none want to admit that they are the guilty party.
25 Nov. 2003
Seed No Evil/City of Clipsville
"Seed No Evil" When a prehistoric Caveman thaws out in Townsville, the Girls must stop him from stealing the Mayor's seeds.
9 Jan. 2004
Lying Around the House/Bubble Boy
"Lying Around the House" The Girls tell little white lies that turn into a big, bad problem.
16 Jan. 2004
Documentary/Girls Gone Mild
."Documentary" A film student attempts to do a documentary on the Powerpuff Girls and learns that catching these superheroes at rest is harder than he thought.
2 Apr. 2004
Curses/Bang for Your Buck
"Curses" When Bubbles overhears the Professor saying some bad words, the Girls add a whole new slew of adjectives to their vocabulary.
9 Apr. 2004
Silent Treatment/Sweet 'N Sour
"The Silent Treatment" When the Girls go to see a silent movie with the Professor, they end up getting pulled into the film by the old time villain.
16 Apr. 2004
Prime Mates/Coupe D'Etat
"Prime Mates" Back when Mojo Jojo tried to take over the world with primates, there was one monkey who didn't get his due-Mopey Popo. Now Mopey is back to try and be evil just as Mojo intended.
23 Apr. 2004
Makes Zen to Me/Say Uncle
"Makes Zen to Me" When Buttercup gets a fortune cookie saying that "Peace Lies Within" the most violent of Powerpuffs sets out on a quest for inner peace.
30 Apr. 2004
Reeking Havoc/Live and Let Dynamo
"Reeking Havoc" This year, the Professor's submission for the 2nd Annual Townsville Chili Cookoff is X-tra Special, but this X-tra Special ingredient doesn't settle well with Townsville's tummies.
7 May 2004
Mo' Linguish/Oops, I Did It Again
"Mo' Linguish" Mojo is sentenced to do community service for Townsville and begins teaching English at the Learning Annex. Soon everyone is speaking in circles like Mojo and the town comes to a standstill.
14 May 2004
A Made Up Story
"A Made Up Story" Someone is defacing all the posters and statues of Townsville with make-up. Can the Girls stop this makeover takeover or will they get the blush off?

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