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Season 2

25 Jun. 1999
Stuck Up, Up, and Away/Schoolhouse Rocked
"Stuck Up, Up, and Away" Bratty little Princess comes to town and wants to be a Powerpuff Girl. When she doesn't get what she wants, the Girls will have to pay.
6 Aug. 1999
Collect Her/Supper Villain
"Collect Her" Lenny Baxter, a rabid fan of Powerpuff Girls memorabilia, collects every bit of Powerpuff stuff available. When he finally has everything, he decides to collect the girls themselves.
20 Aug. 1999
Birthday Bash/Too Pooped to Puff
"Birthday Bash" It's the Girls birthday, and they must deal with destructive gifts from their main enemies: Mojo Jojo, Princess the Amoeba Boys, and Him.
10 Sep. 1999
Beat Your Greens/Down 'n Dirty
"Beat Your Greens" When Broccoli Aliens from space invade Townsville, it's up to the Powerpuff Girls and all the children to take a bite out of crime.
25 Sep. 1999
Dream Scheme/You Snooze, You Lose
"Dream Scheme" The Sandman would like a little rest, so he puts the world to sleep. The Girls must battle him in his dreams to get things back to normal.
8 Oct. 1999
Slave the Day/Los Dos Mojos
"Slave the Day" When the Girls save Big Billy's life, he feels forever in their debt, and becomes their slave. When he begins to get in the way of their crime fighting , they allow him to save their lives so he'll finally leave them alone.
26 Nov. 1999
A Very Special Blossom/Daylight Savings
"A Very Special Blossom" When the Professor wants an expensive gift for Father's Day, Blossom makes the mistake of stealing what she can't afford (Pro-Excellence golf clubs) instead of giving from the heart.
13 Feb. 2000
Mo Job/Pet Feud
"Mo Job" Princess hires Mojo to devise the perfect plan to destroy the Girls, and they are quite shocked when they find that Princess has powers equal to theirs.
17 Mar. 2000
Imaginary Fiend/Cootie Gras
In "Imaginary Fiend", a new kid at school proves so unpopular with his classmates that he conjures up an imaginary friend, who turns out to be quite destructive. In "Cootie Gras", one of Pokey Oaks' students develops the cooties and everyone in school, even the Powerpuff Girls, are avoiding him. Mojo Jojo uses the situation to his advantage.
28 Apr. 2000
The Powerpuff Girls' Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever/Just Desserts
"The Powerpuff Girls Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever" It's raining in Townsville and there is no crime or villainy afoot. So the Girls must stay inside and come up with their very own Powerpuff adventure.
26 May 2000
Twisted Sister/Cover Up
The girls desperately want a fourth sibling, and because they know how they were created, the girls make their own, who proves to be a bit more unusual than they would expect.
2 Jun. 2000
Speed Demon/Mojo Jonesin
"Speed Demon" The Girls accidentally fly the speed of light and when they arrive home, everything has changed. Fifty years have passed and the world has been taken over by Him, since the Girls weren't around to defeat him.
30 Jun. 2000
Something's a Ms./Slumbering with the Enemy
"Something's a Ms." Miss Bellum is acting very strange lately. And she keeps showing up at crime scenes. It turns out that Sedusa is back, has kidnapped Ms. Bellum and has been impersonating her in order to steal money and jewels.

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