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XoColbyRoxMySox26 May 2001
"The Famous Jett Jackson" is a very good TV show for kids and teenagers. I like it very much. It is basically about a teenaged boy named Jett who stars in his own television show, but lives in a small South Carolina town. He has two best friends, JB and Kayla, who help him get through different problems. He lives with his Nana and father who are humorous, but very ideal characters. As a star, Jett must deal with being a rich, famous star in a small, simple town. Guest stars include Hayden Christensen and Britney Spears. "The Famous Jett Jackson" is a great television series, and if you like it, I'd also recommend other Disney shows such as "Lizzie McGuire" and "Even Stevens."
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tahjhill212123 November 2002
Personally, I think ALL Disney shows are OK. But this one is more than OK, it is Fantastic!!! Especially with these shows on Disney that are too predictable (Lizzie McGuire), too cheesy (The Jersey and Even Stevens), too stereotypical (The Proud Family) and too "Just for girls" (Lizzie McGuire, So Weird, Kim Possible, That's So Raven). This is better than ALL of them (Even that's so raven which doesn't air till January).

The show is about Jett Jackson (DUH!!!) and how he tries to manage a normal life while at the same time stars on his own hit TV show "Silverstone" (one user said "Give me a break" but he knows he would do the same thing). Season one focused on just Jett and not "Silverstone", the show within the show, but in 1999 Lee Thompson Young (the actor who play's Jett) saw "The Matrix" and talked the producers into adding "Silverstone" plots into seasons two and three.

But with or without the silverstone plots it was still great show and it showed because for all three seasons it was Disney's highest rated show that wasn't a cartoon (so yes, it did get higher ratings than "Even Stevens", "Lizzie McGuire" AND "So Weird") Too bad for Disney's 65 episode max or else this show would still be on the air.
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very good series for the whole family!
enchatingmoonlight28 October 2001
I've loved Jett Jackson ever since it came out.It's very funny,and very action-like,and still a drama,at the same time.Despite the fact that the majority of teenagers,aren't famous actors,it's very much like your average teenager.This is one of disney's best,in the midst of shows like even stevens and lizzie mcguire...Jett Jackson actually holds an interesting plot and a great assembled cast.2 thumbs up for this disney series.
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A really good show
indianajones01418 August 2001
This is one of the only reasons i watch disney i have seen every episode since day one and i love it it is on at 11 at night here in england but the show is great but the acting could be better on some accounts but the excellent plots make up for this give the show a try and you will like it
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Great show for the whole family
luvsbordercollie15 June 2001
This is the one show on tv that my whole family will watch together. Jett Jackson (played superbly by Lee Thompson Young) struggles to fit in both life as a normal kid in his North Carolina hometown and his job playing super spy Silverstone on a children's television program. Jett has a good relationship with his parents and adults will like that the grown-ups are portrayed as caring and wise (especially the character of his great grandmother, Miz Coretta, played with quiet dignity by Montrose Hagins) instead of merely stupid as most television parents are. Likewise, Jett and his friends work things out together. This is especially noticeable in the episode "Day Trip" where Jett, JB, Kayla, and Riley go looking for gold and Jett is bitten by a rattlesnake. The Silverstone scenes are also action packed and fun. Nigel Shawn Williams is great as Silverstone's mentor Artemus, and Lindy Booth's feisty Hawk (she also doubles as Riley) shows that she's one Canadian import to keep an eye on. Highly recommended!
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One of Disney's Best Original Series
bballsar122 June 2001
The Famous Jett Jackson is about a teenage boy that is on a hit T.V. show called Silverstone. Jett likes the small town life better than the city life so he gets the show to move back to his hometown in Wilsted, North Carolina.

This show has some really great episodes with good messages for kids. One of the episodes was about a teacher that got fired because he gave the students a book that the principal didn't see fit for the kids. The students protest against the acts.

This is a great show for children and teens. But adults will probally also find it entertaining.
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A great show!
smfrie28 May 2003
I thought this show was cute. It's about a young actor who wants to go back to his hometown to be a normal kid. Jett plays Silverstone in a action TV show. You get to see how Jett juggles work and school and trying to be 'normal'. In one episode a girl becomes obsessed with him and does anything to win a contest, 'Spend the day with Jett'. Jett's parents aren't together anymore and they show viewers that they can get along and still be a family. It is a good show to watch and it's funny.
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Nice Show
helll_razor23 October 2000
I just started getting into the show a few months ago. I have seen episodes from 98, 99, and 2000 so I think I can give a good evaluation of it. But first, The main plot is that Jett jackson(Lee Thompson Young),an African American child actor, is the star of a weekly TV action series known as "Silverstone". He decides to come back to his hometown in Wilsted North Carolina in an attempt to live a "normal life" .Silverstone is a secret agent with lots of gadgets and since last season a sidekick and an on screen boss. Lindy Booth plays Hawkins aka Hawk(sidekick) and Nigel-Shawn Williams plays Artemis(the boss) and the actor that plays Artemis..Nigel Essex.

Jett's closest friends are Kayla West(Kerry Duff), who is an interacial girl who lives on a farm, and JB Halliburton(Ryan Sommers Baum), whose parents run the local store. Cubby(Jeffrey Douglas) is the prop maker for the Silverstone set and is also one of Jett's closest friends....Cubby is a goofy fun character. Gordon Greene and Montrose Hagins round out the cast as Jett Jackson's father Wood, and Great Granmother Miz Coretta respectively. Andrew Tarbet played Booker Murray the town's deputy. His character has relocated to Raleigh in his attempt to become a "big city" detective. Melanie Nicholls King plays Jett's mother(who is divorced from Wood, and was also a star actress...the character's name slips me for now), the latter two characters are/were recurring characters.

Now my opinions. I love the show,it boats a talented young cast. They all have very good chemistry with eachother. . Some of the episodes have good lessons behind them. Its fun to see the difference in them from the first season til now. Ofcourse they have grown older(Lee Thompson is about 16 years old right now, Ryan Sommers the same age, and Kerry Duff is about 18 years old), but outside of their obvious age differences they have seemingly grown to become better actors and actresses. I have high hopes for all three of them. I believe that Lee Thompson has the charisma to make it far in my opinion, Kerry Duff has the look and acting skills, and I think Ryan Sommers Baum has some great acting skills. I believe that they could play a range of characters. I hope that they don't fade out of the spotlight so to speak as they get older.

In conclusion, I think that the Famous Jett Jackson is a nice show, and I think its aimed at a mid teenage audience but hey I'm 18 and I enjoy the show. I wish I had some acting skills to act alongside this cast.
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The best Disney show ever
SwirlStar20 June 2003
This is one of the few Disney Channel shows that's diverse, feminine empowering, and actually good. It's only on at night now, which is a pity, because it's the best show. For all of you who thought Disney Channel was horrible--watch this show!
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Awesome! This Show Is One Of The Best
kimmy2000_8012 February 2002
I have loved this show ever since I have seen it. It is packed with humor, action, and things in life you need to know. I see it everyday on The Disney and taping every episode. Diney has done a magnificent job. You have this kid named Jett(Lee Thompson Young) who is just average and who wants to live a normal life and lives with his dad(Gordon Greene)who's also the Sheriff and Great Grandmother(Montrose Haggins). His best Friends are Kala(Kerry Duff) and JB(Ryam Sommers Baum). Silverstone is a secret agent who gets a sidekick named Hawk(Lindy Booth) and boss/mentor: Artemus/Nigel Essex played by Nigel-Shawn Williams. It's a great show. If you have never seen it, go out there and see it. :) Great cast and guest staring such as Britney Spears and Usher Raymond. It's good show for a good cause.
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Pretty good.
DragonMasterHiro6 August 2003
I usually dismiss most Disney shows as being really cheesy. This is one of the few exceptions probably because all the characters are believable. The series managed to impart little lessons and morals without shoving them down your throat.

It's got a good title too. "The Famous Jett Jackson". Nice ring to it. It's the story of Jett Jackson, a boy who stars in an TV action series called Silverstone. It sounds more like a tire company but anyway...Jett convinces the network to move filming to his hometown in North Carolina. That way he can be with his father and grandmother, and pal around with friends Kayla and JB. Jett had to deal with being famous, having his father as the sheriff and dealing with his parents' divorce. Other characters included Booker the town deputy and Cubby, a props master on the set of the show. Now you'd think one moron-type character would be enough but you'd be wrong. They pushed that a little too far. I didn't mind Cubby too much since he actually had some worth but Booker was just a bumbling fool. Also on the set, you had Riley Grant, who looked like she was thirty, and co-starred with Jett on Silverstone along with Nigel who played Artemus. The Silverstone segments fit well into what was happening off set too. I remember one episode where the director wanted them to start using guns to heighten the action but Jett didn't want to. That was a good episode.

Sure the theme song sounded like a rip-off of Eric Clapton's "Change the World" but it was a pretty good show that didn't lose it's plot arc. Deals with issues and what not but is still fun.
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I Liked it at First
Anya-fan19 March 2001
The first few times I saw this show, I liked it, but I quickly got bored. When it comes right down to it, I really don't care about the characters and many of their problems seem stupid. However, the bits of Silverstone (Jett's TV show) spliced in with the show are fun and worth watching.
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A summary.
SGAngel22 April 1999
The show is basically about an african-american child star who escapes from hollywood to a small suburban multi-cultural town and his daily adventures there. He has a best friend JB and some girl named Kayla. They film partly around Toronto. Britney Spears was on it recently for a guest appearance.
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They Cancelled It Right When It Got Good!
christiluv200515 October 2005
I never watched the show because I was in love with it. I watched it because of the star, Lee Thompson Young. At first, he was the ONLY reason I watched the show, because he was so cute and hypnotizing to watch.

Then, to my delighted surprise, the show got better! Someone hired writers that weren't so boring and lame, and they started writing about real issues, like bullies, gun control, anorexia, Jett's love life, racism, book censorship, and BAM! It was over. I was like... "But... what happened? Where'd it go? I'm so confused!!!"

...Yeah. I'm still pretty upset about that. But any way...

So I'd give the early FJJ episodes: 3 stars (average at best), because the writers didn't even try, early on, and let's face it: The only reason people were watching the show was because guys admired Lee as the Jett Jackson Hero they wanted to be, and because girls admired Lee as the Jett Jackson Hero they wanted to be with.

Then I'd give the later FJJ episodes: 4 stars (finally good) because they actually were getting really good, and if they'd let the show keep running, I'm certain they would've reached the 5 star mark.

Other than that, all I have to say is: LEE THOMPSON YOUNG IS HOT, BABY! YEAH! WOO HOO!
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Worse and Worse
BlackX25 October 2002
This show was interesting at first, but the little bits of Silverstone started to be the only thing to keep it alive. Otherwise it's just the story of some kids' lives. Unlike other shows that sound the same, there are not many episodes where strange things happen, or unfamiliar surroundings that make it interesting. There are some lessons, better when they tie it into the Silverstone parts, but sometimes are targeted towards the African-American audience, which is a downer.

Before I go on, let me explain the plot. Jett Jackson is a teenage star for his roles on "Silverstone", a popular show about a secret agent played by Jett(on the show), with a partner named Hawk(played by Riley, a newer friend, all on the show) and raised by Artemis, his mentor. The Silverstone show treats everyone the same race, so Disney had to try to make audiences catch what is different between a show teaching lessons for life and real life. Outside Silverstone, Jett lives with his Dad, the Sheriff, and Nana, his grandmother, a wise woman. His Mom is still in L.A. working for TV or the movies. Jett has been able to convince "the network" to move his show back to Wilsted, North Carolina, to live with his friends J.B.(white) and Kayla(one parent is black, one white). Plots either focus on trouble at school, trouble in the show, trouble with racism or possible everyday crisis(snake bite, lost while camping, such).

The acting is great, though the emotion seems to all either be "Everything's great!" or "I'm concerned.", but it's just a little too repetitive and boring eventually. I suggest they try bringing Silverstone by itself onto air, give the actors who play locals in Wilsted parts, and spruce it up to a higher action level.
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Pretty good
Music_Luver_60016 July 2002
"The Famous Jett Jackson" is a pretty good show, but it is not the best. It's about a boy who is living in LA, but moves back to his hometown to be with his family and friends. He has his own TV show. Britney Spears and Destiny's Child have guest starred on this show.
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Lho332337016 July 2001
I have seen this show 9 times in a row. My classmate Audrey absolutely loves this show. There is Jett who is a detective, JB who always tries to take home the grand prize, And Kayla who's favorite activity is roller-blading. There is Jett's father who is a cop. Then Jett lives with his grandmother and father.
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Oh, god, please, change the channel.
swagner7657 January 2001
This show is not just bad, but it's bad acting, bad summary, bad everything. I'd rather watch Lifetime. I only watch this show sometimes. It makes sense, it's just the show just really sucks. I mean a TV star who goes back to his hometown? Give me a break, and that fat kid is so annoying. Don't watch it.
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