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11 Jan. 1999
Physician, Heal Thyself
Becker and Reggie argue about crime rates. Becker is forced to ask for Reggie's help with an injury, but he initially rejects her suggestion that he see an acupuncturist. Margaret receives special deliveries from an apparently smitten mailman.
18 Jan. 1999
Choose Me
Becker and Jake compete for a ticket to a hockey game with Reggie.
25 Jan. 1999
P.C. World
Becker's heated remarks to someone make for equally heated discussion on a radio show.
1 Feb. 1999
Scriptus Interruptus
Becker has difficulty finding five minutes to finish an article for a fellow doctor's medical journal before the submission deadline.
8 Feb. 1999
Love! Lies! Bleeding!
Becker is typically cynical about Valentine's Day after seeing a woman stab her husband with a fork, advising a teenager who wants a vasectomy, treating a woman who is allergic to roses, and seeing Linda begin and end a relationship within hours. A hospital visit changes his perspective, and he begins to understand the holiday's significance.
15 Feb. 1999
Becker the Elder
Becker's father comes for a visit and they are surprised that he is nothing like Becker. They like him and Becker doesn't think much of him. When he tells Reggie what happened between them. She tells him that he should try and talk to him.
22 Feb. 1999
Larry Spoke
Becker treats a patient who claims he can talk to God. Linda decides to keep a jacket accidentally returned to her by her dry cleaner.
1 Mar. 1999
Activate Your Choices
Becker's ex-wife writes a book called "Angry Man" obviously about John. When Becker confronts Sondra at her hotel, it is obvious that she retains a strong emotional hold on him.
8 Mar. 1999
Limits & Boundaries
Becker reluctantly agrees to babysit a mother's young son and daughter for a day. His attempts to create order meet with limited success.
5 Apr. 1999
Partial Law
Becker's computer is stolen from his apartment. When he learns that his insurance policy proceeds are decidedly less than market value, he decides on a replacement through shady sources.
12 Apr. 1999
Saving Harvey Cohen
An alley cat finds its way into his office and refuses to leave. Margaret attempts to help Becker plan a trip she knows he'll never take.
19 Apr. 1999
Truth and Consequences
During dinner with his cousin Barry and his wife who are having marital difficulties, Becker lets it slip that Barry once had an affair.
3 May 1999
Drive, They Said
Becker reluctantly agrees to chauffeur Reggie, Margaret, Jake and Linda to various engagements in Queens. Becker returns to his office waiting room to find Hilton Lucas, Doug Heffernan and Ray Barone waiting.
10 May 1999
Lucky Day
Among other things, Becker gets an excellent parking space, an unexpected tax refund, and a fruitful trip to the post office. Despite his good fortune, he remains convinced his luck will change-for the worse.
17 May 1999
Regarding Reggie
Becker fears that Reggie may get the wrong idea if he asks her to be his date at a medical fund-raising dinner.
20 Sep. 1999
Point of Contact
At the diner, Becker treats a woman who is choking on her food and seems to be obsessed with expressing her thanks.
27 Sep. 1999
Imm-Oral Fixations
Becker gets help to quit smoking from Reggie's friend, an ex-smoker who tells him the only substitute that worked for her was sex.
4 Oct. 1999
Cyrano De-Beckerac
Becker gives a patient some advice on how to court Reggie. Linda volunteers for Big Sisters.
11 Oct. 1999
Linda Quits
Linda quits her job after she makes a mistake on a patient's prescription. Reggie, Jake, and Bob speculate about a nicely dressed man pacing outside the diner.
18 Oct. 1999
My Boyfriend's Back
Becker fumes over his former research partner's patent for anti-wrinkle cream. Reggie begins dating Jordan, the most popular guy from her high school. Linda adopts the bum who hangs out in the office doorway.
25 Oct. 1999
Shovel Off to Buffalo
Becker and Reggie get stuck aboard a plane in Buffalo en route to a medical conference in Chicago.
1 Nov. 1999
He Said, She Said
Becker is visited by a friend of an old friend who turns out to be the old friend. Margaret is upset with an acquaintance over an old debt. Linda turns out to have some hidden math skills.
8 Nov. 1999
Stumble in the Bronx
Becker is shot in the shoulder while rescuing Jake from a robbery attempt. In spite of his weakened state, he annoys everyone at the hospital and refuses the advice of his frustrated doctor.
15 Nov. 1999
Hate Thy Neighbor
During his recuperation, Becker is effectively confined to his apartment-and typically cranky. His mood brightens-temporarily-when his doctor from the hospital, Elizabeth Carson, drops by his apartment. Meanwhile, Margaret and Linda try to find a doctor to fill in for Becker.
22 Nov. 1999
Pain in the Aspirin
Elizabeth claims that she doesn't have any aspirin, but Becker finds a bottle of them while earlier snooping through her purse. Becker obsesses about her "lie" while ignoring his. Bob wins the lottery.
29 Nov. 1999
Blind Curve
Jake's old friend, who was driving drunk in the car in which Jake lost his sight, visits to ask for forgiveness. Becker's jealous when Jake wins a huge television at his grandmother's church raffle. Margaret tries to avoid attending an annual road trip with some nursing school friends.
13 Dec. 1999
Santa on Ice
A department store Santa drops by Dr. Becker's waiting room and drops off more than John expected. Also, Reggie's thinking of a Christmas party but will it be a thought that counts?

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