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San Francisco Chronicle
An earthy, sexy mystery.
Chicago Sun-Times
Here is a rarity, a film about religion that is neither pious nor sensational, simply curious. No satanic possessions, no angelic choirs, no evil spirits, no lovers joined beyond the grave. Just a man doing his job.
Philadelphia Inquirer
So profoundly does The Third Miracle live up to its title that Agnieszka Holland's exceptional meditation upon a priest's crisis of faith might win the endorsement of archdiocese and agnostic alike.
Christian Science Monitor
Harris and Heche make an interesting team--- and the picture reaps the benefit of their creative performances
San Francisco Examiner
Harris, Heche make unholy twosome.
Entertainment Weekly
Suggests that finding one good priest is a feasibility, but it takes a miracle to meet one as hubba-hubba as Ed Harris.
Miami Herald
It's not particularly plausible or well-developed, but it does allow the two seasoned actors to share a sexually tense, vodka-fueled scene at Helen's grave.
New York Post
A flawed drama offering a rare look at the Catholic Church's canonization process.
Takes on provocative and stimulating subject matter, but can't bring it into satisfying dramatic focus, stranding three strong actors who are superior to their material.
Mr. Showbiz
Few other 1999 films are as filthy with tantalizing elements as Agnieszka Holland's The Third Miracle, and of those that come close, none other is as pointless, confused, or unsatisfying.
New York Daily News
It tries to be more existential than gumshoe but falls way short.

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