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  • Years ago, at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, a unique litter is born. With members including Snoopy, Spike and Belle, they grow up healthy and a good music band. However, they become separated as they become sold including Snoopy. Years later, Charlie Brown can't help but notice how depressed his dog is. He suggests that Snoopy's family should have a family reunion. The whole gang enthusiastically responds, and even when they return their birthplace for the shindig only to learn that things have changed, nothing changes the joy of reunion, or the chance for making some good music.

  • To cheer up Snoopy, Charlie Brown helps him organise a family reunion of his litter siblings.


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  • The short deals with Snoopy and his siblings being born and raised at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm.

    Eventually, Snoopy and his sibling are all purchased by different owners. Snoopy is purchased by a little girl named Lila. However, due to her family moving to an apartment complex that doesn't allow dogs, Snoopy is returned to the Puppy Farm.

    Eventually, Charlie Brown sees an ad for a puppy in the newspaper, and he and Linus go to the Puppy Farm where he purchases Snoopy.

    Charlie Brown and Snoopy get along well, but soon Charlie notices a sadness and lethargy to Snoopy. Charlie Brown assumes this is because Snoopy hasn't seen his brothers and sisters in ages, and helps arrange a family reunion for all of them.

    Eventually, the sibling unite, and Charlie Brown takes them back to the site of the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, only to find that the site has since been made over for a parking garage.

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