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Chicago Sun-Times
The story is nuts-and-bolts space opera, without the intelligence and daring of, say, Steven Spielberg's ''A.I.'' But the look of the film is revolutionary. Final Fantasy is a technical milestone, like the first talkies or 3-D movies.
Entertainment Weekly
May not tell a great story, but it's a great wow.
Boston Globe
Despite its conceptual shortfall, is worth seeing, if only to update yourself on what can emerge from a keyboard these days.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Is Final Fantasy decent sci-fi? Yes, more than decent.
Baltimore Sun
It's a blast!
San Francisco Chronicle
Tends to be lugubrious.
Moviegoers accustomed to Hollywood action probably won't find this contemplative adventure so appealing.
New York Daily News
You watch with amazement their physical movements, how closely their lips match their overly precise, prerecorded dialogue, yet they're not human enough to get us past the stunt factor and lost in the drama.
Rolling Stone
But the film exerts a hold. The crux is: for how long?
Isn't likely to satisfy the gamers' appetite for action. It also probably isn't heady enough for the science-fiction crowd, and it's too remote for those who simply wish to be immersed in a head-spinning fantasy world.
Wall Street Journal
Although packaged as a movie, is in reality a clever 106-minute promo for Sony's PlayStation II games.

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