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Sally Field was never better
pmanhattan20 March 2004
I saw this in high school and it stayed with me to this very day. I SO WISH it would be released either on vhs or dvd. This is the performance that proved to me how much more than "Flo" Polly Holiday was. But Sally Field is truly remarkable. Not that "Norma Rae" hadn't already shown the world that, but this is a quiet storm brewing here about a young wife and mother who's husband suddenly doesn't come home one night. Anyone who's lost a spouse to an "accident" can identify with this story. The acting takes it leagues above the soap it could have been (in lesser hands). Catch this one in any way you can.
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One of the great productions of all time
PartyPlansPlus24 March 2008
I have to agree with the last reviewer. I've hoped for years that they would repeat this stellar production. I'm just grateful that I had the good sense to catch it the one time it was shown.

It's hard to single out anyone in this cast because they were all brilliant, however I'll mention two.

Sally Field was incandescent and gave us a glimpse of her future brilliance in a similar role of a young widow and mother in "Places in the Heart,"

William Hurt's part, albeitbrief, was unforgettable. His character's struggles with alcoholism was so true to life. The rest of the cast were equally touching in their portrayals of family members and friends devastated when touched by tragedy.

So TV wizards, if you're reading this and if you want to do the world a favor, please release this on DVD. I'd buy it in a heartbeat and I know that a new generation would be awestruck by the talented cast and this fine piece of theatrical history.
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