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Not just a children's show...
Thanos612 June 2002
This show was a godsend to students of all ages. Even in high school, we liked nothing better in one of our science classes than for our teacher to pop in an episode of "Bill Nye the Science Guy." The entire class, from the honor roll students to the ones who barely managed to not flunk, enjoyed them and laughed frequently. We'd always sing along with the theme song, and didn't feel embarrassed (well, maybe a little bit).

Bill Nye and his crew (special mention must be made of Pat Cashman as the often hilarious Announcer) made even complex science concepts seem simple and easy to understand.

Bravo, Mr. Nye, for a show well done. May it continue to run for many a year to come.
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Science Rules. BILL BILL BILL BILL !
wzevonfan17 August 2007
As a kid, I used to watch Bill Nye The Science Guy constantly, I couldn't get enough of it. I always wanted to know why things are the way they are. Why does the world behave the way it does. Another one of the stellar shows that existed in my childhood.The funniest thing is, I'm still that way today (my mother should have seen it coming). I still like to learn things, and I thank this show for sparking that in me. I never forget what to do when trapped in quicksand, why a volcano erupts, how a hurricane forms, or where they dig for fossils. This show is fun educational and spirited. If only they made more shows like this today.
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"Almost Live!" Meets Educational TV
goleafs842 December 2003
"Almost Live!" alumni Bill Nye produced a great educational show that was entertaining to both children and adults. It had an "Almost Live!" flavor to it. Some of the experiments he conducted were the same ones he used to perform on that show; The only things that were missing were his intro music; Thomas Dolby's "She Blinded Me With Science" and having host John Keister put on the safety glasses he always referred to as "the safety glasses of science".

Bill Nye would bring in his old "Almost Live" castmates like Darrell Suto, Pat Cashman and John Keister and have them perform classic skits like "Mind Your Manners With Billy Kwan" and I believe I remember seeing him bring back some of his old characters like "Speed Walker".

The show had a northwest flavor to it as well. Most of it was filmed all around the greater Seattle area as well as various parts of the Northwest. It was refreshing to see local celebrities and athletes from the Seattle Mariners, Seahawks, Sonics and Thunderbirds hockey team.

It was worth watching.
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One of my favorite shows after all these years...
gogogadgetgir7319 July 2002
When I was seven, I spend most of my time watching Bill Nye the Science Guy. He made science a lot simpler for me and I could easily understand what does what and other things (like how far the nearest star is outside of the solar system or how a CD works). Now that his show is now on Thursday from midnight to two in the morning on Friday on Noggin as part of Cable in the Classroom, I try my best to stay up long enough to set up my VCR to record the 4 episodes shown in that time.

It had a lot of good humor (The kind that wouldn't translated well in certain countries due to grammar differences) and an equal amount of visual aids to simplify the lectures. It still rocks after all these years

Rating: 13 out of 10
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Great show for kids!
Mr. Snl7 July 2001
This is a great show and i hope it sticks around for a long time. It teaches kids many different things about science and uses things that they find enjoyable and fun to watch. For example, on the dinosaurs episode, they had two kids put their bare feet in paint to make footprints on love to get their bare feet very messy! On the momentum episode, they had pies thrown at Bill's face. I don't know anyone who doesn't like getting a pie in the face! Kids like to walk around in bare feet also, and in one episode, these two guys were in their bare feet and they fell over in their chairs so you could see their bare feet. It was great. I really like how this show relates to kids. Kids love it and I hope it's around for a long time!
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Terrific Show for Kids and Adults
Syl20 June 1999
Bill Nye is an established scientist and comedian from Almost Live with fellow announcer Pat Cashman. His show is very enjoyable, informative, and entertaining. I wish it was around when I was a kid. I learn more from him than any science teacher in my life. He has one topic on his show and he sells it easily like the forest. He can produce a music video to help sell the forest and he even used a supermarket type idea for kids. Even adults with college education without children can enjoy it. I love his outdoors in Seattle and guest stars. It's too bad the show is no longer being produced. He has a new show filmed of course in his beloved Seattle, Washington. Bill Nye is truly one of a kind. He is today's answer to Mr. Wizard. His show should still be repeated on public stations for adults and children audiences. He provides entertainment as well as education.
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Excellent Edutainment!
madkaugh23 November 2005
This show was brilliant! It worked on so many levels. It was hip and entertaining in its own right, and very educational. I suspect if anyone bothered to measure the retention of material learned from this show vs traditional classroom methods, this show would blow the classroom results away. It had decent subject depth per episode and enough repetition to ensure the point got across, yet did not lag and loose the viewer. I enjoyed watching with my kids very much. It was orders of magnitude better than similar shows from the past.

The only thing better than the show was the music video at the end. They were worthy of Weird Al.

A pox on the Disney Corporation for leeching and hoarding this. You losers could not come up with this on your own if your life depended on it. Stick to your Chicken Littles, you mediocre has beens.

The Bill Nye the Science Guy dial cranks up to eleven. 11/10 MadKaugh
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All right!!!!! Something educational AND fun!!!!!
Seth Nelson16 September 2006
From 1988 until very early 1995, my family and I used to live in the Seattle area (yuck!!!!!). That was the setting of the very great educational Disney/PBS program, "Bill Nye, the Science Guy!!!!!" Our host, Bill Nye, showed us everything about experiments and science in a cool and fun way!!!!! It always started off at the "Nye Laboratories" door, then we go on to "The (insert many words here) of Science!!!!!" (fanfare) And here, Nye showed us how a different science is possible. We also learned many other great things from his lab to out in the world!!!!! We also talk with real life "scientists," do fun experiments in our kitchen, plus there's some funny skits that tied in with, well, SCIENCE!!!!! After all of that, we wrap up the day's episode with a music video, also explaining science.

I remember I was at a mall in Seattle in December, 1993, and I actually met Bill Nye at a book signing!!!!! BTW, my family still has the book today: "Bill Nye the Science Guy's Big Book of Science!!!!!," published by Addison-Wesley, in 1993.

"Bill Nye, the Science Guy" was a terrific science show and probably the most academic work the Disney company has ever made in its "Golden Age." I only wish the show were on TV today, and along with my top-class private education, made me understand the universe a whole lot better. (Try THAT with "WILL OF THE BUTCHER" or whatever that bad time traveling DCOS is, LOL) Oh, and did I mention: SCIENCE RULES!!!!!

10 stars, indeed!!!!!
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Using humour to teach science!
Electrified_Voltage17 August 2007
During my childhood in the 1990s, "Bill Nye, the Science Guy" was one of the many shows I watched on TVO. I enjoyed it at the time, and I think I learned some pretty interesting things. I was also sometimes shown episodes of the show back in grade school, and later, in the early 2000s, I was shown episodes in my high school science classes, some of which I could still remember from years before!

The show was hosted by Bill Nye, both a scientist and a comedian! Each episode would focus on a certain scientific subject. Bill would talk to viewers about this subject, using a lot of humour and demonstrations. The show featured many different sequences, all having something to do with the topic of the episode, including comedy clips, along with a music video for a parody of a popular song, with new lyrics to fit the subject. Guests were sometimes featured in the series as well.

When I was shown episodes of this show in high school, I found that I didn't enjoy them so much anymore. However, that's just me, I'm certainly not saying that only kids would enjoy it. I'm sure some of the other students in those science classes with me liked the episodes they were shown! For many kids, "Bill Nye, the Science Guy" was educational with its science lessons, as well entertaining with its humour! It could also do the same for certain high school students, and maybe others. In conclusion, Bill and the others behind this show deserve a lot of praise!
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Excellent Show For All Ages!
moviemachine20 February 2002
"Bill Nye The Science Guy" is an excellent educational show for all ages to learn about science. A comedian and scientist Bill Nye is funny in it. He is terrific in science. All you guys who like this show should catch it when it is going to be on T.V., you'll learn more about science that you have not learned before. I love it. **** out of **** stars and 10 out of 10 stars.
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the most fun and most timeless science show!
reddragonhero1728 December 2015
Ah, Bill Nye, not just a TV show but an influence on my life as well. I managed to tape 17 episodes on one tape and even now, I still use it every now and then. I even used it it 6th grade for several subjects and the teacher was thankful I did. Like Square One, uses variety into the mix to teach children science. Bill Nye is a very funny man, and I like that he encourages kids to do experiments themselves. I bet the kids involved in this show have science degrees by now. I even love the music videos, parodies of other great songs in the 90's and 80's. Looking at it now, nothing has become dated, just as fun and educational as it was back in the 90's and I'm grateful it is still being shown on TV.
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Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill Nye The Science Guy!
mirosuionitsaki222 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Once in a while at school, my science teacher shows us a Bill Nye, the Science Guy video of something relating to the subject we are learning in Science class. It makes everything simple for us. It also makes Science Class fun for a couple of minutes.

I remember the one Bill Nye, the Science Guy episode about Landfills and Recycling. I am not sure if both of those words besides "and" were in the same episode, but I liked it. It made learning about that even more simple to learn. It was simple to learn before, now its simple to learn now. It made us aware about Recycling, and even showed Bill Nye in some sort of body of water with him and trash.

Bill Nye, the Science Guy should stay because he makes learning Science fun. I recommend this for teachers, and everyone else who has some sort of interest in science!
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not dead..
endangeredsp3 May 2006
Uhhh... just a note... Bill is NOT dead. :-) I guess it does seem that the man is dead, they took his show of the tube. But he's not dead.

This show was the best. If they ever decide to put this on DVD for an affordable price, you have GOT to get this and show it to your children, their children, and their children's children. :-)

Science rules. Love this guy.

I hope they bring the show back to television. Sign the online petition to lower the price of the dvds. Do a google search for bill nye and the key word, petition. The petition will be sent to Disney to get them to lower the price.
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science can be fun
hillarybobillary15 March 2006
Although this series is getting old, the information is still very useful. It is a good program for all ages and you will learn a lot of concepts as well as little fun experiments. Something that is really cool about the show is that Bill Nye, the host, is actually a real scientist not just a paid actor!! This is an excellent educationally resource especially for the middle school aged kids, if you are a teacher consider looking into this. Most importantly, this show isn't boring, it can really help to get kids to realize that science can be fun! I know this is part of the reason why I found such an interest in science and I think others will have the same reaction.
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cool show
rabulione259024 April 2003
i loved bill nye when i was little. it was funny, easy to understand, and informational. i especially liked the songs at the end (like STATIC ELECTRICITY- from an 80s song "I Really Think So") i miss this show. anyone know if it's still on? 10/10!
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great tv show i love it =)
usaslim27 January 2002
Bill Nye is a great actor and TV show host I learn so much from his TV show. My favorite show was the computer show. Also he went to collge in upstate New York, which I think is cool. I wish it was still on PBS but now it's on Noggin because I always use to look foward to watch him at 5 PM but I catch it whenever I can.
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A Really Good Show
Ginger8715 August 2004
I love this show. I use to watch it on PBS for a few years and then I watched it on ABC for a few years. This show helped with my science classes in junior high school and I think all children should watch this show when they're in Elementry and Junior high school.

My favorite episode was the episode when Bill Nye taught us about the solar system since I love outer space. I also liked the way the channel would flicker during the show going to different stations. That always gave me some good laughs.

Overall this is a really good show and its to bad that it was canceled a few years ago. It deserves 10/10 stars.
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