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Season 2

18 Feb. 1994
Bill Nye shows all kinds of unexpected places where magnets can be found. In fact, the Earth itself is a huge magnet! Find out how to make a compass and why opposites attract.
25 Feb. 1994
Bill Nye's lecture explains about air having a mass as well as the sun's heat and our planet's celestial rotation keep the air windy.
4 Mar. 1994
Blood & Circulation
Bill Nye's scientific lecture about our blood and circulatory system. He explains how valves, blood cells, and the circulatory system operate together to pump up in our hearts.
11 Mar. 1994
Chemical Reactions
Have a blast watching the explosive examples Bill Nye uses to explain how everything is made of chemicals.
18 Mar. 1994
Static Electricity
Bill Nye's scientific lecture about a stationary electric charge typically produced by friction that causes sparks or crackling or the attraction of dust or hair.
25 Mar. 1994
Food Web
Watch Bill Nye become tangled in a complex food web in his quest to demonstrate that all living things depend on other living things to survive.
10 Sep. 1994
Light Optics
You won't believe your eyes when Bill Nye reflects, refracts, bends, bounces, absorbs, and pulls light waves to show how things can be seen in different ways.
17 Sep. 1994
Bones and Muscles
Bill Nye's anatomical lecture about the skeletal system and muscular system.
24 Sep. 1994
Ocean Currents
Bill Nye's aquatic-themed lecture explains why oceans are salty. In addition, he explores the ocean currents themselves.
1 Oct. 1994
Bill Nye's scientific lecture is about heat. It flows being the energy of moving molecules. Heat can make anything go and burn as long as it features convection, conduction and radiation.
8 Oct. 1994
Bill Nye's lecture focuses on all insects, but spiders and scorpions are arachnids.
15 Oct. 1994
Bill Nye's scientific lecture about balance explains how something moves by giving it either a push or a pull. The size of its change relates to the strength or amount of force involving a push or pull.
22 Oct. 1994
The Sun
Bill Nye sheds light on solar flares, eclipses, sunspots, fusion, and solar energy, and visits an enormous solar energy farm outside Sacramento, California, to demonstrate how the sun is the source of energy for all living things on Earth.
29 Oct. 1994
The Brain
Bill Nye's lecture is all about our brain which physically understands the words we see and hear. It controls our heart, our oxygen, our body temperature, and even our stomach. Our brain smells, sees, thinks, moves, and remembers all kinds of things all the time as long as it operates everyday.
5 Nov. 1994
"Wood" you like to learn more about forests? This terrestrial biome is Bill Nye's lecture about conservations for every forest all over the world.
12 Nov. 1994
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19 Nov. 1994
Bill Nye's scientific lecture about momentum which is the product of mass and velocity of physical movement.
26 Nov. 1994
Bill Nye's zoological lecture is all about reptiles.
3 Dec. 1994
There's something in the air. Bill Nye's scientific lecture is all about the atmosphere, its five different levels, and how it protects the Earth. He also soars into the heavy topic of atmospheric air pressure and radio waves.
7 Jan. 1995
Bill Nye gets aerobic about the importance of respiration when he jogs, bikes, swims, and scuba dives. Discover how to measure how much air each breath contains, and make a model lung in a nifty home experiment. See a demonstration of how cigarette smoke can infiltrate and injure lungs.

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