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Season 1

The Making of Toxie
Nerdy loser Melvin falls into a barrel of toxic waste left by an alien insectoid warlord Dr. Killemoff who wants to pollute and take over the Earth. However, Melvin mutates into a hideously deformed superhuman Toxie and fights him.
This Spud's for You
Dr. Killemoff's mad scientist Dr. Bender creates a chemical that makes people old and senile. Toxie and his mutant friends must stop people from eating junk food with it in it. Meanwhile, Bender gets accidentally merged with airhead Fender.
Club Fred
Dr. Killemoff invites Toxie and his friends to a fake island resort called "Club Fred" and sets a trap. Meanwhile, a humanoid mutant dog, Junkyard, is looking to join the Toxic Crusaders.
Tree Troubles
Dr. Killemoff bribes the mayor to condemn the Crusaders bubble gum factory so he can use it to manufacture smog in a can.
The Pollution Solution
Dr. Killemoff goes on TV to announce that he wants to help clean up Tromaville but it's a trick to get the citizens to help him create more smog.
A Site for Sore Eyes
Smogulan scientists have discovered a huge pool of high smogtane crude that could fuel a shuttle to Tromaville for all their residents. There's only one problem, it's located under the Crusaders home base-the toxic waste dump.
Mr. Earth-Superhero
A mysterious stranger shows up and Dr. Killemoff creates a remotely activated smog inducer that he plans on getting into every house in Tromaville.
Toxie Ties the Knot
Humanoid insect Czar Zosta, Dr. Killemoff's boss, arrives with his huge, ugly, vain and always hungry daughter Princess Gerba of Smogula to Tromaville. She falls for Toxie and forces him to marry her or her dad will destroy Earth.
Invasion of the Biddy Snatchers
Dr. Killemoff's new boss, General Garbage, wants to clone old ladies but Killemoff is more interested in getting rid of the General.
The Snail Must Go Through
After driving off a bridge and landing in a boat full of snails, a race car driver gets super powers.
Nab That Toxie Cab
The Crusaders build a cab while the mayor and Dr. Killemoff plot to smash them.
Still Crazy After All These Shears
The mayor wants the citizens of Tromaville to plant his special seeds to beautify the city but the seeds are really vicious vines from Dr. Killemoff.
That's No Villain, That's My Mom
Dr. Killemoff accidentally hires Toxie's mom as his new secretary.

 Season 1 

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