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Such a sweet film!

Author: crystalbloo92 from United States
10 October 2006

Last year I remember watching Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman for the first time. I liked it very much but for some strange reason I seemed to enjoy it a whole lot more when I saw it the second time! RBGG is basically about Raju, (Shahrukh Khan) a young man who comes to Bombay in hopes of becoming an engineer. There he meets Renu, (Juhi Chawla) who helps him get a job and they fall in love with each other over time. Raju continues to climb the ladders of success until he is framed for the collision of a newly constructed bridge in the area. He is then taken to court where a case is filed against him. What will happen next? Watch RBGG to find out....

This film was surely a genuine treat to watch. I must say that SRK and Juhi make one of the sweetest on screen couples! I just love watching all of the films they have made together; their on-screen chemistry is just so amazing! Moving on to the music... RBGG's music was so wonderful! The best songs in the movie would have to be "Loveria" and "I Love You." Not to mention the entire cast of the film made outstanding performances! An excellent and very-well made film, but not better than Yes Boss!

Overall Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman deserves a 9/10!!!

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A feel good, warm movie

Author: onkardeep from Jalandhar, Punjab, India
24 May 2001

I watched this movie when I didnt know who Shah Rukh was (and didnt have even remotest idea that he was going to rule the Bollywood screen soon). Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman is about a young engineer who comes to Bombay to realize his dreams of making it big. How he lands among a group of good guys living in a 'chawl' and share his happiness and sorrow with them is beautifully picturised. Nana Patekar steals the show whenever he appears on screen. One scene that really moved me comes near the end of the movie, when Shah Rukh is totally drunk (symbolically, drowned in the magic of lucre!!)and shouting at the ever-cute Juhi, and Nana carries him away from the scene. Music is good. A very good movie and very well made.

Highly Recommended....

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Excellent , Screen Play - Real Clash of ethics over Reality

Author: Sanjeev ( from Bangalore, India
15 May 2002

Good film as mentioned above. Users please get back to me on how good the story idea is , given todays erosion of ethics and the madness to make money in a capitalistic world.The rat race for success and riches of today. Please get back to me on this. Thanks a ton

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Author: silvan-desouza from India
27 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Aziz Mirza and Srk made their first combo with this film,the film was one of Srk's first films. The film has a good story of Srk who comes to Mumbai from Darjeeling to make it big in construction. The film also has staple weird characters which became a norm in Aziz Mirza films, who form the neighbourhood of Srk and Juhi Chawla. we have a bhai who is an Amjad Khan fan. It also has Nana Patekar who entertains ppl and wears the same outfit throughout but he helps in taking the plot forward. The track of Srk's dreams and the way he goes around is well handled, the love triangle too is well handled. The film also has some negative characters like Ajit Vachnani who plan the downfall of Srk. The film is well handled by Aziz Mirza and it has good emotional and dramatic scenes, at times though things look far fetched like Nana appearing at the right place especially towards the climax. Nana's outburst to Srk is brilliant and seems like a teaser of Nana's brilliant scene from Krantiveer.

Direction is good Music is awesome, Kehti Hai, Loveria and all other songs are superb

Srk though awkward like in his first films looks honest and does a good job, though his dialogue delivery is not good yet he does a great job Juhi Chawla is fab, Nana Patekar is splendid in his role Amrita Singh is superb, Navin Nischol, Ajit Vachnani and others are good Neeraj Vohra has a small role and is good rest are okay

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Author: superindrajit from Hong Kong
11 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Shah Rukh Khan debuted from Deewana which was a hit after which he gave another hit in the name of Chamatkar. Although his next Dil Aashna Hai was a disaster, Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman released after DAH and became a hit. The film was not a big hit at the box office but it wasn't any ordinary one either. This is SRK's first film after Deewana which many people liked, this was also the first film of his I liked quite a lot. Sadly, this film was criticized and some people disliked this film.

The movie's story is original and intelligent for a 90s film. The story is about Raju who moves out of his home(Darjeeling) after his graduation to become a successful engineer in Bombay. He goes to Bombay only to find out that his friend who called him to Bombay didn't come to receive him. It is then Raju goes to a shanty town and lives there, the people over there start liking him too. He also meets his first lady Renu and their love blossoms. Renu helps him get employed in a company she works in. As you know it, Raju becomes a chief engineer and the leading lady of the company falls for Raju. Suddenly, Raju is framed for killing 4 people from the death of a bridge. Did Raju drop his bridge on purpose and murder 4 innocent workers? Was Raju framed in this murder?Are the real villains his competitors(the people who despise him)? Watch RBGM to find out.

The film is well handled for the most part though a few parts of the film drag and bore yet the tempo is well maintained. The movie is well directed, well acted, and even the music is good. Thankfully, there isn't much overacting except from a few minor actors. The light and comic scenes are hilarious and fit well wit the storyline.

Direction by Aziz Mirza is fabulous, he gives SRK his first decent film after an average start with Deewana and Chamatkar. The SRK-Mirza collaboration went on to give many hits like Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman, Yes Boss and Chalte Chalte sadly, Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani was a flop at the box office. Mirza handles the film well and balances it properly too. The comedy and the light scenes right from the start are good, the struggle for success is well shown, and even the finale is well shown too.

Action is limited and is it realistic, SRK isn't doing a Sunny Deol act where he bashes up 6 goons together. He tries to fight and run for his life and he almost dies near the ending.

Music is awesome, Malaria, Yaroon Main Toh Chala, and the rest are awesome songs, they were hits too. They are well placed and come at the right parts of the film.

Performances are decent too, SRK as Raju does a decent job, he portrays all emotions properly, he dances and fights in a realistic manner, and his dialog delivery is decent. Juhi Chawla as Renu is decent too, she and SRK made a good pair those days and contributed to many hits. Amrita Singh acts ably, she does a decent job though she overacts in a few scenes. Nana Patekar is fantastic as the good ruffian, he does his comedy properly and his dialog delivery is good. The rest provide good support, the actors have done a good job for the most part.

On the whole, Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman is a good film acted by SRK and directed by Aziz Mirza. Hats of to Mirza for giving SRK a good film in his early days and kudos to SRK for terrific acting in this fantastic well handled film.

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SRK's one of the good beginning movies

Author: hikerhetav ( from India
27 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Having watched second SRK film back to back, I should have got nausea. But it turned out to be a sweet time while watching this for two and a half hours. Also mentioning that watching this film in year 2016 is kind of hard to accept some facts for which the movie was made back 24 years ago. But with accepting this, I also can't digest the fact that Shahrukh Khan has crossed these many years acting in films. The 1990s were the golden years for SRK having performed in lots of memorable cherishing films. And thus, it's hard not to accept one of his films in his early years in Bollywood.

Coming to the story, I'd say it was really an ordinary story. The concept and premise both were outdated and had somewhat glitches too. But what holds this movie is acting performances by various actors. First of all, Shahrukh is great. His style of delivering dialogues was unique and will be unique for the coming years. He's great at comedy, romantic dialogues, emotional scenes and he can act throwing out all the emotions as well. Next, Juhi Chawla-a normal middle class working woman is delightful to see. She's got guts to charm by her very common and sensible acting. Amrita as supporting actress worked very well too. But the surprise package was Nana Patekar. This man stole the show. Being a stage artist, this man can play however difficult roles. I guess this man would have gone to Hollywood but very few people know how patriotic Nana is about his country. Again it was some fun to see an old film and of course better than modern films made nowadays by these actors on nowhere going plots.

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