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Great entertainment.
MovieInspector3 February 2011
First of all I would like to praise Sohail Khan for doing a great job with the direction and screenplay. The film is well known for the famous song 'O O Jaane Jaana', which is worth a listen any day of the week. There are other good songs besides that.

Salman Khan is great.It is not often these days we see him in such roles since he does a lot of action movies, and that's why you have to watch this one. Kajol is superb too; she isn't much different here. Arbaaz Khan plays the tough elder brother very well. You can't fault Dharmendra; he is consistent throughout.

Verdict: If you don't watch it, you'll miss out on tons of entertainment. I give it 9/10.
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Romantic Comedy at its best
Deepshika10 April 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya? Another boring love story you think? Oh no my friend, not this time. The story although far from original is nevertheless quite entertaining. Coming from the Khan brothers' camp, PKTDK comes with alot of publicity and hype. The story is pretty simple and old, rich boy meets poor girl, they fall in love, parental opposition but ultimately love triumphs. Woops! Hope I didn't give too much away!

But PKTDK is much more fun than it seems at first. Muskan (Kajol) lives in a small village with her overly protective and severe brother Vishal (Arbaaz Khan, boy does he look scary) and loveable 'Chachu' (Dharmendra). Also in the extended family is a strange cook, a best friend (Anjala Zaveri) and her extremely eccentric father. Muskan's life is quite strange, due to her brother. Every time he shows up on screen, there this eery music in the background just in case your bunny slippers didn't already run away after seeing Vishal's face. But anyway, so everything is normal until Muskan asks to go run with the times by going to a college in Mumbai. Being Rakshabandhan (brother-sister day), Vishal agrees reluctantly.

So Muskan is off after much bidding. At college she meets Suraj (Sallu miyan...Salman Khan for the less aquainted) and his strange friends. Eventually they fall for each other, but Big Brother shows up and discovers the situation and takes Muskan home. Suraj saheb is not far behind. Suraj soon makes friends with Chachu and enters Muskan's home to try to win the family's hearts (DDLJ anyone?) Of course there are some obstacles such as local gundas trying to get Vishal's land. Vishal. Suitors for Muskan. Vishal. Umm...did I mention Vishal? From here the story progresses not so peacefully to its finale. But all ends well in film land as always.

Now, before you run around the room doing the 'I told you so dance', let me finish. Hold on to your pantyhose! I give you Salman Khan, well known to take of his shirt, not so well known for acting. He is a great surprise here. Donning his 'I'm a silly fool' getup, he is just a riot! Whether its on purpose or not, is anyone's guess. All the noises, facial expressions and body movements are awesome. This is physical comedy at its best. Kajol is good as usual. She gets a little scope to perform her silliness. Arbaaz Khan is quite grim and mean as he should be. Dharmendra is reliable. The rest of the cast supports well. Music is wonderful, especially Deewana Main Chala and Tum par hum hai atke, where we get to see more silliness.

So bottom line, Silliness is cool! And so is this movie. If you are a Vishal (aka Shaitaan..ahem..Bhaijaan: gonna have to watch the movie to find out), don't watch it. Otherwise, definately give it a watch, leave your brain at work and enjoy a few hours of fun and Shirtless Salman. (just joking, he doesn't take it off that much, well......just watch the movie!)
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A village movie that is sweet
Pgoel30 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is a movie about family, love, schemers, and an urban-rural, rich-poor conflict. Muskaan, played by Kajol, is a village girl with an overprotective brother played by Arbaaz Khan (Salman Khan's brother). Arbaaz Khan is very protective of his sister, and beats up any suitor he does not like. So, soon suitors stop coming. This is a problem for Muskaan's village friend, who is very much in love with Arbaaz as he will not marry until Muskaan is married. In a particularly cute scene Muskaan asks her Bhaiyya to let her go to college as her Rakshabandhan gift. In college, naturally, she falls in love with Salman Khan. Khan's family life is precisely opposite to Muskaan's. She is showered with love at home, a Chacha (played by Dharmedar) who loves her and a Bhaiya who fights for her, and he has a wicked stepmother and a father who will not stand up for him. They fall in love. The problem, how to convince Bhaiya. And what happens if Khan's parents disapprove of him marrying a village girl. That is the plot of this sweet family film.

Kajol's acting is perfect, she plays the sweet girl perfectly. She remembers to give Muskaan a personality though Muskaan is so sheltered. A must see family film.
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Awful film
priyamalhotra4 December 2016
This film is a trash.I just watched it because of Kajol & Salman Khan.This is such a predictable story & how on earth can a brother be like this.And why the hell Muskan did not say anything.The songs are crap except O O Jane Jana. Ugly costumes , no chemistry between Salman & Kajol.And too much of action sequences.Don't watch this film.I wanted to bang my head on the wall after watching this garbage.The direction is worst.I wish I had watched HSSH when I watched this film. Arbaaz looked like a villain when he would beat up every other guy.And that supporting actress irked me.It was good to see Dharmendra ji.I watched him for the first time on screen.Everything is so painful.I need to cry why I wasted my Data pack to see this film because you don't need brains to make a film like that.
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Icing on the Cake
atifkhan00731 August 2001
If there is one Salman Khan film that showcased his acting skills and charm then that film is Pyaar Kiya to Darna Kya. It is a simple love story between a simple village belle and a city slicker. Salman Khan was at his best in the movie. I mean in every way- acting ,looks and physique. I saw a difernet Salman Khan is this movie.

This is a must see whether you are a Salman Khan fan or not
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Fun and Entertaining
Gypsi Bates4 April 2017
Muskaan (played by Kajol) is an orphan being raised by her uncle (Dharmendra) and overly-protective brother (Arbaaz Khan). She goes away to college and is wooed and won by Suraj (Salman Khan), but her brother doesn't approve.

This is a sweet romantic comedy with two particularly good songs and some fun choreography. The plot, while predictable, is enjoyable. The chemistry between Kajol and Arbaaz Khan was a bit more than should be for siblings at times, which gave the first of the movie an odd feel. Salman Khan was charming, as usual, and did well in his silly role. Overall, it's a fun, lighthearted, and entertaining film.
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Sweet, Light-hearted fun movie
thebigrick-355486 February 2016
The movie has my dream star cast of Dharmendra & Salman Khan, the two Macho men of Bollywood coming together.

All & all, the movie is a sweet, light-hearted movie & fun to watch with family & friends.

The music of the movie is also very good.

Salman's performance in the movie was awesome.

Kajol & Salman made a very good on-screen pair.

Anjala looked beautiful in the movie, don't know why she didn't succeed in Bollywood.

Though a predictable storyline, this movie remains Sohail Khan's best directed venture.
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Fool's Paradise
Nimesh Priyodit12 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
**May contain Spoilers** Sometimes, comes a movie which has a bit of innocence added in almost all of the characters. Sometimes, the innocence also brings foolishness. You may laugh at the people, but eventually forgive for they don't know what they are doing. Suraj (Salman Khan) and his pals are no good at studying, and spend most of their time loitering in campus, where Muskan (Kajol) is about to take admission. They cross paths and finally fall in love, till Vishal (Arbaz Khan in slightly better acting than his recent years) tests Suraj and Suraj fails to pass the test. Where the story looks cliché, it makes up with a lot of eyeball rolling by Salman Khan and some pretty good acting by Kajol. The quirks and eccentricities make you smile, but you often feel the director created the situation even more quirky. The script writer tried hard to make things exciting, but sometimes, he failed. The zaniness of Jim Carrey is what the film aspired for, but the script failed.

The best thing in the movie is the song O O Jaane Jana, which sounds fresh still, and I think Salman Khan had a lot of inputs for the movie.

Summary: can watch it once to soothe your neurons, can watch it once more (just because!).
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Just about OK.
ChiBron23 June 2006
An enjoyable 1st half but close to unwatchable in the 2nd barring a few scenes involving the lead stars. The presence of Salman and Kajol in the end is the only thing that somewhat lifts this movie up. Salman is his usual funny/wacky self and it was fun to see the old Salman for a change. Since I was in India when PKTDK released I can safely say Salman's popularity hit its peak w/ this movie. 'O O Jaane Jaana' was a rage and physique/looks wise he has probably never looked better. But he isn't the TOP performer of the movie, Kajol is. She looks gorgeous(yet simple) and takes full advantage of being the only well developed character in the entire movie. I wish she had more to do because everything else about PKTDK is one BIG annoying cliché. For a romantic comedy there's hardly any romance. Hardly any face-to-face interaction between Salman and Kajol(when did they fall in love?) and this hurts BIG TIME because there isn't much chemistry between the two.

So anyway, I've no clue what made me watch this mediocre flick in 2006 but I did enjoy seeing Salman and Kajol. 1998 was a time where both were at the top of their game. A pity PKTDK had such a mediocre script because both stars happen to be excellent romantic actors.

Watch it if you're a really, really BIG fan of Salman or Kajol.
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