Joe Gould's Secret (2000) Poster

Plot Keywords

oral history secret
seagull drink
death writer
poetry 1940s
patrician dancing
dancer chippewa tribe
american indian native american
anger self respect
new york evening mail messenger boy
eugenics notebook
watermelon newspaper
aspirin gin
diner minetta tavern manhattan new york city
patron film critic
bed coffee
north carolina tobacco industry
smithsonian institution manhattan new york city maison gerard manhattan new york city
pilgrim psychiatric center manhattan new york ambisinister
psychiatrist anonymity
washing feet bathtub
magazine article box of chocolates
telephone operator bohemian
sorrow coffee shop
secretary reference to jesus christ
headache greek
hobo bum
policeman mental illness
feeding pigeons pigeon
bench reference to william carlos williams
sleeping on the floor doctor
harvard university three penises
penis exhibitionist
nude painting portrait
painting painter
reference to e.e. cummings nude statue
statue magazine
christmas tree male frontal nudity
male nudity nudity
nudist kiss
pawnshop museum of modern art manhattan new york city
martini beer
self deception insanity
mother son relationship washington square manhattan new york city
publisher bourgeoisie
money letter
book bible
reporter bowery manhattan new york city
restaurant cafe
hangover total recall
storytelling memory
phone booth pay phone
telephone call artist
art art gallery
photographer photograph
camera love
poetry reading buddhist
religion drunkenness
drinking reference to edgar allan poe
bartender subway
father son relationship sculpture
sculptor poem
genius new yorker magazine
mother daughter relationship manhattan new york city
father daughter relationship family relationships
voice over narration fraud
street life philosophy
cigarette smoking philosopher
eccentric friendship
friend party
bar reading
poet new york city
greenwich village manhattan new york city independent film
based on book character name in title

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