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The quote that Dr. Sonia Wick uses during her first meeting with Susanna Kaysen is from Lucio Anneo Seneca, a Roman Stoic philosopher.
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Angelina Jolie avoided any communication with Winona Ryder when making this movie claiming that if she saw anything human about Winona Ryder, she wouldn't have been able to act out the sociopath character of Lisa Rowe as effectively.
Winona Ryder acquired the rights to the novel herself and then spent 7 years trying to get the film made.
Much of this movie was filmed at the Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) State Hospital, which was still in use for treatment of mentally ill patients until it closed in 2005.
Lisa Rowe recites a poem by Dorothy Parker called "Resume": "Razors pain you; Rivers are damp; Acids stain you; And drugs cause cramp. Guns aren't lawful; Nooses give; Gas smells awful; You might as well live."
The book and film Girl, Interrupted take their title from the painting "Girl Interrupted at her Music" by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.
The song "Angel of the Morning" on the film's soundtrack was composed by Angelina Jolie's uncle Chip Taylor.
Rose McGowan and Claire Danes auditioned for the role of Lisa Rowe.
Winona Ryder's first lines in this movie are: "Have you ever confused a dream with life? Or stolen something when you have the cash?". Ironically, two years later, Winona was arrested for stealing bags in a department store.
Winona Ryder handpicked James Mangold to direct after seeing his film Heavy (1995).
The film cast includes four Oscar winners: Angelina Jolie, Jared Leto, Whoopi Goldberg and Vanessa Redgrave; and one Oscar nominee: Winona Ryder.
This is one of many roles in which Winona Ryder's character writes in a diary.
(26 March 2000) Angelina Jolie's attendance at the Academy Awards was not her first. At just 10-years-old, she sat beside her father Jon Voight when he was up for the Best Actor Oscar for Runaway Train (1985). (Voight lost to William Hurt for Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985)) (24 March 1986).
The ice cream parlor that the girls visit is Eckels Soda Fountain in Mechanicsburg, PA. They even have a "Girl, Interrupted" sundae.
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The breed of Daisy's cat Ruby is British shorthair. This breed is known for their butterscotch-colored eyes and even gray coat.
The band in the graduation scene is from William Penn High School in York, Pennsylvania.
Phedon Papamichael Jr. was supposed to be director of photography on the film but had to pull out due to work on The Million Dollar Hotel (2000). He would later team up with James Mangold on Identity (2003) and has served as director of photography on all his films since then.
"Que Sera Sera (What Will Be Will Be)" is not a new song to Winona Ryder. It was featured in both this film and Heathers.
Due to its prevalence of strong female roles, many young actresses of the era sought to be a part of the film. Reese Witherspoon, Rose McGowan, Kate Hudson, Christina Ricci, Katie Holmes, Gretchen Mol, Alicia Witt and Alanis Morissette all auditioned for unspecified roles, while Clea DuVall replaced Sarah Polley after she fell out of negotiations, and Brittany Murphy replaced Leelee Sobieski, who quit the project due to scheduling conflicts.
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Angelina Jolie and Jared Leto also appear in Alexander (2004).
This movie was released January 14th 1999 and Angelina Jolie's father, Jon Voight, starred in Varsity Blues that came out January 15th 1999.
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Five actresses from the film had guests stints on "Grey's Anatomy" (2005): Clea Duvall, Elizabeth Moss, Jillian Armenante, Mary Kay Place, and KaDee Strickland appeared in it's spinoff, "Private Practise " (2007).
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Henry Alex Rubin: The guy who first starts dancing with Susanna Kaysen at the post-graduation party.

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