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A sound tele-movie

Author: jamiecostelo58 from United Kingdom
12 January 2005

Free Fall details the story of a woman who becomes victim to a deranged psychopath intent on destroying the airline industry. It may sound a bit pessimistic, but the suspense and dialogue make it all work quite well.

It's a fast-paced tele-film that may have been done hundreds of times before, but the antics of the characters seem to heighten the tension involved and make the viewer actually want to stick with it and see what happens. Jaclyn Smith gives out a watchable and confident performance as Renee in a film that contains surprisingly taut action packed sequences in which fans of disaster movies and such should enjoy. 7/10

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4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

I Enjoyed This!

Author: TexGuy from Corpus Christi, Texas
9 April 1999

I think "Freefall" was a good TV movie, I am glad however that they did not take it to the big screen, it's a story best left for the small screen. I thought the story was good and Jaclyn Smith gave a convincing performance as a NTSB inspector. Bruce Boxleitner, on the other hand, was a tad over the top and seemed like this was a freshman effort for him. The psycho of the film was believable and was a well rounded character. I actually felt a little sorrow for him. The effects were a bit shoddy, but hey, it's tv and doesn't have this big blockbuster budget. I would enjoy seeing this again and would recommend this film to people.

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I loved this movie!

Author: VallyNicky from Virginia
15 June 2004

I thought this was a great movie if I could buy it I would. I thought this was a great part for Scot Wentworht. I went for going cold turkey not getting to watch him in Kung fu anymore to this wonderful piece of storytelling. The fact that the actress who played Karen Simms (also from Kung Fu) was a great addition. I wish TV would play this movie more often. Not a lot of actors play a similar character that they've played for a few years on a TV show which I think is a shame. Most actors go from playing a good guy straight into a bad guy role. I'm glad that he played a good guy in this movie. I wish people would make more good guy movies like they did in the old days. No one makes movies like John wayne or Jimmy Stewart did. Someone needs to take the time to make a couple and I think Hollywood would get the idea that they would be more accepted then they think they would.

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Too Bad They Cancelled MST3K

Author: QSAchilles from Williams, Arizona
27 January 2001

This movie begs for a showing in the Satellite of Love. If I had a few clever, motivated friends nearby, and we wanted to spend a raucous evening playing Mike and the Bots, this is the movie I would pick, hands down, bar none. Liquid cheese oozes from every line of dialog, every absurd plot development, and especially from the "If Ed Wood had had CGI instead of models" special effects. This is literally one of those movies that's so bad, it's actually entertaining.

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Typical disaster flick, but nice to watch

Author: (bsgkid) from Atlanta, GA
6 March 2000

Freefall is a typical disaster movie, but it was nice to watch. The special effects were somewhat "cheesy" but worked. The best performance came from Scott Wentworth as the hard-working agent. He is also reunited here with former co-star Kate Trotter, as well as Michael Sloan.

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Fairly accurate portrayal.

Author: Sean M from Los Angeles, CA
3 January 2000

Jaclyn Smith plays Renee Brennan with confidence and accuracy. We get to see a day in the life of a NTSB crash investigator. The conflict between Boxleitner and Smith does depict some realism with respect to the FAA-NTSB relationship. Although this film never reaches any emotional depths, people who investigate these types of airline disasters often have to put their emotions on the backburner anyway. Much of the plot of this movie was predictable, but all in all, I enjoyed watching it. Perhaps the most pleasant surprise was the superb acting of the young Hayden Christensen (Patrick). If you like airline disaster movies, this one is worth seeing.

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Excellent Film/Anselmo Excellent

Author: Tim-198 from Cheektowaga, New York
24 April 1999

Freefall was an outstanding made for television action movie. Smith and Boxleitter were the credited big names in the movie but up and coming future star Richard Anselmo stole the show as the sheriff. His excellent performance should garner him a Cable Ace Award. Ms. Smith once again broadened her acting abilities by once again putting in an outstanding performance. In conclusion, Freefall was an action packed made for TV movie that would have done quite well on the big screen already!

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Author: mark90210_gc from Australia
18 September 2005

What a brilliant performance by Jaclyn Smith Renee Brennan, It's such a shame this movie was not promoted as it could have been a hit in my opinion Jaclyn's charter of Renee Brennan is in my eyes her best ever performance since "Charlie's Angles" . Jaclyn character is a very strong minded woman who is still coming to terms with a family tragedy of her own whilst trying to stop Hannes Jaenicke's character of Michael Ives of his revenge on Trans Regional Airlines.

Jaclyn should have at least been a contender for an "Emmy" and an "Oscar" award for best actress as this shows people that Jaclyn has come a long long way from her beginnings in Television commercials to today, I recommend this movie to any one at all I have watched it myself countless number of times.

After watching this move the amount of times I have watched it I have even picked up a few small hick up's in the film itself and will share them with you

!: At 16 Minutes 51 Seconds through the movie we see the hotel where a press conference for flight 662 crash is being held just before we see Chad Everett Richard Pierce we see the outside of the hotel witch is no where near to the area in where flight 662 came down the hotel it self is actually the hotel situated at Lake Louise in Alberta Canada

2: At 28 Minutes 30 Seconds we see the cleaning of flight 795 passenger/mad man Hannes Jaenicke Michael Ives Is coming down from in side the ceiling of the air craft, If you look close enough at the rear right hand side of the panel that is being closed you see Hannes Jaenicke Michael Ives getting a helping hand in closing the panel

3: After the service for flight 795 we see Jaclyn Smith Renee Brennan, Bruce Boxleitner Mark Ettinger & Hayden Christensen Patrick Brennan getting into a car to leave then the camera pans on to Hannes Jaenicke Michael Ives sitting in a car witch a gadget with is later explained by Scott Wentworth Agent Scott Wallace as a 15 second delay unit to completely shut down the car's computerized systems for a 15 second period the start of the period is at 20 Minutes 21 Seconds and ends with the car crashing into a pumpkin display at 20 Minutes 53 Seconds, Well when I was at school in Mathamatics that time frame is a lot longer the 15 seconds

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Perfect for jet airliner thriller freaks

Author: hawkan ( from Storuman
17 September 2001

I´m a great fan of films where planes are in trouble. I used to be afraid of flying, but by seeing movies like this my knowledge of how planes work has increased and now I really enjoy flying myself. Does this sound strange? Maybe, but knowledge always helps! This film differs from all other films I´ve seen in this genre. A surviving husband of a killed jet airliner pilot (who got the blame for the crash)becomes obsessed and gets his revenge by making other planes crash in the same way as his wife´s plane. A female investigator becomes his main target and she soon realizes that a terrorist is threatening an airline company and all their planes. But the boss wants to fly on and earn more money. And soon another plane crashes. Good tempo, good crash scenes and quite thrilling all the time. I give it 8/10.

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Jaclyn Smith is way out of her range and Boxleitner is wasted.

Author: anonymous from dallas, tx
23 January 1999

Disappointing terror-disaster flick, even for a TV movie. No real enthusiasm or effort from major or minor players--Smith is the NTSB investigator and Boxleitner her FAA inspector boyfriend but no sparks ever ignite.

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