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Ayoung Shahrukh, but still a good combo of vulnerable and erotic

Author: lizfohrman from United States
11 November 2006

I enjoyed this balanced performance by a young Shahrukh. It is not the greatest movie, but it is a good Shahrukh; young, vulnerable, exotic, naive, and learning. I especially liked the songs. I am a non Hindustani, yet I was quite taken with this talented actor. It is easy to see why he is and has been so popular. The dance sequence for "panasonic presents" shows him at his intense best. I think even in a "small" movie like this, his talent is showcased well, and fans will find him delightful. Shahrukh grows on you with each performance, and this movie deserves a few viewings. When you're in a "Shahrukh" mood, this movie fits the bill.

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Not that bad and not that good

Author: AmidalaSkywalker from Germany
14 May 2005

Chahat is a movie about an obsessed rich woman who wants to make Roop (Shah Rukh Khan) her own, but he loves someone else. The rich girl's brother will do anything for her and tries to secure her happiness with criminal methods. The idea is not too bad. SRK is not the actor he is now, but his performance is still worth seeing(especially for fans). Although the theme is good and the plot too, the movie is not able to catch the viewer. I think this is because of the Dialogues and settings.

I would probably describe it as a typical 80ies Movie. Due to design, story and acting.

If you are a fan of Sharukh, it's not a mistake to watch it. I would not buy it though.

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Shah Rukh's one of the best films.

Author: mitrta ( from Chicago, United States of America
19 May 2009

The film is about a rich girl's (who's the sister of a big don) obsession with a poor boy (Shah Rukh). Unfortunately, this poor boy loves an ordinary girl so much that he defies every move of the rich girl and her brother that would bring this poor boy closer to the rich girl.

Shah Rukh has acted one of his best performances in this film. It's really surprising that the film wasn't a commercial success as it had basically every element that is required for pure entertainment. This film was definitely better than some of the other hopeless Bollywood films.

Overall, I would recommend everyone (especially Shah Rukh's fans) to watch this film if you haven't. The songs of the film are pretty decent too.

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Not the best, but still Good

Author: arsh7777777 from India
7 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay...lets start off by saying the movie is pretty good and holds the standard of a good bollywood movie. Shahrukh Khan pulled off his part "excellently". Naseerudin Shah has also pulled off his part pretty nicely. Anupem Kher, even though, wasn't the one of main characters, but, stands out. Pooja Bhatt's acting was poor-ish. Some of the parts of Pooja Bhatt's were nicely pulled off, but mostly she was pretty bad. She shouldn't have been chosen to do this movie. I would have recommended someone like Rani Mukherjee, Juhi Chawla or maybe even Kajol. Here's how the story goes (gotten directly from wikipedia):

Roop Rathore (Shahrukh Khan) is a singer in Bombay just like his father (Anupam Kher), who is now sick and needs immediate medical care. One day, while he is singing at Ajay Narang's (Naseeruddin Shah) hotel, Ajay's sister Reshma (Ramya Krishnan) falls in love with Roop. Reshma is a spoiled girl and Ajay looks through all of her wishes. Unfortunately, Roop is in love with a doctor named Pooja (Pooja Bhatt). Meanwhile, Reshma is obsessed with Roop, and asks her brother to call him again to sing in their hotel. But when she sees that all the girls are flattered over Roop, she gets very angry, and asks him to sing only for her now onwards. But Roop would rather work for rival Patel (Shri Vallabh Vyas) than take this offer. Ajay's obsession with keeping her sister happy at all costs comes into play and Patel is brutally beaten by him until he agrees to throw Roop out of his hotel. Desperately in need of money for his father's operation, Roop has no option but to agree to Reshma. Roop breaks up with Pooja.

The operation of his father is successful, but his father is saddened by his situation and decides to leave Bombay. Roop later tries to leave Bombay himself, along with his father and Pooja, but his plans are interrupted when Reshma tries to commit suicide. Nevertheless, Pooja and Roop get married. Frustrated with such turn of events, Reshma and her brother Ajay devise many plans to make their life miserable. At the end of the movie, Roop's father is killed by Ajay, and when Roop tries to save Pooja, he and Ajay get involved in a fight. Reshma threatens to kill Pooja if Roop won't stop fighting with her brother. When he stops, Ajay tries to shoot Roop and Pooja, but misses and hits Reshma instead.

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excellent, Fantastic and Superb

Author: Liakot Ali from London
29 September 2008

Chaahat is a fabulous movie directed by Mahesh Bhatt who has given us good films in the past. It stars Pooja Bhatt daughter of Director Mahesh Bhatt, who usually is casted in his movies. This is a serious movie with action, little comedy, romance, serious stuff. You have seen shahrukh khan as the obsessed lover, this time its vice versa. The actress played by Rambha is obsessed with Shahrukh khan. Naseerudin Shah plays the villain in this film and delivers a terrific performance. Pooja Bhatt is decent in this movie, she needs to lose weight. Rambha is outstanding as the obsessed psychotic, disturbed and spoilt girl who gets what she wants by her gangster brother. She wants a man, and that man is Shahrukh Khan who gives a dynamic performance. Anupom Kher is wonderful as Shahrukh Khans father in this film. i love the ending of this film, both father and son give a superb performance. The final fight scene is excellent and thats why Shahrukh khan is a superstar.

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Author: Peter Young from Earth
20 November 2009

I quite enjoyed Chaahat. It is obviously one of Mahesh Bhatt's worst commercial films, not because it is a very bad film but more because this director was responsible for some films which rank amongst the best of Hindi cinema and this one really pales in comparison, which is inevitable. Anyway, the film is pretty watchable, much more when one does not tend to take it too seriously. For the most part, the film flows very well and has its moments, but it gradually goes down as the writing gets more exaggerated. The film stars Shahrukh Khan as Roop, a guy who becomes the love interest of his cruel employer Ajay's young sister, named Reshma. She gets completely obsessed with him while he plans to marry Pooja, a simple nurse who looks after his ill father. The main problem is with Ajay, who warns Roop that he will go to any extents to make his sister happy. Yeh, quite a fairytale, but it's not that bad. Shahrukh Khan is brilliant as Roop as he was in most of his films of that time. Pooja Bhatt is charming and cute, Naseer is excellent as always in this ultra-negative role, and Ramya Krishna is absolutely beautiful and damn too hot to ignore. The music is nice and the title track "Chaahat Na Hoti" is very melodious. Chaahat must have had a wider message to it which for some reason I did not manage to understand (or maybe I just did not try to), but it was pretty engaging nonetheless. The last 15 minutes of the film with Khan going all mad and supernatural are ridiculous and plain embarrassing, but let it be, it is a nice Hindi entertainer and should provide a good time-pass for Shahrukh fans.

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God awful movie

Author: pushkin_b from United States
13 March 2007

This is one of worst movies I've ever seen. I thought naseeruddin shah, anupam kher, pooja bhatt & Shah Rukh Khan(well he was a better actor those days) and a movie directed by Mahesh Bhatt can't be that bad. But boy was I mistaken. It was the most idiotic movie I have seen. Really bad! Don' waste your time attempting to watch this movie. Instead go for a walk or even take a nap.

OK, I need to continue writing in order to submbit this. The script is written by a 5th grader. Why would someone like Mahesh Bhatt who actually is a decent film director want to make this movie? Had he lost his mind? Why would an actor as talented as Anupam Kher want this role of a buffoon? This was the same man who did Saranksh. Naseeruddin Shah despite everything manages to have class.

Why does Bollywood churn out these idiotic movies? It was boring, cerebrally challenged and didn't even have the usual galmor of a regular Hindi film.

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