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I've never understood why this show is so widely disliked.
imdb-12725 May 2000
As a devoted rec.arts.animation reader, I don't believe I've ever read a single positive comment about "Sabrina: The Animated Series". Although being 21 and watching a series about a junior high schooler with magic powers is a bit embarassing to admit, "Sabrina" is one of the few animated series I watch regularly and the only series that doesn't center around action/adventure. Despite a tremendous number of episodes that have been written -- 65 episodes as I write this, and presumably still more are in production -- the show is and consistent in quality and avoids being overly repetitive, despite somewhat frequent recycling of plots. It's one of just a few cartoons that has made me laugh out loud. Although the animation is a little on the simple side, the style reflects the light, fun energy of the writing. I would hardly consider it to be the best animated series currently on the air, but I find "Sabrina" to be quite entertaining. It clearly seems to be geared towards upper elementary/early junior high students. Younger children probably won't find it very appealing, but aside from the junior set, "Sabrina" comes recommended.
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Good Show
Sabrina the Animated Series is a good show even though it strays from the Sabrina, The Teenage Witch sitcom & comic. The characters are different in the cartoon. Sabrina is much younger. Zelda & Hilda are also much younger & hipper than the sitcom. Salem is the best & Salem is still as funny as he is in the sitcom.

The voice are also different. Emily Hart is the voice of Sabrina. Melissa Joan Hart does the voices of Zelda & Hilda. Nick Bakay does the voice of Salem (Nick Bakay does the voice of Salem on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch).

The show is different but it is also good. My favorite episode is the Driver ED episode. IMO, the reason why people don't like this show is because people expected it to be just Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.
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A Cute And Good Series
Ginger877 August 2004
"Sabrina The Animated Series" really wasn't that bad. I was always a fan of "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" and I was excited when this show premiered. I watched it the first day it aired and found the series to be really cute. I liked the fact that Sabrina was 12, the same age as me at the time. I also liked how Aunt Hilda and Zelda were younger. They were cooler. Salem was hysterical like how he was in the sitcom.

My favorite episodes were"Send in the Clones", "WorkingWitches", "Witch Switch "and "Brina Baby". These episodes were great. My favorite characters were Salem and Harvey(he was so cute)!

I liked this series and was glad that it wasn't exactly like the sitcom. Otherwise it would have been really boring having two shows EXACTLY THE SAME! "Sabrina The Animated Series" deserves 9/10 stars!
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It's not that bad.
FanofAnime126 September 2011
I actually watched this show when I was little and really enjoyed it. It was one of my favorite shows. Everyone who hates it, hates it just because it isn't the same as the sitcom. Well, it isn't based on the sitcom; it's based on the comic. Plus, what point was there of having exactly the same show, only animated? Of course it had to be different. Also, it was meant for a younger demographic, so of course it was going to be sugar coated and the characters were going to be younger. I feel that instead of comparing the two, just focus on the actual show you are reviewing. I know the show isn't perfect. I know that the storyline was repeated, but most cartoons(even classics like Scooby Doo) did the same thing. I know the animation isn't top notch, but not many animated TV shows at the time were. I personally was never bothered by the animation. Trust me, there are worse examples of animation. I would judge the animation in this show to be about average. I know it was educational, but I don't see the harm in that. What's so bad about educational shows? If a kid could be entertained and educated, I don't see what's wrong with that. I know the characters are bland and stereotypical. But in the end, it is a fun show to watch for kids. I loved this show as a kid. I watched it every Saturday morning. I even watch it every now and then for nostalgia reasons. While I can see why people can dislike this show, I don't see any reason to HATE it. It's an okay show that I personally enjoyed and still enjoy watching.
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A cute version of the series...
I've seen that some people complained about the 'reality' of the show as compared to the series, but you really can't compare them. This version shows a younger Sabrina (voiced by Melissa Joan Hart's sister), 2 younger/sexier versions of her aunts (both voiced by Melissa Joan Hart), and an Uncle Quigley. Of course Salem is there, but now he's more hip and can use his magic powers. In this version, we see a younger more carefree Sabrina, in early highschool, which is geared towards a younger Disney audience. Even the 'villain' has changed. Where 'real' Sabrina fights with Libby, 'cartoon' Sabrina tussles with Gem Stone (wealthy, snobby, obnoxious). This animated series is hysterical... Salem is just as funny as the series, Sabrina gets into an all new kind of trouble, and the younger aunts are sexier and also getting into trouble. Uncle Quigley adds to the fun by trying to control the unruly witches as well. Also included, for the benefit of the younger audience, is Sabrina's friend Chloe who also knows that shes a witch... I mean, HEY, what little girl can keep a secret ?! LOL
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It's Cute
tammypeter8 March 2001
I like the show. It's kinda cute. Kids love it, and I think that is the most important thing. Sure the animation isn't all that great, but it a very colorful show, and very creative. I know, at least, my daughter loves it
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It is not based on the live action tv series
makare117 December 2002
It is based on the actual comic book. Considering the fact that the tv show is NOTHING like the comic, I like the cartoon much better.

I know this is short but the main reason I wrote it was to say that I really like this show and to point out the irony of a person calling the characters imbeciles while being unable to spell it
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Inferior prequel show but not that bad
TheLittleSongbird28 September 2017
The original 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' show was a favourite as a child and, despite a couple of issues with the college seasons, still is a lot of immensely likable fun with memorable characters and its fair share of wit, charm and magic.

'Sabrina: The Animated Series' is a prequel show, with the characters as their younger selves, but animated in alternative to live-action and in sitcom format like 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'. Of the two shows, to me there is no doubt as to which is the better one but there are other near-widely disliked shows like 'Trollz, 'Bratz' and the worst of Cartoon Network ('Johnny Test', 'Problem Solverz' and 'Uncle Grandpa') and Nickelodeon ('Chalkzone', 'Fanboy and Chum Chum' and 'Breadwinners') that deserve that distinction far more.

Yes, 'Sabrina: The Animated Series' could have been better. 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' does have much more wit and magic, while the stories and writing could have done with more variety and imagination (there's magic here but rarely done in an extraordinary way), tending to be somewhat on the basic, safe and formulaic side.

Likewise, some of the side characters could have been developed more than just typical archetypes, particularly bland and slightly dumb Harvey and even worse Gem who is an obnoxious brat and snob, both done to overkill effect. Some of the character designs lack finesse a little.

However, 'Sabrina: The Animated Series' mostly looks bright and colourful while having some nice detail. It's not the most refined of animation, but there are a huge amount of films and shows that are animated far worse. The music is dynamic and catchy, not as generic sounding as it could have been.

Despite the lack of originality and variety, and not being as witty and magical as before, the writing has fun, charm and heart with some nice humour and amiability, with the stories being neat, cohesive and lively in pace. It also does a much better job than 'Trollz' and 'Bratz' at incorporating values, even though familiar they make their mark without beating the viewer around the head and are easy to identify with, and relevant everyday topics, also familiar but done with a lot more upbeat positivity and in a way that is cute without being sugar-coated.

While not all the characters work, others do and what clichés/archetypes there are are actually done in an honest and positive way, where one won't question or be offended by what the episodes are trying to say, no dubious messaging here. Sabrina has her faults, which stops her from being a too perfect character, but is a likable enough lead character and a far healthier role model than any of the characters from 'Bratz' for example. Of the other characters, the best is Salem, the funniest, wisest, most endearing and most interesting, with cool Aunt Zelda and amusing Uncle Quigley close behind. The voice acting is pretty good, Emily Hart does as good a job as her sister Melissa while the best voiced character overall is Salem.

Overall, nowhere near as good as 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' but to me it's better than given credit for. 6/10 Bethany Cox
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Stick with the sitcom instead of this poorly animated junk!!!
Doc_Who16 October 1999
If you love the TV sitcom, you will hate the series!!The animation is pathetic!It is the same animation as Disney's "One Hundred and One Dalmations"(another movie turned into a dialy cartoon series. But if you have to watch fine, be warned!It is candy coated and very stupid!!But if you like their style that they animated it in !!Watch it !!I have only watch it once or twice after work and do not rate it as one of my favorite animated TV series, Even "Beast War: Transformers" is better animated than stuff!!My advice to anyone even thinking about watching this to stick with the sitcim instead,(at least they are real people !)So remember,animated series do not watch!!The sitcom watch it !!!
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Absolutely Ridiculous!
wishkah711 January 2000
I watched this cartoon one time when I was babysitting my niece and nephew. And I must say it's the worst new cartoon that's out now. The sitcom with Melissa Joan Hart is popular with the kids, but compared to this cartoon prequel I'd say I prefer the sitcom! The animation is cheap, the characters are shallow.

Also seeing these characters go through what teenagers would normally go through is what also turned me off about this cartoon, and in this show, they're supposed to be pre-teens! And pre-teens don't even act like teenagers yet! Hasn't that 'teen-girl with powers' plot been used enough? Also, the characters this show has: we have a rich-girl rival who's mean to Sabrina, apparently for no good reason. And we have Harvey acting like some surfer dude, and he too has a best friend! Coincedence?

My niece and nephew didn't like this cartoon either, they like the sitcom, though. They decided to stick with Pokemon! After that, I have never watched this cartoon again. A big disapointing excuse for children's entertainment.
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All spit at what's possibly the worst show ever
nancyglos12 May 2003
This s**t is possibly the worst show I've ever seen. There is the title character Sabrina, the teenage witch from what was the then-popular ABC TV show "Sabrina the Teenage Witch". However, the Sabrina from this show is completely different from the Sabrina that everybody loved at the time (cartoon Sabrina seems younger than the "...Teenage Witch" Sabrina [in fact, Melissa Joan Hart's little sister plays the title role in this show, while Melissa plays Aunts Hilda and Zelda]). All the people that came from the actual show are older compared to the people from the cartoon. Hilda and Zelda are adults compared to the teenage hippies the Aunts are in the cartoon. There's no Uncle Quigly, Pi (who's an annoying moron who is obsessed with the supernatural and believes that there are aliens), or Jem (who's a mean, spoiled brat who rubs it in at everybody's faces) in the actual show. I don't like the voices for Pi or Jem (they're too dark). The animation and writing sucks (Hey! Whaddya expect from DiC, of whom I heard ruined "Sailor Moon" when it came to America). That show, in my opinion, was the point when the actual "Sabrina" series became obscure. I even stopped watching "Sabrina" as it was on its last legs. Good thing the show is gone, but I don't like the reason why (because of Disney's controversial "65-episode-limit" where every show from Disney, regardless of whether it sucks or it's popular, gets off the air after exactly 65 episodes [enough episodes for a show to be internationally syndicated]). I give this show no stars. In the immortal words of S.H. Panda from South Park: "That makes me a saaaaaaad panda"
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Could it get worse?
Jared Rasmussen6 April 2002
I strongly disliked this cartoon. I would see it once or twice in the mornings, where I caught tons of errors between the cartoon and the base movie and television series. The animation is smooth, but the plot is much worse than the weekly show's. It was almost as bad as its build-up made it seem. Basically, this is not recommended, and in many fortunate places, is no longer aired.
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"just adore me for now" i don't think so
tyranid_slayer11 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This little show is obviously some stupid little prequel/spin off of the original series.

Compared to the live action series this show is utter crap. The live action show had intelligent jokes and story lines. While the animated series is basically a toned down bittersweet version for younger viewers to digest but i think maybe kids deteste this crap.

The storyline in every episode is basically just Sabrina has some stupid and pointless dillemma and she uses magic to fix it. Thats basiclly the idea every episode. The most bizarre episode was when Sabrina uses magic to become Gem and Gem to become Sabrina. So then Gem becomes a witch and hypnotizes harvery to become her slave. This then leads to a bizarre yet rather interesting scene were Gem says "just adore me for now" and harvey get down on his hands and knees and starts kissing her feet like shes a god. (which is quite right since he's her mind control slave) But this stupid spin-off is not worth the time or the effort.
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This show's a joke.
dootuss1 February 2002
I hate this show so much! It's so stupid, and inaccurate! Why is Sabrina in Junior High in this cartoon, and her aunts are witches dressed a hippies?! Her aunts are adults on the sitcom, but they looked like they came out of the 60's or something in this cartoon! Plus a lot of the characters on this show aren't even on the sitcom either! All in all, this show is utter crap, and I for one, am glad it got canned!
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