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15 Jan. 2000
Truth or Scare
Sabrina and her classmates go on a camping adventure! Her Uncle Quigley is acting chaperone. Gem uses this opportunity to get to Sabrina by daring her to play a prank on her sweet Uncle. Sabrina does it to save face but feels horrible all the while. The tennis match of pranks goes on until Harvey is in danger. Sabrina realizes that dares are stupid and people only end up getting hurt.
22 Jan. 2000
Generation Hex
Sabrina is on a quest to raise the most amount of money for the Library fund. She does and even earns a little extra. Sabrina gets sidetracked while eyeing a vintage collectable doll in a store window. She takes the extra earnings and splurges on herself. Why not? She earned it? That night the doll comes to life and shows her the error of her ways. Sabrina learns that because of her, her friends and family's lives have been ruined! She wakes up the next day, feeling guilty. She returns the doll and learns a very important lesson in stealing.
6 Feb. 2000
Working Witches
Hilda and Zelda want a car, and need some cash fast! Quigley explains that they need to get a good old-fashioned job. They reluctantly work at the local fast food joint, but trouble brews when Hilda gets promoted for Zelda's hard efforts. The success goes to Hilda's head and she has to hit bottom before she realizes how much she needs her sister and the importance of teamwork.
13 Feb. 2000
Wiccan of the Sea
Sabrina is just sick of the winter weather. She, Chloe and Salem would give anything for one hour at the beach. Sabrina dabbles in the Spookie jar and off they go. When they get to the beach they realize they have been transformed, Sabrina and Chloe are mermaids and Salem is a catfish! They get swept away at sea and are captured by Queen Stingy. They must escape and return to the island in order to return home!
20 Feb. 2000
Key to My Heart
Sabrina has a crush on Dave, her new piano instructor. She is devastated when she learns that he already has a lady in his life, Melinda. Sabrina is so jealous that she casts a spell to hurt Melinda's career so Dave can focus on her. It isn't until Dave abandons his own dreams to help Melinda does Sabrina realize what she has done. Sabrina has to give up something important to her in order to restore things to normal.
21 Feb. 2000
La Femme Sabrina
Sabrina uses her magic to conjure up an advance copy of the latest Spy flick to make Harvey happy. But instead of getting the movie the spell throws herself and Harvey into the spy world. They must fight the evil Furfinger (Salem) and stop him from stealing everyone's thumbs in order for the spell to wear off!
26 Feb. 2000
The Bat Pack
Hilda's is not pleased when her old vampire buddies, The Bat Pack, swoop into town for a visit. But Sabrina is dazzled by their charming ways. She and Salem are smooth-talked into following them to the Netherworld. Once there, they learn that Fang, Hemo and Clammy need their help pulling off an Ocean's Eleven-type Blood Bank heist! Hilda and Zelda show up just in time to take the blame! And when the Aunts are about to receive their punishment, the Bat Pack step in to fess' up!

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