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Jan. 1998
House Detectives
When Dad loses his car keys, Olie and Zowie don the guise of Junior Detectives and, with the help of their 'bloodhound' Spot, set out to crack the case of the missing keys!
6 Oct. 1999
When Olie's dad fiddles with his magnatron again, he accidentally makes everyone go upside down. The family decide to try and start living upside down - but it seems to be harder than they first thought.
20 Oct. 2003
The Great Manner Hunt
Billy and Olie decide to teach Zoe what good manners are, so they take her on a "great manner hunt". They go all around Polieville looking for good manners.
Cutie Go Bye-Bye
Zoe has a new doll called Cutie Crysalot and really loves her. Unfortunately, the doll is annoying everyone else with its habit to cry and Spot the dog is determined to do something about it.
Dicey Situation
Spot meets Dicey, the Beville's cat for the first time and at first they do not get on together.
Home Sick
Olie's house is sick and his sneezes are so bad, they are bouncing everybody over the whole house! Everyone tries to make "Housie" better, but nothing is seeming to work.
I Find Rock
Jealous of her big brother, Olie, who has a pet, Zoe goes to look for a pet of her own. She quickly comes back with a rock and claims it to be her "pet" rock and gives it lots of attention. She soon realizes it's pretty hard to have a pet rock in the house...
Itty Bitty Baby Starry
A baby star has fallen out of the sky and landed in Olie's garden! The whole family, especially Zoe, try to comfort the cute baby star and make sure it can get home safely.
Leaf Me Alone
While Billy and Olie are carefully making a card house, Zoe and Binky chase a leaf blowing about in the wind. They have lots of fun chasing the leaf while often accidentally knocking down Olie's and Billy's card house in the process.
Mission Invisible
Billy and Olie play a game where they become "invisible", trying to make no-one see them. For how long? They intend to go round the whole house being invisible!
Polie Poppin' Day
On a special day called "Polie Poppin' Day", Polly, Olie, Billy and Zoe argue what they should do on this day. Olie's mum comes up to tell them that one reason Polie Poppin' Day was invented, is because of an argument a lot like theirs and she tells them how to solve it.
Rain, Rain Go Away
Olie and Zoe are bored of staying inside while it's raining. Luckily, while Pappy is there with them, he suggests doing a sun dance, to try and bring the sun out. The whole family gives it a try.
Olie's mum and dad have found it incredibly hard to get Coochie and Coo to sleep. They are are finally asleep, so everyone in the house has to be very quiet.
It is nearly Jingle Jangle Day (Christmas in this series) and as a decoration, Olie and his dad have put up a fake robot snowman in the front garden. Later, Olie starts imagining that the snowman is alive and that it is snowing in Polyville.
Square Plane in a Round Hole
Olie loves Billy's new boxy toy plane and Billy kindly lets Olie borrow it while he's out. Olie plays around with the toy plane, but soon he breaks it and wonders if it can be fixed.
Square and Round and Square We Go
The Bevilles invite the Polies to a square party, which involves square dancing and square food! To be polite, the Polies try to practice square dancing and the Bevilles try to practice round dancing, but they can't do these things.
Starry, Starry Night
It is Jingle Jangle Day's Eve (Christmas Eve in this series) and Zoe is about to put the star up - it is a star that the family have had for a very long time. By accident, Zoe breaks it, Zoe and her sister Olie are determined to fix the star...
The Secret Life of Babies
Lots of people in Polyville love looking at Olie's new baby brother and sister, Coochie and Coo, but while other people are around, the babies seem to look a bit clueless and bored. With just the two of them around, Coochie and Coo get up to lots of amazing things.
Visibly Invisible
Using the magnatron, Olie's dad is trying to make the inkspot on his wife's t-shirt disappear by making it a different colour. In the process however, he makes Olie invisible and he has fun mucking around being invisible.
Where's Pappy?
Olie and Zoe have to keep Pappy busy while their mum and dad are reading upstairs. Unfortunately for Olie and Zoe, all Pappy wants to do is sleep! Finally, he decides to show them some magic tricks and while Olie and Zoe are doing some magic tricks with their grandpa, Pappy disappears!

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