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Unforgettable Lahaie!
jvanderkammer12 November 2001
This film has all the right stuff happening: Brigitte Lahaie, 4 other absolutely gorgeous young women, great cinematography, Brigitte Lahaie, well-paced sex scenes, a bit of humor, and Brigitte Lahaie!... who plays the Madame of a brothel who is busted by a sincere cop. He makes some sly remark about getting out of the brothel business and setting up a school, so guess what? She sets up a school to teach young women the fine art of pleasing their man! A bunch of predictable scenes follow, but they're done very well and the women look great! Definitely worth a look, if not owning!
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there xxx movies were still "movies"
imdb_id5 May 2003
an excellent french xxx movie of the late 70´s... there the word movie still meant movie. and this really included good-looking women, who - if some of them could not really act - at least fit in their role with enthusiasm; some kind of plot which is obviously absurd but non the less funny; and whats most important: nice settings to put the actors in and steamy constellations to employ them. needless to say that this was the good old time when "ordinary" beauty was sufficient and shaving and silicon wasn´t yet hip.
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The Golden Age
Karl Self10 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is pretty much the perfect hardcore porn movie: entertaining and unpretentious, showing lots of really pretty girls in a plethora of pretty ludicrous (by realistic standards) scenes. And luckily there is none of the verbose philosophizing that was a hallmark of 1970ies French porn.

Madame Brigitte Lahaie has her classy brothel busted by the vice squad. She then sets up a school in which four pretty chicks are being trained in all sorts of sex acts. The course finishes with a school party, in which the girls perform in several theatre scenes -- but unfortunately, the fuzz bust the joint at the last minute.

The nice thing about this movie from a modern point of view is that the sex is portrayed as pleasurable and non-mechanical. The atmosphere is relaxed and the "arms race" of modern hardcore movies, showing surgically modified and strangely overadorned actresses performing athletic feats and trying to push back the boundaries of depravity, seems blissfully absent.
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Classic French adult movie
gomer-124 February 2004
If you want to see an adult movie made to exhibit true erotica rather than the perverse gore of modern movies, then this is for you. Brigitte Lahaie stars together with several other french beauties, all portraying the female physique as it 'naturally' occurs.
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