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Blockbuster Entertainment Awards 2000

Blockbuster Entertainment Award
Favorite Actress - Horror
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Favorite Actor - Horror
Liam Neeson
Favorite Supporting Actress - Horror
Lili Taylor
Favorite Supporting Actor - Horror
Owen Wilson

BMI Film & TV Awards 2000

BMI Film Music Award
Jerry Goldsmith

Bogey Awards, Germany 1999

Bogey Award

Online Film & Television Association 2000

OFTA Film Award
Best Sound Mixing
David John
David MacMillan
Gary Rydstrom
Best Visual Effects
Scott Farrar
Craig Hayes
David Rosenthal
Phil Tippett

Razzie Awards 2000

Razzie Award
Worst Picture
Worst Actress
Catherine Zeta-Jones
For Entrapment
Worst Screen Couple
Lili Taylor
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Worst Director
Jan de Bont
Worst Screenplay
David Self

The Stinkers Bad Movie Awards 1999

Stinker Award
Worst Remake
Stinker Award
Worst Sense of Direction (Stop them before they direct again!)
Jan de Bont
Worst Screenplay for a Film Grossing More than $100 Million Using Hollywood Math
David Self
Michael Tolkin
Least "Special" Special Effects

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