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Season 1

17 Aug. 1998
Our Lady of the Machine
A holographic Blessed Virgin appears to those who refuse to give money to a mysterious religions order. Everyone who gets such a visit dies - this "religious order" seems more like the Mafia - you cooperate or else.
24 Aug. 1998
Research Alpha
Two researchers compete to create the "perfect human." The more desperate scientist experiments on himself, leading to disaster for all, including a third scientist - his wife.
31 Aug. 1998
The Winner
This prison has a unique way to keep inmates from breaking out: a chip implant which literally puts an offender in a holographic hell. A prison system official witnesses this barbaric treatment, but somehow doesn't see it as torture.
7 Sep. 1998
News from D Street
Mr. K. is an old-school detective who has been tasked to find a mysterious man who has a list of names someone wants. Mr. K encounters sinister characters, an alluring artist and the real self he never knew existed along the way.
14 Sep. 1998
The Girl Who Was Plugged In
A shabby street urchin is used by heartless advertising wizards to clone their latest superstar ad girl - the one everybody wants to be like. Only being like her will also get you her problems, including a swift and sudden end.
21 Sep. 1998
The Extra
Immensely wealthy and powerful Daniel Grey is so determined to remain young he's created clones of himself as a reservoir of body parts, but when he's spurned by a vain beauty he decides he must not just look young but actually become young.
28 Sep. 1998
Alien Jane
In an asylum sick, tormented Jane cuts herself and suffers the constant abuse of her cell mate. Only when Jane is taken away to be experimented on does the cell mate and a sympathetic doctor realize Jane's true worth.
5 Oct. 1998
In an academy the instructors are robots who teach the cadets to be just like them. A crisis requires a cadet to act human - can he do it?
12 Oct. 1998
All Our Sins Forgotten
For a fee Dr. Brazil removes one's memories - but what if a patient wants them back?
26 Oct. 1998
A wife losing touch with her husband, opts to temporarily become transsexual to spice up the marriage. When that fails, friends suggest she return to Options Inc. to try being a man for a while, to better empathize with her philandering spouse.

 Season 1 

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