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2 Jan. 2007
Episode #18.1
Damien is shocked to find out who the rapist is. He worries about telling Mark. Annette informs Sholeh that Hanni's grandparents are also looking for custody of Hanni. Rita arrives home from Australia, but can't spend much time with the family due to her jet lag. Bela tells Suzanne how great it is to have her home. Oisín comes up from Cork to spend a week with his Dad. Paul, Niamh, Oisín and Rachel celebrate Paul's birthday in the Bistro. Charlie persuades Mags to call Terry and asks her to come home. Terry arrives home later, and Mags tells her that she'll always ...
3 Jan. 2007
Episode #18.2
Rita feels unwell in Rainbows and Brendan insists on examining her. Niamh plans celebrations as she tells Jimmy and Robin that she has just bought Nicola's old house. Terry finally breaks it to TJ that Anthony is his father. Suzanne sees Mark getting some hassle from a couple of young lads. She tells Damien that she thinks he's being bullied. Damien asks Mark about it, but he tells him he's fine. TJ tells Charlie that he's not his grandson anymore, but Charlie reassures him that they'll always be family.
4 Jan. 2007
Episode #18.3
Rita insists on going to work, but Bela persuades her to go back to bed when she can't stay awake. Niamh invites Keith to her celebratory drinks later, but he remains evasive. Terry is upset when she hears from Paul that TJ told Oisín that his real Dad isn't dead. Niamh is disappointed when Keith doesn't arrive at her celebratory drinks. Sholeh gets Karim's number that was found on Fareed's phone, and calls him. She asks him to meet her and tells him that she'll give him Hanni. Ramal and Byrne stand by and tell her she did great.
7 Jan. 2007
Episode #18.4
The Kellys come to an agreement to have Anthony over for tea. Bela tells Jimmy that Rita is getting back to normal. Niamh is secretly disappointed when she hears that Keith has a new girlfriend. Damien reluctantly broaches the subject of bullying with Mark. Mark eventually admits that he has been getting some hassle from a couple of guys. Damien tells him not to rise to the bait, and to give as good as he gets. Anthony and TJ's first meeting doesn't go too well. Rita talks to Bela about talking a step back from Rainbows. She tells him that she's going to ask Suzanne ...
9 Jan. 2007
Episode #18.5
Anthony approaches Mags on the street and tells her he wants to see TJ. Mags tells him she'll have to ask Terry, and Anthony reminds her that he has rights. Eunice and Christy finalise their deal, and pay Renee what is owed to her. However, Christy isn't as relieved as he'd hoped he'd be. Jo leaves a cup of hot tea unattended, and Benjamin scalds himself quite badly. He is rushed to hospital, where Jo waits frantically for some news. TJ asks Mags if he still likes Anthony. Mags tries to sound positive, but it's obvious that she's not too enthusiastic about him. ...
10 Jan. 2007
Episode #18.6
Bela encourages Damien to try and get Mark involved in the boxing club when he hears that he's having trouble at school. Terry goes along with TJ to meet Anthony. TJ is obviously confused by his feelings towards Anthony, and the conversation remains quite stilted. Damien tries to encourage Mark to take up a hobby so that he can meet other people his own age, but Mark doesn't have any interest. Jo is extremely shocked to find Deirdre in the hospital visiting Benjamin.
11 Jan. 2007
Episode #18.7
Eunice tries to persuade Gina to go to a dinner dance with Christy, because he doesn't want to go alone. Clive warns her not to be too interfering. After having a chat with Charlie, Terry tells TJ that he shouldn't feel bad about seeing Anthony. Deirdre asks Dermot if he'll meet with her. He worries about the reason, but is relieved when he discovers that her company are sponsoring a golf classic and she is looking for political contacts. Mark gets roped into helping Bela and Gerry Wall move gear into the boxing club, and is surprisingly interested. Deirdre bumps into...
14 Jan. 2007
Episode #18.9
Brendan feels awkward when he bumps into Jo talking to Deirdre and Heather in the Bistro. Orla is hired by Deirdre to do PR for her golf classic event. Orla worries however when she hears that Seamus McAleer is involved, and Deirdre wants Orla to meet him. Jo and Dermot get the news that Benjamin will be fine after the scalding incident. Gerry Wall encourages Mark to do some boxing training, which he really enjoys. Later Mark sees a website that the other school kids have set up slagging him off.
16 Jan. 2007
Episode #18.10
Nina arrives back in Carrigstown for the sentencing of Gabriel's killers. Deirdre railroads Orla into coming to dinner in Fusion with the golf club committee, of which Seamus McAleer is a member. Leo gets summoned for jury service, and isn't too happy about it. Joshua meets Aisling from Rainbows for a date, which goes very well. Meanwhile, Damien goes along to Sarah's new teaching colleague, Clare's birthday celebrations, and they seem to hit it off. While keeping an eye on Mark for Damien, Suzanne sees the web-page that has been set up slagging Mark off. He tells her...
17 Jan. 2007
Episode #18.11
On Deirdre's orders, Orla tries to ring McAleer, but he cuts her off. Deirdre tells her to keep trying him. Leo arranges Lana to cover for him in the hackney office while he's away at jury service. Tim isn't overly enthused, but knows he can't do much about it. Damien goes to the school and talks to Sarah about the bullying. Sarah assures Damien that she'll talk to Kieran about it, and it won't continue. Nina discovers that Joshua is thinking about buying a car. She tells him that he's being too extravagant, but he tells her that he's working hard enough, and doesn't ...
21 Jan. 2007
Episode #18.12
Lana tries to persuade Leo that they should get a woman driver, to put female passengers at ease. Jo feels slightly nervous when Deirdre calls around to give Benjamin a gift. McAleer tells Deirdre that he'd like her to get rid of Orla from the project, but Deirdre politely refuses. Olga suggests that she and Tim go for a drink with Lana and Leo, but both Tim and Lana feel decidedly uncomfortable about the suggestion. Gerry gives Mark another boxing lesson, and Mark tells him that's getting more self confidence. Joshua and Aisling enjoy another date together. Mark ...
23 Jan. 2007
Episode #18.13
Damien is summoned to the school to meet the principal about Mark's attack on Tommy. Kieran berates Mark for his actions, and tells him that he won't tolerate physical violence. Deirdre feels awkward when Orla sees her and Ken on their date. Orla teases her about her fictitious boyfriend and child in Australia, leaving Deirdre to regret ever having mentioned it. Lana grows increasingly frustrated when Leo won't take her idea of hiring a female driver seriously. Ken walks Deirdre back to her hotel, and they kiss. She invites him inside.
24 Jan. 2007
Episode #18.14
Lana begins distributing leaflets about her female taxi service to women around Carrigstown. Deirdre makes up a story, telling Orla that she and her Australian boyfriend have split up, and he has custody of their child. Orla is slightly puzzled. Tommy challenges Mark to a fight after school. Mark goes along, accompanied by a new boy, Adam, who backs him up. Mark has the upper hand and Tommy and Doug just walk away. Deirdre discovers that Dermot and Ken are brothers, and is a slightly unnerved. She cancels her date with Ken, and avoids rescheduling. Damien is happy ...
25 Jan. 2007
Episode #18.15
Gerry tells Damien that Mark has the makings of a good boxer, but that he needs to keep training. Mark decides to go to training again, and bring Adam with him. Orla encourages Deirdre to have some fun with Ken while she's in Ireland. She tells her she's nothing to lose. Mark brings Adam around for dinner. Damien finds out that he lives with his mother, and that she's a taxi driver who works nights, so he's used to having to fend for himself. Ken is encouraged having heard from Orla that Deidre is single. He asks her out again, and she agrees. Jo is horrified when she...
28 Jan. 2007
Episode #18.16
Gina worries about letting Sean go to the school disco, because of stories she's heard. Damien tells her they should be fine. Adam's mother, Maureen, goes for an interview for the female taxi driver position in Acorn Cabs, and Leo hires her. Jo tries to get some information out of Deirdre about her relationship with Ken, but she's not giving anything away. Jo makes Dermot promise to have a word with Ken about it. Dermot tells Jo that Ken is very taken with Deirdre and hopes that she won't go back to Australia. Jo is freaked. Deirdre tells Jo that she has no right to ...
30 Jan. 2007
Episode #18.17
Adam and Mark have a fight in front of a crowd in the school yard. They both enjoy the buzz out of it. Ken excitedly shows Owen his new house with a garden and a swing, and tells Geraldine how much space he has. Suzanne tells Jimmy and Bela about a company that she has invested her SSIA money with. They're both dubious when she tells them she hasn't been issued a share certificate yet. Bela urges her to call them to check it out and is even more concerned when Suzanne tells him that the company is based out of Thailand. Sarah and Clare go out for dinner. Sarah quizzes...
31 Jan. 2007
Episode #18.18
Robin comes to the conclusion that her cousin Ruth fancies Paul, and so tells Jimmy to make sure Paul comes for lunch with them. Kieran hears a rumour about students being involved in a fight at the disco, and asks Sarah is she's heard anything about it. Having done some research into the company Suzanne invested with, Barry realises that they don't exist and she's been ripped off. Bela dreads telling her. Geraldine is envious when she sees Ken's new house, but Mike is dismissive when she mentions the possibility of buying a house themselves. Ray manages to persuade ...
1 Feb. 2007
Episode #18.19
Kieran questions some students about the fight at the disco, and suspects that Mark and Adam may know more than they're letting on. Mike and Maurice argue yet again about Maurice's laissez-faire attitude towards the menu. Mark tries to pick yet another fight in school, but Adam drags him away before any trouble starts. Geraldine tells Suzanne about Mike's reluctance to buy a house. She worries that it's because he's afraid to commit. Suzanne advises her to confront him so that she knows where she stands. Adam suggests to Mark that they fight between themselves instead...
4 Feb. 2007
Episode #18.20
Adam and Mark arrange a fight after school to try out their new rules. A crowd gather but Clare interrupts the fight before they really get started. She doesn't see who was involved though. The gang from the garage go to the dinner dance. Ray gets very drunk and begins to embarrass people, while Paul is busy trying to impress the Pigotts. Christy goes to the dance with Gina and meets Renee and Bob there. Renee is surprised to see Christy there on a date. Christy asks Gina if they can leave, as he's so obviously preoccupied with watching Bob and Renee. He apologises to...
6 Feb. 2007
Episode #18.21
Geraldine is delighted as Mike arranges for them to go and buy an engagement ring. Kieran mentions to Damien about the spate of fights that have been taking place recently. He asks if Damien thinks Mark could be involved. Damien thinks he isn't, but is a bit worried all the same. Kylie tells Tracey that she and Slim have split up. She tells her that they just drifted apart. Geraldine tells Ken that her and Mike are getting married. He congratulates her and tells her he's very happy for her. Paul arranges a play date with Fiona Piggott and her niece. Damien quizzes ...
7 Feb. 2007
Episode #18.22
Kylie tells Tracey that she feels more confident and thinks she's getting over things. Mark and Adam excitedly arrange another fight after school, another classmate Vinny, agrees to fight the winner. Kev calls in to see Kylie in the Galley and Tracey is very impressed with him. Kylie tells Dominic that she's given up counselling. Mark and Adam fight in front of a gang of people. Mark wins and the gang are impressed. Ken is surprised when Orla lets slip into the conversation that Deirdre has a child. Kylie enjoys a meal out with Kev after he calls into the Galley to ...
8 Feb. 2007
Episode #18.23
Deirdre avoids discussing her son with Ken. She tells him that he lives with his father and that it's a complicated situation. Adam's mum Maureeen sees the cut on Adam's eye. He goes to Kieran and tells him that he must have been hit. Kieran tells her he'll look into it. Kylie tells Tracey about her date with Kev. She tells her that they got on really well and that she'd really like to see him again. Paul and Fiona meet for a play day with Rachel and Fiona's niece, Sophie. Fiona quizzes Paul about past relationships and their conversation gets quite personal. ...
11 Feb. 2007
Episode #18.24
Paul and Jimmy meet with Fiona and James Pigott and Paul notes how well they work together. Keith tells Paul that he's reluctant to book a holiday with Una because he wants to keep his options open. Paul tells him it won't do him any harm to plan something. Kylie hears that Dominic is stuck for workers. She arranges a meeting with Kev and Dominic agrees to give him a trial. Adam, Mark and Vinny have to postpone a fight when Kieran gets suspicious having seen a coded text on Roisin's phone. Jo is shocked to see Deirdre and Ken so comfortable with each other when her ...
13 Feb. 2007
Episode #18.25
McNab asks Niamh out to a concert. She says she'll go with him, and tells Orla that she plans on sleeping with him tonight. Damien asks Clare out for a Valentine's meal. Una complains to Clare that Keith is avoiding committing to a holiday, but Clare tells her to hang on in there. Ray goes to see Brendan who tells him that he'll have to do some tests on him. Ray realises he's being tested for cancer and begins to worry, but Christy tries to assure him that it's all routine. Orla helps Niamh dress alluringly for a night out with Sean McNab. Jimmy calls around to Paul's...
14 Feb. 2007
Episode #18.26
Niamh muses to Orla that she can't understand what's going on with McNab. Her opinion is swayed however when a bunch of red roses and an invitation to dinner are delivered. Suzanne agrees to watch Mark overnight in Halpins as Damien plans an overnight date with Clare! Niamh takes Keith under her wing when he seems at a loss as to what to get Una for Valentine's Day. She brings him to a jewellery shop and makes sure he gets something worthwhile. Clare is stunned when her ex-boyfriend Brian arrives at the school. She agrees to have a coffee with him, but tells him that ...
15 Feb. 2007
Episode #18.27
Paul tells Keith to be careful with the presents he buys for Una or she might get the wrong idea. Jimmy isn't too happy when Paul agrees to let Pigotts come into the garage and take some photographs for their website. Clare admits to Una and Sarah that she may still have feelings for Brian, but she likes Damien too. Niamh takes great pleasure in teasing Gina when she tells her that she's going out for dinner with Christy. Gina maintains it's just as friends! Ray nervously arranges to collect his test results from Brendan tomorrow. Christy and Gina enjoy their meal out...
18 Feb. 2007
Episode #18.28
Fiona brings a photographer around to the garage to take some shots of the mechanics in action for a brochure. Suzanne quizzes Mark about Adam's involvement in the fighting in the school, and figures out he knows more than he's letting on. She tells Damien this and also tells him what she heard about Clare and her ex. He isn't too impressed. Una suggests to McNab that he and Niamh join her and Keith at a salsa class. Niamh reluctantly agrees, but Keith cancels pretending he has to work late! Ray goes to see Brendan and finds out that he has to get more tests to find ...
20 Feb. 2007
Episode #18.29
Una is delighted when Keith agrees to go to salsa classes with her, having heard from McNab that it's a very sexual dance. Christy sees that Ray was researching prostate cancer on his computer. Fiona meets Paul for a lunch meeting and has a business proposal for him. Paul asks her about last night, but she tells him that there's nothing more to say. Ruth confides in Robin that she really likes Paul. Robin tells her he hasn't said anything, but decides to arrange dinner with him. Vinny and Mark fight after school. Mark is victorious and Sean is put forward for the next...
21 Feb. 2007
Episode #18.30
Paul is happy when he gets a call from James Piggott asking him to dine with him and Fiona tonight. Christy tells Ray that he saw the website he was looking at. Ray tells him that he's waiting for the results to come through. Ray goes to see the doctor and is told that he has to have a biopsy. He is very shaken and bumps into Christy and tells him about it. Christy offers to go to the hospital with him. Sarah has suspicions about fighting going on in the school when she reads about organised fight clubs. She tells Kieran about it and he insists they'll follow it up. ...
22 Feb. 2007
Episode #18.31
Sean's friend Pat tries to dissuade him from fighting having noticed that he's anxious about it, but Sean won't listen. Ray decides to go and visit Mondo. Paul meets Fiona. They agree that they shouldn't have kissed, but also agree that they are looking forward to having some time alone together. Worried that Sean will get hurt, Pat tells Kieran and Sarah about the fight. They rush to the dip just in time to see Sean lying injured on the ground and the others running away. Kieran phones an ambulance. Niamh invites Una and Keith back to her place for cocktails and ...
25 Feb. 2007
Episode #18.32
Damien goes to the school to see Kieran. He tells him he still hasn't found Mark. Kieran tells him that it's likely that Mark was involved in the fight. Ruth shyly asks Paul out on a date. He agrees to meet her later. Gina is furious when Kieran tells her that Sean was in a fight with Mark. She refuses to believe that Sean would fight voluntarily. Christy goes with Ray to the hospital for his biopsy. Ray admits he feels the worst, but Christy tells him to enjoy his time with Mondo and forget about it. Adam persuades Mark to go home. Damien is furious with him, but he ...
27 Feb. 2007
Episode #18.33
Things are awkward at Paul's house as he and Ruth go their separate ways after their night together. Ruth is obviously happy, but Paul isn't so sure. Sean tells his mother and Niamh that the fight wasn't arranged and that Mark just hit him, but Niamh isn't convinced. Keith tells Ray that McNab came onto him and wonders what to do about Niamh. Ray isn't too helpful however. Damien is told that Mark won't be charged, but will be assigned a juvenile liaison officer to make sure he stays on the straight and narrow. Jo finds it stressful sending Benjamin back to the crèche...
28 Feb. 2007
Episode #18.34
Deirdre agrees to try and extend her stay in Ireland so that she and Ken can spend more time together. Her employer agrees to let her stay for an extra two weeks. Gina tells Niamh that she's going to press charges against Mark. Niamh urges her to talk to Sean before she goes ahead with it and make sure he really is innocent. Mark is suspended from school for a month. Fiona isn't happy to hear that Paul and Ruth are officially seeing each other. She confronts him angrily and asks him when he was going to tell her. Paul points out that Fiona is married and they don't ...
1 Mar. 2007
Episode #18.35
The Junior Liaison Officer calls around to see Mark. She explains the procedure to him and tells him that if it happens again, he'll get into serious trouble. Jo doesn't have much trouble when looking for part-time work and is insulted when Dermot suggests a clerical job which she thinks is beneath her. Niamh attacks Keith over what he said about McNab. She accuses him of spreading rumours and smacks him across the face before Keith can get his side across. Maureen calls in to see Damien. She tells him she's worried about Adam and she doesn't know what to do. They ...
4 Mar. 2007
Episode #18.36
Suzanne worries that Damien is being too strict on Mark. Orla urges Niamh to talk to Keith about his accusations. Niamh makes it clear she thinks he's talking rubbish but is obviously curious. She talks to Keith and he tells her that no matter what she thinks, he's not trying to make a fool out of her. Deirdre tells Orla about Ken's request. She tells her she's confused about what to do, but really feels like her life is in Australia. Dermot is slightly worried when Ken tells him that he wants Deirdre to stay in Ireland permanently. He also tells him that he's found ...
6 Mar. 2007
Episode #18.37
Ray tells Christy that he's going to look into taking out an insurance policy. Unsure as to whether he'll be able to get insurance due to his cancer tests, Christy suggests he ask Charlie to help him with the research. Niamh refuses to take McNab's call when he rings the house. She tells Orla that his being bi-sexual has turned her off him. Jo goes for a job interview but fails to convince the panel that she could manage the job part-time. Dermot tells her that the crèche could take Benjamin full time but Jo isn't too fond of that idea. Damien brings Mark around to ...
7 Mar. 2007
Episode #18.38
Charlie tells Christy and Ray that he did some research on insurance and that the cost for Ray to be insured would be too high. Niamh arranges a meeting with McNab. Orla warns her not to be too harsh on him as he is her biggest client. Jo is offered the job she went for but turns it down. She's unsure whether she's doing the right thing or not. Niamh meets McNab and tells him that although she can't continue seeing him, she hopes it won't affect their professional relationship. Deirdre calls to see Dermot and Jo to talk about Ken. She tells them she's confused about ...
8 Mar. 2007
Episode #18.39
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11 Mar. 2007
Episode #18.40
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14 Mar. 2007
Episode #18.42
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14 Mar. 2007
Episode #18.43
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18 Mar. 2007
Episode #18.44
Dolores talks to Malachy about the problems she's having with Cleo. Malachy encourages her to speak to Barry. James goes to Professor Clegg to get the results of his biopsy and is given the all clear. Christy talks to Brendan and tries to get him to talk some sense into Ray about getting his tests done. Brendan says he'll try, but ultimately it's up to Ray. Christy thinks about telling Angela, but Charlie tells him that's not their decision. Fiona makes up an excuse so that she gets to spend an evening with Paul after they are out with James for celebratory drinks. ...
20 Mar. 2007
Episode #18.45
Ali prepares to go for a scan. She tells Carol she'd prefer to go alone. Carol tells Tracey that she's at an awkward stage where she won't take any help. Ray tells Christy he wants his help to organise a big party. Christy tells him he should be getting a scan and not organising a party. Sarah is dubious when Cleo gives her a sick note to explain her absence. Cleo swears the Dolores wrote it, even though Pierce had forged it for her. Robin and Jimmy tell Keith they have to put his rent up. Ray offers his spare room to Keith, but Keith turns him down. Una hints about ...
22 Mar. 2007
Episode #18.47
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25 Mar. 2007
Episode #18.48
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27 Mar. 2007
Episode #18.49
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28 Mar. 2007
Episode #18.50
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29 Mar. 2007
Episode #18.51
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1 Apr. 2007
Episode #18.52
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3 Apr. 2007
Episode #18.53
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4 Apr. 2007
Episode #18.54
Magda starts working in the Bistro, and takes Gordon's flirtatious behaviour with a pinch of salt. Professor Clegg arranges to meet both James and Ray. James is shocked to find out he has cancer. James is furious to hear that a mistake was made with his test results and he's been ill all along. Keith hears that Paul and Fiona are both going to the motor show in Belfast. He warns Paul, but Paul tells him that the affair is still over.
5 Apr. 2007
Episode #18.55
Ray asks Keith if he'll take Una out so he can have a family dinner in the apartment. Keith agrees to make himself scarce for the evening. Robin nervously starts trying to sell cars, with Paul's guidance. She is delighted when she sells her first car. Paul leaves Robin holding the fort in the garage while he seizes the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Fiona. Mike confronts Ken about undermining his authority when he buys Owen a present Mike had refused him. Ken tells him that he's his father, but sarcastically tells him he would never dream of undermining him.
8 Apr. 2007
Episode #18.56
Ray tells Mondo that Keith gave him a business card for Professor Clegg that he found in the garage office thinking it was his. Ray said he didn't leave it there, and wonders who else is seeing the consultant. Gordon continues to flirt with Magda, who just tells him he'll have to try harder. Jimmy happens to mention to Ray that James Piggott used the garage phone yesterday to make a call, and Ray realises he could be the person who his test results got mixed up with. Magda drops a glass of water over Jo in the Bistro, pretending it was an accident. Mike takes her ...
10 Apr. 2007
Episode #18.57
Keith tells Paul that James knows he was at the same motor show as Fiona in Belfast. Paul is worried. Keith dreads having to go to Una's sister's engagement party. He tells Ray he's going to pretend he's sick, but Ray urges him to make the effort. Mike talks to Geraldine about Gordon and Magda. He tells her he's not too sure about either of them. Paul and Fiona both spin the same tale to James about bumping into each other at the motor show. Ray quizzes Brendan about the mix up with the test results. Brendan tells him that both patients had the same birthday. Keith ...
11 Apr. 2007
Episode #18.58
Keith tries to make it up to Ray by cooking him breakfast, but he's still angry with him and storms off to work. Fiona feels guilty when she gets a beautiful handbag and bracelet from James for her birthday. Bob and Renee arrive back from Bulgaria and start thinking about a new business idea. Bob wants them to go into the wine business, and approaches Mike about revamping his wine list. Keith meets Una for lunch and grovels for her forgiveness after not going to the party. She eventually forgives him. Renee talks to Heather and tells her she's worried about Bob's wine...
12 Apr. 2007
Episode #18.59
Mike arrives in the Bistro to see smoke everywhere and a pot bubbling away on the stove. He is furious with Gordon. Ray brags to the others in the garage that his lotto system is working and they'll hit the big time soon. Keith is dubious, but Robin is happy that they won anything at all. Una presents Keith with holiday brochures and tells him that she has to take holidays next week. She tells him to make a decision and get the time off. Mike berates Gordon for leaving the hob on. He tells him they're lucky that Dominic and Tracey heard it from the flat upstairs. ...
15 Apr. 2007
Episode #18.60
Ray is shocked when he meets Diane coming out of Keith's bedroom. He tells him he doesn't have any morals. Keith tells Diane about Una, and they agree it was only a one night thing. Bob and Renee meet with McAleer about a lock up to store their wine in. They make him a decent offer on one, and he agrees to sell to them. Bela tells Renee that Christy had arranged to buy it already. James is dubious when Fiona says she's meeting Heather for lunch. He checks up on her, and is happy to see that she was telling the truth. Ray confirms his suspicions with Brendan that James...
17 Apr. 2007
Episode #18.61
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18 Apr. 2007
Episode #18.62
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19 Apr. 2007
Episode #18.63
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22 Apr. 2007
Episode #18.64
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24 Apr. 2007
Episode #18.65
Bela notices that Rita is stressed out in Rainbows. He asks Suzanne if she'd cover for them if they went away for a weekend, and she agrees. Garda Perdi calls to see Kylie and tells her that Tibbs will soon be sentenced. Kylie said she wants nothing more to do with it. James talks to Ray about Fiona. He tells him he'd like to tell her about the cancer, but he knows she's hiding something from him too, and he doesn't want to be a patient. He asks Fiona to go to Japan with him, but she turns him down. Malachy is extremely stressed out with staffing problems at the ...
25 Apr. 2007
Episode #18.66
Fiona finds a letter from the hospital to James asking him to schedule a time to begin his treatment. She wonders what it's about. She quizzes Brendan and Brendan intimates that it could be serious, but tells her to ask James. Malachy gets even more stressed when Gina discovers that the beer garden is flooded. Kylie is obviously preoccupied with the sentencing. She walks out of Rainbows when Bela and Damien start discussing it with Tracey. Fiona confronts James about the letter. He eventually admits that he has prostate cancer. She tells him he should have told her ...
26 Apr. 2007
Episode #18.67
Bela and Rita plan to meet Suzanne to ask her to take on managing Rainbows, so they can take a back seat. Damien meets Barry to advise him on some work he wants done in a new conservatory. Barry asks him would he take on the job as a supervisor. Damien is tempted. Bela and Rita put a proposal to Suzanne about her managing Rainbows. She's shocked, but says she'll think about it. Kylie admits to Tracey that she and Kev are having problems. She tells her she feels pressured. Tracey advises her to go back to counselling. Joshua and Kev hit the town together. Kev tells him...
29 Apr. 2007
Episode #18.68
Tracey starts organising the wedding and asks Kylie to be her bridesmaid. She's delighted to accept. Damien gets the job to oversee the job on Barry's conservatory. He's delighted with his business expansion and advises Suzanne to take on the opportunity of managing Rainbows. Paul meets a potential manager of the Formula Ford team. He tells Fiona that the manager would be willing to take them on and bring a team with him. Kylie and Kev argue when he tells her he stayed in last night but she discovers he went to a club. Suzanne accepts the management job in Rainbows, ...
1 May 2007
Episode #18.69
Ali asks Jimmy to stand in as baby Lorcan's godfather at the christening because Mick is in jail. He lets slip to her that he and Robin are trying for a baby. Carol sees how stressed Malachy is and tells him he should hire a manager. Robin hurts her back again and has to go home from work. Kylie intends going to the sentencing, but Dominic manages to talk her out of it. Robin isn't impressed when Jimmy tells her about being a stand in godfather. She tells him that Ali has the type of family he shouldn't be getting involved in. Kev is freaked out when Dominic asks him ...
2 May 2007
Episode #18.70
Tracey and Kylie go looking at hotels for the wedding reception. Dominic talks Kev into going to the sentencing with him, even though he doesn't want to. Pierce books a place on Heather's creative writing course. Robin is ordered to rest, but expresses interest in doing a computer course. Paul books her onto one. Dominic lets Tracey know about the sentence that Tibbs got. Tracey tells Kylie that he got 25 years. Dominic is delighted, but Kylie seems pretty apathetic. Ali talks to Robin and lets slip that she knows her and Jimmy are trying for a baby. Robin is raging ...
8 May 2007
Episode #18.73
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9 May 2007
Episode #18.74
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10 May 2007
Episode #18.75
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16 May 2007
Episode #18.78
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17 May 2007
Episode #18.79
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20 May 2007
Episode #18.80
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29 May 2007
Episode #18.85
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31 May 2007
Episode #18.87
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3 Jun. 2007
Episode #18.88
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5 Jun. 2007
Episode #18.89
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6 Jun. 2007
Episode #18.90
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7 Jun. 2007
Episode #18.91
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10 Jun. 2007
Episode #18.92
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12 Jun. 2007
Episode #18.93
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13 Jun. 2007
Episode #18.94
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14 Jun. 2007
Episode #18.95
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17 Jun. 2007
Episode #18.96
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19 Jun. 2007
Episode #18.97
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S18, Ep103
28 Jun. 2007
Episode #18.103
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S18, Ep104
1 Jul. 2007
Episode #18.104
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S18, Ep113
17 Jul. 2007
Episode #18.113
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S18, Ep114
18 Jul. 2007
Episode #18.114
Clare and Brian call to Halpins to collect her stuff. Mark phones Damien and he comes around to throw them out. Bob is full of ideas on how to modernise McCoys and make it more exciting. Renee on the other hand, isn't quite as enthusiastic at first. Malachy goes to see Bob's flat with a view to renting it. He's not convinced, and confides in Sue that he really wants to live with her. Suzanne goes to see Damien. He apologises for being off with her.
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S18, Ep115
19 Jul. 2007
Episode #18.115
McAleer hears from Brian that Damien punched him on the site. He asks Damien what happened and when he explains, McAleer says he's surprised he didn't punch him more than once. Ray meets Angela for lunch and tells her that he wants to get divorced. She asks him has he met someone, but he denies it. She says she'll think about it. Bob and Renee celebrate their first night working in McCoys. Christy can't handle seeing Renee pull her first pint, and leaves.
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S18, Ep116
22 Jul. 2007
Episode #18.116
Ray persuades Christy to go for a pint with him, but he leaves when Renee goes to serve them. Suzanne is disappointed to arrive at Damien's and see that there was no romantic intention behind his invitation. Keith interrupts Ray and Gina's date, mistakenly thinking that Ray is about to propose. Damien asks Mark to go on holidays with him, much to Suzanne's disappointment. Bob finds Christy in the Galley and confronts him about his behaviour. He tells him that he has to own up to his part in their marriage breakdown, and behave like an adult again.
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S18, Ep117
24 Jul. 2007
Episode #18.117
Ray persuades Keith to stay out for the night, so he and Gina can have a quiet night in. Gordon tells Cleo she has a real flair for making deserts. He asks her to help him in the kitchen, but Mike isn't impressed and asks her to get back onto the floor. Niamh is happy when Keith arrives back from a driving lesson with Catriona and decides to stay for dinner. Gina and Ray enjoy a quiet and romantic night in together, but when Angela calls Keith looking for him, Keith has to spill the beans to Niamh that Ray and her mother are together.
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S18, Ep118
25 Jul. 2007
Episode #18.118
Niamh confronts Gina about spending the night with Ray. She isn't impressed that she lied to her about it. Mike asks Cleo to help him in the kitchen when Gordon calls in sick. She is thrilled when Mike praises her work. Ray asks Keith why he told Niamh about him and Gina. Keith explains he was covering for him, but tells him that they have a good thing going and why hide it. He talks to Gina, and she agrees, so they decide to go public. Gina tells Catriona about her relationship with Ray. She tells her she's happy for her.
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S18, Ep119
26 Jul. 2007
Episode #18.119
Ali and Jimmy go for lunch together. Jimmy is chuffed when she gives him a present that she brought him back from England. He doesn't know what to do though when she tells him that Morgan wants to see Suzanne. Niamh worries when she hears that Ray has asked Angela for a divorce. She tells Gina, who is equally as surprised. Damien leaves the party and apologises to Suzanne for not being in a more upbeat mood. They share a moment and a passionate kiss, before he pulls back and leaves in a hurry.
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S18, Ep120
29 Jul. 2007
Episode #18.120
Gina tells Ray that Niamh is finding it hard to adjust to their relationship, so they decide to ask her out for a meal. Damien comes into Rainbows and asks Suzanne to meet him for a drink. Sarah tries to convince herself that he doesn't regret their kiss. Niamh finds dinner with Ray and Gina awkward, and she leaves straight after it. Suzanne is devastated when Damien apologises for what happened between them last night and hopes that he hasn't ruined their friendship. Keith and Niamh have a blazing row in McCoys about Niamh's snobbish attitude towards Ray.
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S18, Ep121
31 Jul. 2007
Episode #18.121
Gina quizzes Niamh about the row with Keith. She tells her that she should make an effort as he's Ray's friend. Morgan quizzes Mick as to whether Ali has inquired about Suzanne yet. Mick tells him that he'll find out but he has to stop obsessing about it. Keith and Niamh try to agree to a truce and end up sleeping with each other. Ali and Jimmy go to see Suzanne to explain about Morgan.
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S18, Ep122
1 Aug. 2007
Episode #18.122
Bela advises Suzanne not to go near Morgan. He tells her to think about why he's in prison in the first place. Damien advises Suzanne to just go and see Morgan and see what he has to say. Keith calls Niamh and after a lot of flirting, they arrange to meet up later on, and end up sleeping together again. Ray meets an exhausted Una on the street and offers her a lift home. She gets upset when he starts talking about Keith and reveals that she's pregnant.
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S18, Ep123
2 Aug. 2007
Episode #18.123
Carol gets upset with Ali when she tells her that she wants to bring Lorcan to see Mick in prison. Carol complains to Tracey that Ali is restless, so she offers her work in the Galley, and she jumps at the chance. Suzanne goes to see Morgan. He asks her to forgive him, which she does. He then asks her to talk to Joshua. Ray tells Keith that Una is pregnant. He goes to talk to Niamh about it, and is totally shocked. He curses that something bad always has to happen just as things start to improve.
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S18, Ep124
5 Aug. 2007
Episode #18.124
Niamh confides her troubles with Keith to Orla. Keith organises a tête-à-tête with Una, but this goes awry when he questions the paternity. Mike rebuffs Ken's offer of help because the Bistro is short handed due to Gordon's premature departure, and Ken finds out about Gordon's attempt to poach Cleo. Geraldine reminds Mike that he needs to find a new chef, regardless. But Mike says he can go it alone for now. Jimmy cuts a call from Ali when he hears Robin enter their apartment. Niamh tells Keith she cant see him until he sorts his life out.
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S18, Ep125
7 Aug. 2007
Episode #18.125
Una ignores Keith, and Ray advises that Keith needs to make a lot more effort to remedy the situation. Bela tries to ease Suzanne's sense of guilt over Morgan. Keith renews his efforts to communicate with Una and tells her he will help anyway he can. He also tells Niamh he wants to continue their romance, regardless. Carol is still wondering why Ali is so preoccupied. Jimmy stops by to see Ali but its awkward. Ali confesses she would like someone special in her life, clearly thinking about Jimmy. Niamh tells Orla she plans to end it with Keith, in spite of her ...
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S18, Ep126
8 Aug. 2007
Episode #18.126
Niamh breaks up with Keith, leaving him devastated. Barry encourages Pierce and advises him to type up his article. Pierce tells Beth their history won't affect their working relationship. Beth offers to read his writing and give feedback. Beth assures her mother, Sue, that the relationship is platonic. Gina notes Niamh's depressed demeanour and questions her about the Keith situation. Una fills Keith in on his new role in her pregnancy and impending birth, much to his alarm!
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S18, Ep127
9 Aug. 2007
Episode #18.127
Tracey tells Carol she cant stop Lorcan getting to know Ali's side of the family. After the funeral, Ali, Suzanne, Damien and co. head to the Galley with Mick, who is worried Carol will have a go at him, a situation which is only narrowly avoided. Jimmy gives Ali and Lorcan a lift home. He gives the baby a feed. Afterwards, Ali confides in him that she feels like a crap mother. Jimmy and Ali finally kiss. Una asks Keith to accompany her as she tells her parents about the pregnancy.
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S18, Ep128
12 Aug. 2007
Episode #18.128
Jimmy throws himself into his work to relieve his feelings of guilt. Sarah plants a hint that Damien should take Suzanne off to Greece with him. Mark agrees to drop out of the holiday so Suzanne can go instead - with Sarah - as proposed by Damien. Niamh tearfully admits to Keith that she can't continue their relationship because she would be jealous of his child with Una. Pierce cold-calls on Heather's agent, Miranda. Heather is annoyed that he used her name for an "in" and lets Pierce have it when they meet again. Robin notes Carol thanking Jimmy helping Ali and ...
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S18, Ep129
14 Aug. 2007
Episode #18.129
Lana goes shopping and to meet a friend, Polina in town. Later, when Leo comes home from the pub, she's still not home and Leo becomes worried. Pierce worries Heather will spoil his chances with her agent. Ali calls into the garage and Jimmy lies to Robin, saying Ali's car won't start. Jimmy meets her later and tells her nothing can ever happen between them again. When Damien tells Suzanne he meant for her to go with Sarah, she covers her deep disappointment. In spite of Jimmy's guilt, he can't bear for Robin to criticize Ali.
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S18, Ep130
15 Aug. 2007
Episode #18.130
Leo is increasingly concerned that Lana is missing, so he contacts Det. Sgt. Byrne. Pierce is immensely cheered when Barry asks him to cover the local boxing match. Sue sees Pierce working on Beth's laptop at Rainbow's. Beth is delighted when Pierce asks her to accompany him to Mark's boxing match. Later, Beth assures Sue that her and Pierce are just friends. Ali and Jimmy are awkward with each other when they meet accidentally. Robin tells Jimmy she wants to go back to college. They decide to see a doctor, regarding fertility, because they have been trying for a year.
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S18, Ep131
16 Aug. 2007
Episode #18.131
Det. Sgt. Byrne's questions frustrate Leo. Afterwards, Leo learns Lana met Marcus on the night she disappeared. He dashes off to get the details from Marcus, who says Lana left him at a bar in Dun Laoghire. Byrne turns his concentration to that area, finding Lana's car. Heather leaves the manuscript of her latest novel in McCoys by accident and Beth finds it and tells Pierce, who is still nursing a grudge. After reading it, Pierce alleges Heather has plagiarised his work. Bela assures Leo that Lana loved him and has not left him. Leo is in tears.
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S18, Ep132
19 Aug. 2007
Episode #18.132
Byrne finds CCTV footage of Lana leaving the pub. Leo learns Lana withdrew 600 Euro on the day of her disappearance. Robin and Jimmy go to the doctor. Robin worries that her past bulimia may be affecting her fertility. Pierce confronts Heather at McCoys and gets a dressing down from Renee who says he's on his last chance with her. Jimmy spends some time with Lorcan when Carol is out walking with him. Ali is surprised to hear this. Jimmy later talks to Ali, explaining that he never meant to hurt her. Leo wonders if Lana was having an affair. Byrne gets news of a ...
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S18, Ep133
21 Aug. 2007
Episode #18.133
Pierce gives Annette a copy of his story and of Heather's, and she promises to read them to see if he has a case. Leo decides he wants to go public with the story about Lana. Olga agrees to make a television appeal for him in Russian. Tracey tries to contact her sister, Frances, but doesn't have any luck. She tells Dominic that she'd love to meet her again because they lost touch when they were teenagers. Leo goes to the bar where Lana was last seen. He passes around a photo of her to the customers, but doesn't get any information.
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S18, Ep134
22 Aug. 2007
Episode #18.134
Niamh and Orla discuss the double date they went on last night. Orla gives out to Niamh for not giving her date a chance, but Niamh is very obviously still preoccupied with Keith. Pierce is very interested to hear that Heather is having drinks in the Galley tonight after reading from her new book in the local library. He tells Beth he's going to make sure she knows he's not going away. Pierce arrives at the Galley and asks Heather to sign a book for him. She is slightly freaked out by him, and Brendan asks him to leave.
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S18, Ep135
23 Aug. 2007
Episode #18.135
Una is distraught, and Keith tries to comfort her, when she is told that the baby has an irregular heartbeat when she goes for the scan. Dominic is hell bent on getting Tracey's sister home for their wedding. He goes to see Father Bertie, to see if he can help to contact her. Heather is uncomfortable when Pierce arrives at her press launch and publicly insinuates that she steals work from her students. Brendan goes to see Pierce in McCoys and advises him that he needs to get help. Pierce shouts at him about Heather stealing ideas. Renee has enough of his behaviour ...
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S18, Ep136
26 Aug. 2007
Episode #18.136
Beth is shocked to hear from Renee that she has let Pierce go. Ray bumps into Una, who's upset about the complications. She tells Ray that she thought the baby would bring her and Keith together, but that if she loses it, she'll lose him too. Beth sides with Pierce when he tells her why he was sacked. He tells her that he was just sticking up for himself. Barry lets Pierce go having found out about his behaviour at Heather's press launch, despite instructions that he wasn't to go to it from Barry. Pierce confronts Heather as she comes out of the gym. He asks her how ...
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S18, Ep137
28 Aug. 2007
Episode #18.137
Sergei arrives from Russia to help Leo in his search for Lana. Detective Byrne tells him and Leo that there will be a reconstruction of Lana's last movements. Keith arranges to spend the evening with Una ahead of tomorrow's scan. She is touched by his concern and help. Leo contacts Orla and tells her that he wants to hire her to arrange a media campaign to keep the story of Lana's disappearance to the fore. Pierce tells Beth that he's going to concentrate on his writing full-time from now on. He's completely indifferent to the affection she's showing him.
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S18, Ep138
29 Aug. 2007
Episode #18.138
Una and Keith go for the scan. They are distraught to find out that their baby has died. Beth tries to encourage Pierce to get a job when she hears he doesn't have money to pay his rent. He tells her that his work isn't commercial, it's something more. The appeal for information on Lana's disappearance airs on TV, watched by a gang of people in McCoys. Leo is positive when he's told that they received a number of responses. Una stays in Keith's apartment for the night so as not to be alone.
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S18, Ep139
30 Aug. 2007
Episode #18.139
Niamh is genuinely concerned for Keith when she hears the news about his and Una's baby. A taxi driver who passed Lana the night she disappeared goes in to see Detective Byrne after the TV appeal. Leo sits in on the interview when they hear that the driver's passenger had commented on Lana as they passed her. Leo presses Byrne to look into it. Malachy finds out that Pierce was fired from both his jobs. He tells Sue, who is worried about the amount of time Beth is spending with him.
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S18, Ep140
2 Sep. 2007
Episode #18.140
Una and Keith go into hospital for her procedure. Everything goes ok, and they discuss what could have been. Sue is angry when she discovers that Beth didn't go to school, and she suspects that she's spending the day with Pierce. Malachy manages to negotiate a deal between Beth and Sue that she can see Pierce two nights during the week, and at weekends, as long as she gets all her school work done. Keith hears from Niamh, who is concerned about him. He wants to meet her but she's going away on business. Orla muses that he's been leaning on her a lot, but Niamh tells ...
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S18, Ep141
4 Sep. 2007
Episode #18.141
Sue isn't too happy when Beth tells her she wants Pierce to come along to her birthday dinner. Sue tells Malachy that the more she gets to know him, the less she likes him. Leo confides in Olga that he's finding it hard to cope. He thinks that if the police found something, at least it would all be over. Suzanne and Damien seize the opportunity of an empty house to catch up with each other, and share an intimate night together. Leo collapses outside McCoys after a meeting, and Tim calls an ambulance for him.
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S18, Ep142
5 Sep. 2007
Episode #18.142
Sarah hints to Robin about Suzanne and Damien. Robin tells Rita and Bela her suspicions, and Bela confirms that he thought the same thing. Brendan calls to see Leo, who suffered a panic attack last night. He prescribes him sleeping pills, and tells him that he needs to relax and rest, and advises he get counselling. Beth is disappointed when Pierce tells her he doesn't want to go to her birthday dinner, because he'd prefer to spend time alone with her. Suzanne and Damien are loved up and oblivious to the fact that the Doyles know their secret. They plan to tell Bela ...
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S18, Ep143
6 Sep. 2007
Episode #18.143
Leo gets a bundle of letters of support from the Guards that have been sent to him. He tells Bela that he's determined to read all of them and reply to every single person. He seems upbeat, and later tells Olga that he has to let people get on with their lives, and he has to get on with his. Pierce meets Beth and gives her his novel to read as a birthday present. He is angry, however, when he asks Beth her opinion on the first chapter and she tells him that it seems to repeat itself a lot. Suzanne decides to spent the night at home, so that she and Damien can have ...
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S18, Ep144
9 Sep. 2007
Episode #18.144
Bela is over the moon when his research uncovers that one of Charlie's ancestors was a spy for the British Army. Having spoken to Beth, Malachy goes to see Pierce. He manages to persuade him to stay in the Shelter. Beth goes to the shelter when Malachy lets her know that Pierce is there. He's sleeping when she arrives, and Malachy advises her that he's fine and she should go home. Suzanne and Damien have drinks to celebrate their engagement. Bela gives a heartfelt speech, but Leo can't handle the emotion, and leaves. Niamh and Keith decide to be friends, but instead ...
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S18, Ep145
11 Sep. 2007
Episode #18.145
Sarah is shocked to learn that Suzanne is marrying Damien. Charlie returns from a trip to Mayo having done more research about Bela's family and discovered that he was right about Bela's ancestor. Orla tells Leo that there's nothing more she can do for him on the Lana campaign. She admits that she would just be wasting his money. Damien goes to ask Bela for permission to marry Suzanne. Pierce leaves his flat when he and Jason have a run in. He ends up sleeping rough and talking to voices in his head.
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S18, Ep146
12 Sep. 2007
Episode #18.146
Damien and Suzanne go ring shopping. Suzanne is aghast at the price of diamond rings, and decides to go for a reasonably priced opal instead. Mark is happy with his Junior Cert results, as are Roisin and Adam. Sean is disappointed, having barely passed everything, but the gang arrange to meet up later to celebrate. Cleo is worried when she meets Pierce and he tells her that he prefers the streets because there's more privacy there. Mark sneaks Roisin into the house when she gets too drunk to go home.
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S18, Ep147
13 Sep. 2007
Episode #18.147
Damien isn't too happy to discover that Mark snuck Roisin in because she was too drunk to go home. Suzanne helps clean her up before she goes. Keith is downhearted when Niamh tells him that she thinks he needs to deal with what happened with Una without her being in his life. Damien is taken aback when Bela encourages him to postpone the wedding until next year. Damien tells Suzanne, who tells him that she's perfectly happy going ahead with a Christmas wedding this year. Mark reassures Damien that he didn't sleep with Roisin, and Damien is impressed with his maturity.
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S18, Ep148
16 Sep. 2007
Episode #18.148
Bela is over the moon when his research uncovers that one of Charlie's ancestors was a spy for the British Army. Having spoken to Beth, Malachy goes to see Pierce. He manages to persuade him to stay in the Shelter. Beth goes to the shelter when Malachy lets her know that Pierce is there. He's sleeping when she arrives, and Malachy advises her that he's fine and she should go home. Suzanne and Damien have drinks to celebrate their engagement. Bela gives a heartfelt speech, but Leo can't handle the emotion, and leaves. Niamh and Keith decide to be friends, but instead ...
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S18, Ep149
18 Sep. 2007
Episode #18.149
Orla is surprised to see Keith at breakfast. She doesn't impress Niamh however when she tells her that she doesn't see a future for her and Keith. When Keith learns that Ray is spending the night at Gina's, he arranges for Niamh to come over. Beth and Sue have a heart to heart about Pierce. Beth tells her that she knows Pierce is sick, and Sue advises that she keep her distance until they decide how they can help him. Ray and Gina end up at Ray's apartment for the night, oblivious to the fact that Keith and Niamh are in Keith's room.
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S18, Ep150
19 Sep. 2007
Episode #18.150
Malachy worries as Pierce's behaviour gets steadily stranger, and he becomes more and more agitated. Niamh feels very awkward meeting Gina over breakfast in Ray's apartment, but Gina is surprisingly relaxed about the whole thing. She later has a word with Niamh, wondering if it's such a good idea for her to see Keith so soon after Una. Niamh bumps into Una and feels guilty telling her she doesn't know where Keith is. Later, Niamh tells Keith that he has to tell Una about them.
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S18, Ep151
20 Sep. 2007
Episode #18.151
Robin and Jimmy get the results of their fertility tests and are shocked to discover that Jimmy is the one who may have fertility problems. Malachy asks Brendan to go and see Pierce, which he does. He finds Pierce preoccupied and nervous and later tells Malachy that Pierce needs to get a full check up. Keith asks Una to meet him for lunch. She's nervous when she asks Ray and he is very cagey about what the lunch is all about. Later, Una is surprisingly calm when Keith reveals that he's seeing Niamh. Jimmy and Robin decide to remain positive until they get further ...
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S18, Ep152
23 Sep. 2007
Episode #18.152
Ray tells Keith that he bumped into Una and she got upset talking about him. He advises him to give her space. Brendan advises Malachy to gain Pierce's trust as soon as possible so he can convince him to see a psychiatrist. They're unaware however, that Pierce is watching them, while they discuss him. Niamh goes to talk to Una when she spots her in McCoys. Una infers that Niamh was seeing Keith while they were still together, and tells her that she's welcome to him. Jimmy drops over some accounts to Carol's apartment, where he finds Ali, alone. They share a passionate...
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S18, Ep153
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #18.153
McNab invites Niamh to a party he's throwing so she can meet a prospective client that she's been chasing. He is shocked when she tells him she'll bring her new partner, Keith. Malachy notices a deterioration in Pierce's behaviour as does Cleo. Malachy talks to Brendan who tells him that if he continues to get worse, someone will have to intervene. Bob prepares for a gala opening of 'the new' McCoys, while Renee feels slightly hard done by being left to do all the day to day work in the pub. Keith isn't too enamoured with the idea of going to McNab's party, but seeing...
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S18, Ep154
26 Sep. 2007
Episode #18.154
Pierce steals Heather's bag knowing that her manuscript for her next book is in it. Renee and Bob argue when she gets sick of him never being in the pub and leaves to get her hair done at lunch time. He tells her she's overreacting. Stephen and Gina are not amused when Bob tells them that he's secured a late license for McCoys and they'll be working late at weekends. Pierce goes to see Cleo and rambles about how they have stolen his life, while reading quotes from Heather's manuscript.
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S18, Ep155
27 Sep. 2007
Episode #18.155
There is mixed reaction to Bob's announcement at the launch that McCoys will be opening late at weekends. Cleo manages to convince Pierce to go and see Brendan's partner, Ted. Ted gives him a check up and tells Brendan that he really needs to be seen by a psychiatrist. Keith feels out of place at McNab's function when Niamh tries to reel in a client, and Keith is largely ignored. Keith and Niamh argue when he brings up the fact that she ignored him at the party. He storms off home leaving Niamh enjoying her business successes in McCoys.
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S18, Ep156
30 Sep. 2007
Episode #18.156
Bob bends Renee's ear about enticing a younger clientèle into McCoys. She is somewhat unenthusiastic. Keith refuses to drop the argument he and Niamh had before, and she refuses to apologise. Orla tells her that she treated him badly, should realise that he's nothing to be ashamed of, and apologise. Niamh eventually tries to talk her way out of it with Keith, but he won't give in until she apologises. Niamh storms out, but in a moment of better judgement returns to Keith's place, apologises, and they make up! Heather gets her bag back, but without the manuscript.
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S18, Ep157
2 Oct. 2007
Episode #18.157
Pierce manages to get into the building where Heather lives, intercepts a courier, and steals her edited manuscript, in an effort to find out what happens to 'his' character. Tracey is a ball of stress as her wedding day approaches. Carol and Ali do their best to calm her nerves as her dress doesn't fit and she gets upset because she has no family around her. Heather is stunned when she calls the courier company looking for her manuscript, and they tell her it was signed for by a Bill Harkness, the name of one of the characters in the book. She immediately suspects ...
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S18, Ep158
3 Oct. 2007
Episode #18.158
Clive interrupts two burglars in his home. They steal some jewellery he has for the stall, and flee when he confronts them. Tracey heads off for a relaxation day at a spa with Carol, but frets about tomorrow's wedding as Dominic tries to calm her down. Malachy asks Cleo if she's seen Pierce because he didn't turn up to the Shelter last night. Clive is nervous staying in the house alone after the burglary, and barricades the door. Dominic arrives home from the pub and meets Tracey's sister, Frances, waiting outside the door. He invites her in to stay the night.
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S18, Ep159
4 Oct. 2007
Episode #18.159
Tracey is over the moon when Dominic calls and puts Frances on the phone to her, and she realises she'll be at her wedding. Tracey and Dominic get married in a registry office. Tracey tells Frances that it's the best wedding present to have her there. Cleo is distraught to see Pierce has been beaten up on the streets. She brings him to a safer place and gives him blankets and a flask to keep him warm. Renee tells Christy that she thinks Clive is nervous since the break in, so Christy brings him home for dinner, and asks him to help him out in the shop and stay over a ...
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S18, Ep160
7 Oct. 2007
Episode #18.160
Tracey and Frances catch up. Tracey insists that she stay with them until they leave for their honeymoon a week later. Dolores is worried when Pierce arrives at the house and she realises the bad state he's in. She tells Cleo they can't help him forever. She speaks to Malachy who says he'll try to convince him to get help. Tracey worries when she and Frances don't have the same memories of childhood, and their conversations are somewhat stilted. Dominic tells her not to worry, that it may take them a while to get to know each other properly again. Malachy asks to go ...
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S18, Ep161
9 Oct. 2007
Episode #18.161
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S18, Ep162
10 Oct. 2007
Episode #18.162
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S18, Ep177
6 Nov. 2007
Episode #18.177
Jimmy arranges a lunch date with Ali when Robin tells him she'll be in college all day. Mark is uncomfortable when Vinny begins to spread the story about him damaging Bela's van around the school. An American man, Chuck, goes into Phelans and asks Clive if he knows Charlie Kelly and Bela Doyle. Jimmy and Ali have an emotionally charged meeting. She asks him if he's going to leave Robin, and he says he doesn't know what to do, but the one thing he does know is that he's in love with Ali. Carol is shocked when Rory calls to her apartment.
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S18, Ep178
7 Nov. 2007
Episode #18.178
Jimmy arranges to meet Ali later that evening in a hotel when Robin is away at a tutorial. Tracey is stunned when Carol confides in her that Rory is back working in Dublin. Charlie finds Chuck and asks him why he was looking for him. Chuck tells him that he's a Kelly and a distant relation. Mark tells Jimmy that he was the one who damaged Bela's van. Jimmy tells him to explain that it was an accident and Bela will understand. Jimmy and Ali meet. Jimmy apologises for not being able to give her guarantees, and Ali tells him she's happy to give him some time.
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S18, Ep179
8 Nov. 2007
Episode #18.179
Charlie and Bela meet Chuck, who tells them about their shared family history in America and how they're distant relations. Rory calls to the Galley to see Carol. He tells her he's been thinking about her a lot and they have a lot to discuss. She ignores his request. Mark owns up to Bela about the damage to the van. Bela tells him he's disappointed he didn't own up sooner, but accepts his apology and tells him he can work in Rainbows to pay for the damage. Carol tells Tracey that she's confused about Rory, and the feelings that resurfaced when she saw him again.
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S18, Ep193
4 Dec. 2007
Episode #18.193
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S18, Ep195
6 Dec. 2007
Episode #18.195
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S18, Ep197
11 Dec. 2007
Episode #18.197
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S18, Ep200
16 Dec. 2007
Episode #18.200
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S18, Ep203
20 Dec. 2007
Episode #18.203
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