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20 Nov. 2006
Episode #16.256
Tracey decides there is no need to mention her past as she and Dominic get closer. Brendan's revelation that he forged prescriptions upsets Heather. Sheryl is shocked when Sylvester reveals the true nature of his business. William denies to Orla that he's seducing Lauren to get to McAleer.
17 Jan. 2006
Episode #17.9
Ali is being held in a house by the Ukrainian gang. Barry tells Jo and Dermot about his new writing position. He wants to interview them for his next piece to be about foreign adoption. Joshua fakes sick at the bazaar so he can spend some time alone with Louise at Suzanne's house.
18 Jan. 2006
Episode #17.10
Kay fires Cleo when she arrives late for work. Garrigan tells Carol someone is after him. After helping him to move into his new apartment, Dominic gets another set of keys cut and asks Tracey to move in with him.
19 Jan. 2006
Episode #17.11
Lorcan tries to comfort Carol but is overcome by guilt for his part in the hit. Kay takes Cleo back to work in the pub. She steals money from Kay and goes back to ransack Dolores' house, where she steals more cash and Joshua's iPod.
14 Feb. 2006
Episode #17.25
Dolores is distracted as it's the anniversary of baby Jessica's birth and near the time of her death. William books the same restaurant as Orla and McAleer, much to Orla's disgust. William feigns sickness and leaves Lauren on Valentine's night to be with June. Dermot is approached by party colleagues to run for general election. Jo is not enthusiastic at the proposition. Sue reminds Malachy it is Valentine's Day and she urges him to get something for Kay. Malachy offers to let Beth do her work experience at the shelter. Rita and June discuss the ownership of Hannah's ...
19 Feb. 2006
Episode #17.28
June catches William and Orla kissing in the office. Dermot tells Virgil that he's reconsidered and he will run in the general election. Kay is annoyed that Malachy has to meet Sue. Angela invites Ray on holiday with her. Ursula is happy that Dolores scares off neighbourhood kids.
28 Feb. 2006
Episode #17.33
Lauren has second thoughts about the abortion but William convinces her to have the procedure. Emer insists there's nothing wrong with her and wants to leave the hospital. McAleer rejects Christy's warning about entering into business with Bob. Niamh teases Orla about receiving a blank cheque from McAleer. Malachy reveals to Sue that he didn't spend much time with Kay on holiday. Emer asks Bob to bring Renee to visit her.
1 Mar. 2006
Episode #17.34
Lauren goes for her abortion. McAleer convinces Mannion to use his relationship with Emma as good publicity. Emer apologises to Renee for everything she and Bob did to her family. Malachy reluctantly agrees to go to a salsa dance class with Kay. Dermot announces his intention to run in the election. Jo is disappointed Dermot does not vocalise his support for the shelter. William and Lauren lie to Orla and McAleer that they were in Paris.
10 Dec. 2006
Episode #17.196
Charlie asks Terry if there could be any truth in Anthony's allegation. Terry tells him that it's possible. Sue calls around on behalf of the health board, to visit Sholeh and Hanni. The visit seems to go well. Heather and Brendan resolve their differences when she apologises and tells him that she knows she went too far with her research. Tim asks Declan to stay around until Christmas. He tells him that with him keeping Olga company during the day, and Tim keeping her company at night-time, she's bound to feel better soon. Olga tells Tim that she hasn't given Sergei ...
12 Dec. 2006
Episode #17.197
Tim unplugs the phone, so that Olga can't make any calls. He tells Declan it's because the recent nuisance calls have been upsetting her. Charlie talks to Anthony about his claim. He finds out that Annette knows, and asks Anthony to be discreet for TJ's sake. Olga realises that Tim has instructed Declan to watch her, when he insists on going to the corner shop with her. Dominic and Tracey return from their holiday. Dominic tries to persuade Kylie to go to a support group, but she's not interested. He says he won't rest until the rapist is caught. Barry gets the job as...
13 Dec. 2006
Episode #17.198
Charlie makes up a story and tells Anthony that TJ has a rare blood type, which is the same as Tony's. He tells him that there's no way he could be his father. After an altercation with Tim, Sergei calls to see Olga. Declan answers the door and tell him that she is unwell. He tells him that he'll let Tim know he called. Anthony discovers that Charlie lied to him about TJ's bloody type. He tells Annette, who tells him that if he really wants to pursue his claim, she'll help him. Dominic goes out walking the streets again, searching for the attacker. Tracey asks him not...
14 Dec. 2006
Episode #17.199
Barry interviews Dermot for the Northside Post about the recent attacks, and what the council is doing to keep the streets safe. Tim tells Leo that Sergei was calling making nuisance phone calls to his house. He tells him he had to disconnect the phone because of it. Charlie and Terry go to see a solicitor about Anthony's claims. They are advised to do a paternity test, but Terry tells Charlie that she's not doing one. After some persuasion from Dermot, Jo goes to the police to report the attack. Detective Byrne asks her if she'll come back in and look at some ...
17 Dec. 2006
Episode #17.200
Leo calls around to Tim when he doesn't show up at a meeting. He makes up an excuse about Olga being unwell, but Leo sees her peering out from behind a curtain as he goes to his car. Jo identified Collie, a known homeless man, to Detective Byrne as the man who attacked her. He tells him that a sexual attack wouldn't fit his profile, and it's likely he was just looking for money. Terry tries to tempt Anthony with alcohol, so that he might forget about his claim on TJ. It doesn't work, and he tells her that they should treat the matter like adults. Dominic quizzes Jo ...
19 Dec. 2006
Episode #17.201
Deegan questions Collie. He believes that he's not a rapist, and that when he attacked Jo, he was only looking for money. Enda arrives in Carrigstown, and breaks the news to Ursula that Linus has died. Brendan arrives over to Kellys and takes a swab from TJ and Anthony, to determine if Anthony is really TJ's father. Terry asks TJ not to tell Mags that the doctor tested him. Mags discovers that Terry was attacked. She berates Charlie for not telling her sooner. Charlie is consumed with guilt, know that he's keeping something else from her. Tim shows Olga a brochure for...
20 Dec. 2006
Episode #17.202
Olga tells Tim that she's unsure about moving out of Carrigstown. He tells her that they need to be away from interfering people, and that she has to learn not to rely on people so much. Leo discovers that Tim doesn't want Olga left alone in the house. He tells Lana, who finds it very strange, but Leo tells her it's not their place to interfere. Mags bumps into Anthony. Unaware of what's going on with TJ, she invites him around for Christmas dinner. Charlie is disgusted, but Mags is just amused by what she deems an over reaction. Leo calls around to see Tim. He makes ...
21 Dec. 2006
Episode #17.203
Charlie tells Terry that Mags has invited Anthony around for Christmas dinner. She tells him that she'll talk him out of it, somehow. Terry fails to persuade Anthony not to come to Christmas dinner. Slim complains to Tibbs about Dominic's constant interference with Kylie. He confides in him that Kylie was raped, and that's why Dominic is so protective. Tim brings Olga shopping and then to McCoys. He is in a very positive mood about the new house, but Olga just feels more trapped, as he arranges for Declan to bring her home. Declan leaves his mobile on the kitchen ...
24 Dec. 2006
Episode #17.204
Lana plays the message from Olga. She asks Leo to help her, but he tells her to stay out of it. Anthony calls around to Kellys and tells them that he's coming down with a bug, and won't be able to spend Christmas day with them. Leo tries to persuade Tim to come out for a few Christmas drinks with Olga. He tells him that they're business partners and that's it. Leo tells Lana that he and Tim have a lunch meeting, and that should give her enough time to go and see Olga. Beth and Pierce exchange presents in McCoys. Cleo looks on, feeling a little jealous.Lana calls ...
24 Dec. 2006
Episode #17.205
Tim continues to bang on the door, looking for Olga. Tim is furious, but Leo convinces him that he needs to give Olga space. Malachy and Sue plan to tell Beth about their relationship, until Beth invites Pierce over for Christmas dinner. Leo returns from work. Lana asks him about Tim. Leo reluctantly tells them that he's sitting outside in his car, but Leo has told him not to come in. Olga is worried. Mags bumps into Anthony on the street. He tells her that he doesn't want to lie to her, and when she wants to know what he's talking about, he tells her to ask Terry.
25 Dec. 2006
Episode #17.206
Tim spends the night outside Dowlings, in his car. Lana forces Leo to go out and tell him to go home. Leo tells him he has to leave Olga for a while, but Tim isn't very happy. Tim drunkenly makes his way to Dowlings and interrupts their dinner by banging on the door and shouting. Leo angrily tells him to leave or he'll call the cops. Mags discovers a card from Anthony to TJ under the Christmas tree. Terry eventually tells her about the possibility that he could be TJ's father. Dominic seizes an opportunity to go out on patrol again, directly after dinner. Tracey ...
26 Dec. 2006
Episode #17.207
Detective Sgt. Byrne tells Dominic that the rapist is very seriously injured. Leo calls around to see Tim. He worries when he sees the state of him and the house. Tim has obviously been drinking heavily and is clinging onto a hope that Olga might come back to him. Leo lies and tells Olga that Tim is coping well. Malachy and Sue discuss going public with their relationship, now that Beth is ok with it. Sue suggests he let people know that he and Kay have split up first. Dominic comforts Kylie as she tries to come to terms with the fact that she knew the person who ...
27 Dec. 2006
Episode #17.208
Detective Sgt. Byrne tells Barry that they've arrested someone for the assaults. He tells him, off the record, who it is, but that they haven't gotten conclusive evidence yet. Pierce asks Cleo to meet him. He tries to kiss her, but she asks him about Beth. He tells her that he'll sort it out. Cleo gives into temptation, and they kiss. Brendan calls around to Kellys to tell Anthony and Terry the results of the paternity test. Leo calls to see a devastated Tim. He tells him about their marriage being arranged over the Internet, but insists that he still loves her. ...
28 Dec. 2006
Episode #17.209
Beth bumps into Cleo and tells her that Pierce has dumped her. She tells her that she can't figure out what she's done wrong. Detective Sgt. Byrne tells Barry that they can now link the suspect with the previous assaults, and he's looking at a long stretch in prison. He tells him that he had previously been charged with similar crimes in England. Terry meets Anthony. He wants her to tell TJ the truth. She discusses with with Charlie and Mags, and agrees with Charlie that they should wait until TJ is older. Mags however, tells Terry that she has to take responsibility ...
31 Dec. 2006
Episode #17.210
Olga decides to go back to Tim. Leo thinks it's a great idea, but Sergei and Lana aren't convinced. Olga apologises to Sergei for leading him on, but he tells her it's OK, and that he still feels the same way about her. Dolores catches Pierce and Cleo kissing. She attempts to give Cleo advice, but Cleo ignores her. Dominic tells Kylie that he admitted to Ken that he was responsible for the attack on him. He tells Kylie that Ken agreed not to take it any further. As they ring in the new year in McCoys, Malachy and Sue kiss openly. Dolores watches, stunned. Malachy ...
14 Jan. 2006
Episode #18.8
Brendan feels awkward when he bumps into Jo talking to Deirdre and Heather in the Bistro. Orla is hired by Deirdre to do PR for her golf classic event. Orla worries however when she hears that Seamus McAleer is involved, and Deirdre wants Orla to meet him. Jo and Dermot get the news that Benjamin will be fine after the scalding incident. Gerry Wall encourages Mark to do some boxing training, which he really enjoys. Later Mark sees a website that the other school kids have set up slagging him off.

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