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Towards the end, when the Grinch is admitting to stealing Christmas, the sheriff's nightcap goes from in front of his shoulder to behind it in different shots.
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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Cindy Lou is at the Grinch's home for first time, she knocks on the door but the sound is different.


When the Grinch is rearranging the mail, a package falls on the ground. In the next shot the package is gone.
Just before the Grinch and Max return to the mountain through the pipe, Max is missing his collar. It's back on him after they arrive at the dump on the mountain.
When the Grinch is distributing letters to the people of Who-ville, he clearly only has two letters in his hand but he throws about 10 others into people's mail boxes.
When Martha May gives the engagement ring back to The Mayor, she holds the ring box out to him while he looks at the ring and her with his arms by his side. In the next shot, Martha May has her arms by her side while The Mayor is holding the ring box in both hands.
When the Grinch finished loading his sled, he had turned all the Christmas lights off. As he was trying to take off, all the lights were on, but his sled stalled. His second attempt of taking off all the lights were off again.
On the close up shots of Martha May using the Light Gun she is shaking with the gun. On the wide shots only the gun is shaking
At the point when the Grinch visits Who-ville, the color of his eyes changes from yellow to white occasionally.


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Plot holes 

The narrator says the Grinch's heart is two times too small, then later the Grinch checks and says it's down a size and a half, making it three and a half times too small. So then, even though his heart grows three sizes, it would still be half a size too small, and the Grinch would still be mean.

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