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Simply stunning!
Fiss29 October 1999
Finally, after long last, I have managed to watch the End of Evangelion. It was worth any wait.

Those not familiar with the series will have no clue what's happening, so you should at least watch the first 24 episodes. End of Eva takes place as an alternative to the last 25 and 26th episodes. It may sound confusing, but trust me, if you just sit back and enjoy the ride, everything makes sense...even if not right away.

The final Angel has been killed. The 'hero' of the story, Shinji Ikari, now regrets doing it, as he was the only person who seemed to ever like him for who he was. But there is no time to lament on personal demons, as the shadowy puppet masters in SEELE have set the final stage of their plan in motion.

The dreaded Third Impact.

What's even more surprising is that the entire series shows one, giant plan to actually SPEED ALONG the Third Impact, as it could lead Humanity to it's next evolutionary step.

And so, Humanity will now rely on a weak savior who may or may not lead humanity to it's oblivion. A hero who must first fight his own inner dragons, and come to terms with life, and love from himself and from others.

As a response to the public outcry that the last 2 episodes were someone strange and had no "Mecha Combat", the End of Eva has enough of both combat, AND philosophical scenes. A strange, but wonderful mix.

Asuka's fight against 9 Evas is absolutely the most STUNNING visual fight sequence I have ever seen. The energy and awesome scope of the battle is impossible to convey through words alone.

Though Asuka's character is as flawed as Shinji's, she finds redemption in this movie. Again, an amazing testimony of the Human Spirit and our will to live.

The emotional impact of this movie is also quite amazing. It brings reality and the mind to question, and asks us if being individuals is better than being a whole. Is life just a dream, and can we ever be Gods of our own Reality? Those who have watched the last two episodes of the series will see instances where the movie and episodes combine and compliment each other.

Finally, the animation is wonderful. Creepy and breathtaking. Powerfully deep, but also amazing on the physical conflict level as well. This movie is EASILY a match for Akira and is an instant classic.

Watch it with an open mind, and be prepared to be stunned. Be ready to question yourself. Be ready to use your mind in ways you may have not before. This is truly the End, and I wouldn't want it any other way.
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The Magnus Opus of anime
etg170119 March 2006
I am at a loss for words to describe this work. It does for anime what Beethoven's 9th or Wagner's Ring cycle did for classical music. End of Evangelion combines intense action with emotional drama superbly. A number of scenes depicting graphic violence and sexual content will probably bother some viewers. These scenes, however, serve to underscore the themes of the movie for the most part.

The animation is excellent and the music is great (and features a number of nice works by Bach) and the symbolism is truly rich and elaborate, involving many elements of Christianity and Judaism as the entire series is sort of a take on the Apocalypse. However, as many have already mentioned, watching the anime series before hand is necessary to even remotely understand what is going on.
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The best movie ever.
Vegeta-211 April 1999
Never before has a movie put me through so many emotions. Anger, joy, fear, depression, hope, all flowed through me as the epic film unfolded before me. I was left emotionally wrung out the first time I watched it, and my view of life has been changed forever because of it. Just be warned, if you haven't seen all the TV episodes, you will be totally lost by this movie. Oh, and hope you haven't developed too much of an emotional attachment to the characters.
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stanteau28 April 2001
Warning: Spoilers
Going into this movie I had just finished the EVA series and was mentally drained.The first part,Air,left me totally stunned visually and emotionally.All my favorite characters were dying!Than came End of EVA ............Shinji's scream epitomizes the entire movie.It delves into the deepest,darkest human emotion and experience.From the amazing choking scene to the heart drenching "Farewell mother" scene EoE is perfect.I rewatched Kaoru and Rei's speech 3 times in a row.And Yui's advice to Shinji left me in complete tears.As the credits rolled there I sat,tears strolling down my eyes,wide eyed,with my mouth wide open.

People complain that it made no sense and they are an extent.EoE makes you create your own movie.It is very mental as to what is happening.But what everyone (even Asuka) says to Shinji is so......deep and profound.....I will never see anything more meaningful,artistic,or emotional for as long as I live.
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Art direction can define a movie!
redskindav10 July 2009
" How Disgusting" the last line of the movie may be in the minds of must viewers who see this film. This being an alternate ending to the post modern epic TV series Neon Genesis Evangelion. But although many viewers will probably leave either the theaters or their living room confused and dumbfounded this film is a great alternate conclusion to the TV series. The thing that makes this movie perfect is the fact that although one may not understand the details and significant plot points in the movie one can just marvel at the art direction and stunningly beautiful backgrounds present throughout the film. I myself am confused on some points of the film and the series but that does not harden my outlook on this film. Many hardcore fans have the luxury of understanding the plot and connecting the significance of each character to one another. I am glad that Anno gave us an ending that most fans agree is better than the TV ending. I think this film is a treat for all viewers and is one of the best anime movies i have ever seen. Even if one has not seen the anime TV series before, one can just marvel at the spectacular visuals displayed throughout the film and more importantly knowing the plot of the film is just a treat that adds to the films perfection. Overall even though this film leaves us a lot of questions the opportunity to find those answers makes this film and this film experience a reward for film watchers everywhere.

Direction: 10/10 Art: 10/10 Acting: 10/10 Plot: 10/10 Sound: 10/10 Writing: 10/10 Overall: 10/10
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If i were to choose between my wife and this movie i would choose this movie
neon_genisis_85 November 2005
An epic series like Neon Genesis Evangelion comes to a close with the final installment, End of Evangelion. A masterpiece like Neon Genesis Evangelion should have an ending to live up to the show's greatness. End of Evangelion delivers and finally puts an end to the well told but complex story of Evangelion. With all the Angels defeated will SEELE be able to pull off its underlying ultimate plan? Will End of Evangelion bring the demise of the lovable characters of Evangelion? End of Evangelion starts off with the invasion of NERV as order by the secretive organization SEELE. SEELE is trying to seize EVA Unit 01 so they can start the Third Impact and realize their plans. The fate of mankind lies in Shinji Ikari who has psychologically given up at the start of the movie because of certain choices he makes. Meanwhile Asuka is being tormented because of her mother's death in the past.

The movie has some of the best animating I have seen in an anime movie. The animation is fluid and smooth. It is very well done by I.G. Productions (who did Ghost in the Shell and FLCL) and GAINAX Studios. Although I am a fan of the original Japanese cast, the English dub of this movie is one of the best dubs I have ever heard in an anime movie. The sound quality is amazing on the DVD, boasting 5.1 Dolby Digital EX Surround Sound in both English and Japanese. The DVD also includes a bonus commentary track with the voice actors and actresses; led by the voice actress who does Rei's voice in the English dub. It offers a lot of insight into the movie.

The story the movie follows is brilliant. Many fans of the series who were disappointed with the final two episodes of Evangelion; most think that End of Evangelion is an alternative ending. End of Evangelion tells the same story that episodes 25 and 26 but in the way the creators of the series originally wanted it. A great team like the one who made Evangelion would not change their artistic vision to meet the demands of lack luster fans. Director Hideaki Anno does an excellent in telling the story of the movie that puts Evangelion to a close.

End of Evangelion only falls short in one aspect. Many fans of the movie find it confusing and do not get the full point of the movie. They are disappointed in End of Evangelion because they lack understanding of the story. But this is not End of Evangelion's fault. The movie does an excellent job of telling the story and any fan who wants insight into this movie should watch it with the commentary and read the synopsis. I rather not hand anyone the answers but let them take it upon themselves to go out to find them. Once fans understand everything that is happening in the movie, they will see why it is such a masterpiece.

The movie End of Evangelion is one of the best movies ever created; it is second to none. The movie is excellent, the story development is incredible and the characters are brilliant. End of Evangelion is a true work of genius and deserves a perfect rating.
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An impressive ending to an excellent series
DX Garten18 June 2000
This is an impressive ending to the excellent Evangelion saga. Everything that you thought should be in the last two episodes but were not there is here from massacre to evisceration. This film, however, is not totally different from the last two episodes. It basically shows what happened in real life before and while Shinji performs his self-assessment in episode 25 and 26. Many of the scenes that are shown vaguely in the two episodes are clarified in this film (for example, the Misato and Ritsuko scenes).
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this is the end
neon4711 May 2005
A precaution one might want to take before viewing this is: if one HASN'T seen the series they are NOT going to get this. And even if one has seen the series they still might not get all of this, but that's the beauty of Anno's masterpiece Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion. This alternate ending to the series was released after fans complained about the series original ending. If you've seen the original ending you already know that the actual "ending" analyzes the characters Shinji, Rei, Asuka, and Misato. While episode 26 of the original series is a complete fixation on Shinji, everything that happens in that episode still happens to him in the last part of this. Only his decision reverses. This shows a much more dramatic and extended version of Episodes 25 and 26 however, and answers a lot of the questions that were left at the end of the series and does a great job generating new ones. If you're a fan of the original series then this is a must see because it's way better than the original ending.
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Absolutely Amazing, My life is now complete
Manga_Man2 September 2000
Being a fan of both Evangelion and Anime in general, this movie was the best I've ever seen. It takes the form of two episodes and serves as an alternate ending to the series. Everything about this piece amazed me, from the brilliant animation, to the subtle and deep storyline, to the feeling of dramatic climax the series was building up to in the first place. I have to say that Hideaki Anno managed to play my emotions like an instrument, and the effect is never lessened, no matter how many times I watch it.
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It'll make you cheer, it'll make you cry, it'll make you seek psychological help.
bmyatt_uk26 November 2003
Warning: Spoilers

EoE is probably the ultimate ending to an anime series. Neon Genesis Evangelion is the greatest anime series of all time in my opinion, and although the ending was confusing, it was still pretty happy.

End of Evangelion is NOT happy. lets get that straight right from the start. Anno was pressurised into making this series by the fans, who werent exactly kind about it, and, in the words of Amanda Winn-Lee (the voice of rei ayanami and the director of the English Language version) the whole movie is one big f*** you to those fans. oh, Anno gave them everythig they wanted, alright, but not in the WAY they wanted.

We get all the revelations about the characters pasts and relationships. although the scene of Shinji Masturbating over a Comatose Asuka is fairly disturbing, it goes some way to illustrating the state of mind Shinji is in at the start of the movie. to use his own words he is "So f***ed up."

and thats the core of EoE. Shinji is in such and emotionally shattered condition - he has just been forced to kill his friend in Kaworu, Misato and Rei have become so distant they scare him, and Asuka is in a coma, so Shinji is at so low a level as to be open to precisly waht the shadowy group SEELE wants to do with him.

and they want to initiate third impact. yeah, great idea.

so, what funn stuff do you get for your hard earned cash? well, you get Asuka coming back from her coma in a blaze of light, destroy the JSSDF, and shredding a load of mass-produced evangelions in 3-1/2 minutes. you get Shinji finally resolving his own emotional turmoil, and you get all the characters going "SPLAT!" literally.

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The deepest film I've ever seen
maxyg185 August 2007
This is the official ending for the saga, meaning the last two episodes weren't after the mass disappointment from many of the fans of the NEON GENESIS EVANGELION TV series. This time, we now take-off where episode 24 left us, where we find Shinji in a traumatised state after killing the final Angel and Asuka in a coma. The soldiers of SEELE and the 9 new Eva units created by SEELE have been sent to attack NERV, whilst Gendou Ikari tries to bring Third Impact into the world with the help of Rei. Nothing is able to stop Third Impact, except for mankind's only hope, which is in the hands of the disturbed Shinji Ikari so he can bring an end to the destruction. Can Shinji save the world in the final battle of mankind or will the world be turned back to nothing? When I saw this, I was blown away. It was absolutely impossible for me to look away from the screen, even after sitting through the end credits, I was just sitting there with tears rolling down my cheeks and thinking of nothing, except for what I just saw. It was also really hard to put the DVD back in its case after finishing the NEON GENESIS EVANGELION saga with this film. It was so sad to see the series end like this, yet it was so good to see the series end like this. The soundtrack was even more haunting than any of the songs played in the TV series, especially songs like 'Komm, Susser Tod' and 'Thanatos - If I Can't be Yours'. The dialogue was excellent, including the conversations between Shinji and the people he cared for. The battle scene between Asuka and SEELE's 9 Eva units is very bloody but beautiful as well (sorry to sound like psycho). It was also really sad (for the EVANGELION fans that is) to see a lot of the characters who we got know and care for a long time in the TV series, see them for the last time on the screen.

This film can really make you ask questions to yourself like 'will we be reborn after we die?', 'would everything be better if humanity ended and then reborn?', 'is destruction really a bad thing?' etc.

NEON GENESIS EVANGELION: THE END OF EVANGELION is without a doubt, the deepest film I've ever seen and probably ever will see and thankfully there is not going to be a sequel to this film, and that's the way it should be.

Thank you so much Hideaki Anno for giving us the proper end to this awesome saga.
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fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice ...
Charles Herold (cherold)24 August 2012
I admit it; it's my own fault. Having had mixed feelings about the Neon Evangelion series, which became increasingly perplexing and offered nothing like a real ending, I should have just let it go. But no, I had to watch this movie to try and get some answers.

And yes, there are some answers here and there, but they are often confused half-answers, and motivations are still perplexing. There is also never an explanation to how Shinji has the significance he has in the end, although the idea of the Destined One is so powerful that even though he's never described that way I imagine people will take it for that.

The movie is basically set up as the final two episodes of the series. The first episode is very action packed, which is not at all like the series. In fact, one of the things I liked about the series was that it eschewed the mecha-battle-of-the-week approach in favor of studying the psychology of its characters. But in the first half of the movie there is mainly action and little psychology or character development.

The second half basically does exactly what the final two, famously unsatisfying episodes of the series did; it goes into Shinji's head and talks about his fears.

I appreciate that the writer was aiming for something more than a sci-fi fantasy tale, and that his real goal was to explore loneliness and unhappiness. But it is possible to do both, and offering half a story and then wandering into the mind is not the way to do that.

But of course, that's exactly what happened in the series. I hoped it would be different, because the director said much of what happened at the series end had to do with time and money constraints, but that now looks to be a lie. This is what he wanted to do. And some people love it. But for me it just didn't work.
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the answers to all your problems
dopefishie21 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
WARNING: This is nothing but SPOILERS!!!!

Anno had planned to made this untoppable ending from the very beginning, not because fans sent him death threats. In episode 25 of the series there are scences that forshadow exactly how misato and ritsko die in EoE. He had planned this from the beginning. why? b/c Anno is a genius.

I actually liked the ending to the series more than the one in EoE. The series was a benevolent, happy, empowering ending, and EoE was just a depressing, hopeless and insane ending. What made the series ending so good was that it was a self-help guide to how to take control of your life and love yourself for who you are. Anno wanted to teach his audience that they could love themselves and be happy about their life no matter what. He gives step by step instructions and walks the audience through their own mind. That is why the last scence of the entire series ends with "Thanks to all the Children." The children are the audience that sat down and viewed the entire series and now understand how to be happy with their lives. Anno is helping people that might be depressed in their life to see that you are the one in control of your life and you can be happy if you will yourself to. Anno boosted the self-esteem and empowered every person who understood the ending to the series and thats why he thanks the "children" for attending his self-help video seminar. It was a terrific public service to teach people how to love themselves, and I personally think he should recieve the noble peace prize or at least some kind of award for all the lives he changed.

EoE was very different than the series ending. There were similar psychological elements laced throughout the movie but on the whole the tone and atmosphere and underlining messages were completely different. Anno must have been going through some disturbing times in his life when he made this movie. Its so different from the series that it is hard to believe that it came from the same person. and that is what makes Anno a genius. He thinks outside the box.

there is no box.


best movie/series/concept/anything ever.
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An animated sci-fi horror action movie that also comments on anime culture
tapio_hietamaki2 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Watching anime has always carried with it a social stigma: it is something for geeks, manchildren and perverts, not well-adjusted individuals. Of course there is the family-friendly, largely accepted anime of Hayao Miyazaki, and the teen-oriented action shows like Fullmetal Alchemist or Naruto, which are widely regarded as acceptable for the mainstream. But beyond that anime has a lot of unfortunate, 'problematic' tendencies. Anime idolizes cutesy and innocent girls in a sexual way, and in general treats women as sex objects, it has nonsensical, zany humor that seems infantile or incomprehensible to those encountering it for the first time, it is violent and graphic and often carries no 'message' for the audience, no lesson about inclusivity and solidarity. Anime fans also tend to get obsessed about anime. It seems to be addictive by its nature, drawing audiences in fantasy fulfillment and escapism, making them neglect 'real life' duties. Otaku culture is a big problem in Japan and is shunned by many anime creators, notably by Miyazaki himself.

Which brings me to Neon Genesis Evangelion. Evangelion is often hailed as a deconstruction of the mecha anime genre, in this context meaning that it took a popular anime genre and did something different with it, examined how it worked and what made it tick, took it apart and assembled the parts into something new. Evangelion gained a rabid following and merchandise relating to the show is still super popular 20 years after it was on air. This is largely because the anime introduced popular female characters that otakus love to moon over: Rei and Asuka. Both of these characters, one mysterious and submissive and the other so-called 'tsundere' meaning she's willful and antagonistic but still in love with the protagonist, are endlessly copied in other anime. (Asuka's character is partly based on the title character in Nadia, an earlier anime by Hideaki Anno.) Neon Genesis Evangelion the TV show ran out of funds before its conclusion, forcing its creator Anno to come up with two ending episodes that infamously feature hardly any animation and are ambiguous and introspective. A few years later this feature film was produced to make up for the ending: The End of Evangelion. I expect that fans of the show were waiting for it excitedly - they were finally going to know for sure what actually happened to their beloved characters. But as the psychological and surrealistic undertones of the TV show hinted, this was a story that was less about the 'what actually happened' and more about the expectations of the audience, subversion of genre and introspection, and the feature movie The End of Evangelion was no exception.

The End of Evangelion does tell the story - the literal story, not just what happened in protagonist Shinji's head. But the story might not be to the liking of fans. I don't know if Hideaki Anno purposefully wanted to insult his otaku audience and mock the entire anime culture, but it sure seems like it. The movie begins with Shinji masturbating to a comatose Asuka, a clear message on how disgusting it is to project sexual fantasies on a character that represents a vulnerable 14-year-old girl. The movie kills off every single one of the female characters that otakus love, and it does it in very frustrating ways. One survives a 12-against-1 battle only to find out that the enemies are actually undefeatable and the whole battle was a waste of time. She is eaten alive. One is blown to bits, another is shot offscreen, some are turned into orange jelly (though fans will be quick to point out that this represented only the death of their bodies, not their souls), and one grows into an alien giantess before decomposing and falling apart, her gargantuan pieces littering the landscape. And it also turns out that she was actually a clone of the protagonist's mother. (This we already knew from the TV show so it's not like we came into the movie expecting it to be another run-of-the-mill teen action adventure.) It is a brave endeavor, one that doesn't really care about what people think, concerned only with the vision of its creator. It's relentless, merciless and uncompromising. It makes no concessions - it doesn't even feature the iconic theme song of the TV show. And above all it is beautiful. It is animated smoothly, the giant robots move with the weight they deserve, the colors and compositions are expertly crafted and there are many images that will stay with you in your daydreams and nightmares and that you will come across on the Internet message boards several times. The voice actors do a chillingly good job - the shrieks are so horrible that I don't know if I ever heard anything as moving in any horror movie. I haven't seen the English dub so I can't comment on its quality.

The End of Evangelion is a robot action movie, and a good one, and it is a psychological movie, and a horror movie, and a science fiction movie, but it is also more than that. It manages to also be a commentary on anime itself, the state of the industry and the culture surrounding it. But it is also a look into the mind of the individual. At its heart it concentrates on why people do these things, why we become obsessed, alienated, violent, and the answers are found in the mechanics of the mind, and The End of Evangelion shines a light into the dark reaches of the human psyche.
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Almost 20 years?
urthpainter13 July 2016
Like all instant classics, End of Evangalion has aged well. One of the most impactful movies put before my eyes. Disturbing, nightmarish, haunting and beautifully poetic, End of Evangelion is the gold standard for how to end an Anime series. Hideaki Anno's masterpiece, and one of my all time favorite films.

This sites 'Did you know?' section is absolute must for any fan, and reads more like an insiders look at Apocalypse Now or a Robert Altman film. Clearly a labor of love, far more than the sum of its parts - everyone involved clearly poured their life essence into their respective obligations.

Understatement? To say this isn't for everyone! But those who make their way through the series, do their homework, and understand what this film fulfilled will be rewarded with emotions they didn't know they had. So good it hurts, and will indoctrinate one completely into the adult animated world that only can be accomplished by Japanese culture. Thank Goodness for Anime!

Glad to revisit: 10 out of 10
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Psychodramas are Interesting and not Common Enough
Real7831 March 2009
Everyone has a film or television show they've seen which causes for them to curse at the screen, wishing that they could rank their favorite of films something higher than a ten, because it has such a godliness to it which makes it far greater than anything believable by man!

'Neon Genesis Evangelion' (my respect for that name and it's franchise dose not change that it is a real mouthful); it is my favorite anime, and it is the only film and series where that all applies to me. It is my favorite television series and the film sequel of it, 'The End of Evangelion', is my favorite animated film. In a brief review of 'Akira' I had posted some time ago (under the different user name of Real77), I had written how I consider 'End of Evangelion' and 'Ghost in the Shell (the film)' the greatest of anime films; 'End of Eva' is my favorite of animated films, and that the movie has such a small rating (currently) on IMDb astounds me, though, I understand that, because anime is still obscure enough that such a movie like THIS can be overlooked, animated films (which are not 'End of Eva') from the United States (particularly) which are targeted for children and which will continue making the mainstream idea of animation something targeted towards children, will be the films with the better rankings. Why; because anime is so obscure and not known (as I had said), while 'WALL-E' is 'oh so cute' / 'so realistic and so three-dimensional' / 'so Pixar and so advertised well, and so not foreign.'. Not all anime films have been neglected by American critics and more mainstream audiences ('Spirited Away' was, indeed, a fantastic film, though it is far more a Disney film than 'End of Eva' and most anime series), but 'Spirited Away' is not my favorite animated film, though 'End of Eva' is not a perfect film in any sort of way.

I'll try explaining the film without spoiling any of it. It is not a 'stand-alone film' and no person could appreciate the film unless they had seen the twenty-six episode series firstly. 'End of Eva' is as the title says; it serves as the show's closer and it depicts the end of the world, and then it depicts the rebirth of the human race. The film begins before when the series ends (the last two episodes of the series take place probably after the first scene where Shinji is featured and then throughout the first half until when Shinji regains his psyche). The rest of what happens after the first half is up to you for interpolation, humble viewer of the film (because this film is difficult to understand if you haven't the care to figure it out, though there is nothing too confusing in it to out-weird something like 2001's ending). As the title of my comment reads, the franchise is a psychodrama, where the central conflict of the story is about why Shinji pilots the Evangelion and not really about if he can pilot the thing or if he can defeat the Angels; the film's central conflict is of Shinji trying to understand what makes him happy and by what means he can achieve happiness.

The artwork in the show was never amazing, though the film has a nice detail to it's art that the series lacked, because of budget-cuts. The score is fits well with everything going on about in the film ('Komm Susser Todd' is the most depressing and yet hopeful song I've heard in a long while) and the adding of classical pieces is a nice touch also.

That this film has such a small ranking really amaze me, but you can change that members of IMDb. Watch the series and this film...please...because few films have had such an fullness and effect upon me as this movie.

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Nothing like i have ever watched before
Mink_Chan10 May 2001
This is the best anime movie i have ever watched. The series was also the same...just simply amazing. It's not only the best anime but also the best...thing! It's deep, thought provoking, philosophical, interesting and many other adjectives that add up to one comment..if you haven't watched NG Eva, you haven't watched anime. Or anything else for that matter. It is simply not meccha robots fighting angels and the teenage angst of 3, 14 year old kids..everyone seems to have problems and all of them cannot be solved easily...therefore you are forced to take a journey into the depths of the human mind realise that not everything is as simple as it seems...just watch it.
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Beautiful animation... Ugly movie
Max Prodanov9 March 2009
I'll put this as simply and as helpfully as possible for all the people who haven't seen this yet. Do you want to get depressed? If "yes", watch this movie, if "no", don't. That's it. The End of Evangelion is a quick fix of instant despair. I myself am in no particular hurry to start cutting my veins, hence the low score I'm giving this movie. It's ugly, depressing and way too long for the short story it tells.

Now, Evangelion the series deteriorated pretty fast over the last few episodes, but nothing can ever prepare you for the tidal wave of misery that's "End of Evangelion". All the characters that were once even remotely cheerful and positive have now been turned into borderline insane freaks wallowing in despair, misery and sin. The awkward philosophy behind the movie doesn't help either. The point is that mankind has so many sins that it's better to scrap everything and accept the loving God who will make it all better (Jesus no doubt, with all the crosses that are being shoved in your face during the movie). What a positive picture, too bad it was all illustrated with the grace of a snuff film.

Japan's suicide rate actually skyrocketed in 1997 after the movie was made, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was a link between the two. One IMDb user stated that after seeing this movie, his life was complete. For God's sake, man, don't do it!

It's really odd that many people actually believe this movie is "deep" or "thought-provoking". There's really nothing thought-provoking about a painfully long spectacle of human downfall and suffering, sprinkled with pseudo-philosophical ramblings on the meaning of life. This is an actual quote from the film: "I still don't know where my happiness lies, I'll still think about why I'm here and whether or not it was good to come back, but that's just stating the obvious over and over. I am myself." Wow, deep. To sum up the actual story, everything basically revolves around the drama and tragedy of the main characters who are suffering from not being loved by anyone (except by God, of course). NERV is being attacked and Shinji has to decide whether he wants to help out or not. Brilliant. 2/10.
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Great visuals, but frustrating 'plot'
Widdly Scudlemans31 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When I first starting NGE I was instantly hooked by the possibilities that this show presented. Giant robots fighting each other? Awesome! But as the series continued, things got worse. Much worse. The action scenes were replaced by long conversations about emotions, the feeling of excitement became like a distant memory. The plot became so caught up in its own meaningless definitions of mankind.

And then came the ending of the show.

If you're hoping that the movie might be different like I was, don't be fooled. The characters are still painful to watch, with Shinji whining more in this movie than in his whole career as 'teenager voted most likely to commit suicide by the end of the year'. I get that he's supposed to be this depressed kid, unsure whether he wants to save mankind or punish it. But please, give him one entertaining quality, like being really good at whistling. Something. Please.

As for the other characters, Asuka is the only one I really enjoyed. Just like the rest of the movie, the animation is the only redeeming element. Her fight scene was animated beautifully, with matching violence and everything that I wanted from robots beating the life out of each other.

So, if you're looking to become frustrated with a plot that tries much too hard at being deep, and characters that make you want to claw your eyes out, I'd definitely recommend this movie to you. Otherwise, stay far away from this movie.

p.s: is the movie only getting such high ratings because of the giant, floating 'plot' points towards the end?
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Spacetree8 October 2005
I have so many mixed feelings about this film. First off, I'll say that before watching this movie, I had only seen a few scattered episodes of the series. So, other than base recognition of the characters and plot, I really didn't have much knowledge of NGE lore. So, I realize that I might not be the expert on pretentious mecha animes. But, let's start this off slowly: The Plot. The plot was actually great. It flowed smoothly at first, and even if you hadn't seen the show, it was enjoyable to watch. If there was anything against it, it seemed a bit rushed. And now I know why. The best part of the movie was the first 30 minutes. From there it went down hill. I mean, man. What happened? In exchange for plot, the rest of the movie degenerated into overly complex, aimless philosophical blathering. Stuff happened, people talked, and Shinji screamed 50 times. Oh, and there were metaphors of Christianity. Then it ended just as abruptly as it degenerated into madness.

And what was with the scene that showed people in the movie theater after the long section of convoluted flashbacks and a pointless montage? Ugh, I almost cut the movie off at that point. It had done a complete 360 from the beginning.

Now, I can appreciate what was trying to be done with this film. It was trying to be artistic while simultaneously wrapping up the series. But Christ almighty, you can't sacrifice substance for artistic value: the two things go together. This movie had so much potential, and fizzled out so badly.

Pretentious, sluggish, and aimless. A fantastic disappointment.
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"I feel terrible" too, Asuka!
psiekier4 August 1999
I can imagine some pretty bad endings. The "alternate ending" to Army of Darkness, for example, was terrible. End of Evangelion has that beat hands down. It was worse than Knights. It was worse than Beastmaster II. It was so bad, I just wanted to turn it off, but I watched the whole thing just to see if it would get better. It didn't.

I loved Neon Genesis Evangelion the series. It was great - second only to Bubblegum Crisis, in fact. But I just can't forgive such a horrible ending. It was just really, really bad! I can recommend this film only so you can have closure and stop wondering what happens to all the characters.
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Touching ending to a good series
smirre4419 July 2002
I don't get those people who say this was a lousy ending to Evangelion. I think it was a perfect ending to it. If you've only seen the original 26 episodes of NGE, you -must- watch EoE. It can be watched as a replacement for episode 25/26 or you can watch it in addition to them. But whatever you do, don't ignore End of Evangelion, it would be a mistake!
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This movie went way to far!
trip_taylor200119 March 2003
This is one of them Anime movies that every Anime fan wants you to watch because its so unique. but The movie goes way too far with its plot and meaning that it becomes ridiculous, even stupid. Whatever message these people see I guess I don't see it. Because its filled with to much stuff, that it stops being a movie and becomes a test on whether or not you can understand the message this man is trying to get across. And even then there is no hope because the creator doesn't even know what it means

Direct Quote

"This show is about your questions and your answers so go find the meaning its whatever you think it is."

The show idea was lost to me and for 26 episodes and two movies its too much for the average Anime fan to understand if you need to see go see it! but it comes with alot of baggage. HEAR ME!
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battling seizure robots
nickthegun20 February 2003
I know its one of the major points of the series, Shinji is a ‘normal' boy with severe emotional problems, but I after watching Death and Rebirth all I wanted to do was trap his head in a vice and thrash it with a golf club. He is, without a doubt, the single most annoying character I have ever witnessed. Obviously cowardice and several other character flaws are major plot points, but they were so overplayed it became stupid. Dragging a catatonic Shinji to pilot the EVA or his fit when he finally gets out there just made me angry.

Having said that, though, there was more good than bad in EOE. The siege was terrific. There was a real tension when the HQ was being stormed. I loved Asuka's fight with the Production EVA's (although the constant references to her mother became a bit wearing). The conclusion was interesting if a little overwrought and it was, stylistically speaking, spectacular. If a little ‘Battling Seizure Robots' at the end (the images flashed by so fast im surprised I didn't swallow my tongue)

Really, my only major problems with EOE are my basic problems with the genre as a whole. The dialogue often has the subtlety of a sledgehammer and plot points are often unnecessarily laboured. Like I said, Asuka's ‘Moootheeer, can you see me?!?!?!' was grateing and obvious and Gendo's obsession with his wife became a bit of a chore.

Don't get me wrong, though. I am a huge fan of the genre. And this is a pretty good entry. It is spectacular, well animated and often thought provoking. I suspect a little of the impact is lost in viewing it from a Christian standpoint (being predominantly Buddhist, the vast array of Christian ‘mythology' presented in the film would have been unfamiliar to Japanese audiences) but that's no big deal.
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