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I enjoyed this film...

Author: dc_rusty from New Jersey
12 July 2004

Singer, Leanna Taylor, is in a comfortable rut; touring with her band, singing at the same places and living with her manager of 15 years, who, as the movie unfolds, is seen to be a manipulating father figure.

Into this mix a couple of new elements are added; a new band member who sees her genuine talent with fresh eyes, word that her father (whom she hasn't seen in 25 years) has died, and a talent scout spots her and relights a hope of going the next step in her career.

With flash backs that explain her personal history, she finds herself moving away from the her safe place and opening her eyes to what maybe out there for her now, if she's willing to take the chance. The music is delightful, the acting is believable. The ending is not a disappointment to the romantic hearted.

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Hi this is Joe Tinoco...thanks for the great comments!!!!!!

Author: joetam1 ( from Nashville TN.
11 March 2001

I just happened upon this site while surfing the web and WOW what a surprise to see comments about little ol me!! I had a fantastic time acting next to some of the best actors in the Biz! The crew...director...producers ...and Dolly...were all so nice and helpful! I had a ball!!! They definitely need more movies like this on tv. Maybe next time.....I can stay covered! haha!!! See ya, Joe Tinoco

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Dolly pulls off a complicated character beautifully.

Author: kharabear97 from United States
2 June 2006

I just saw this movie and thought it was great! I really liked the chemistry between Dolly and Billy Dean. I believe it was the best work Dolly has done to date. Kudos to her for stepping out of her comfort zone in comedy to do something a little more dramatic. The character of Leeana is really complicated because of her history, and Dolly pulled it off beautifully. In fact, each of the characters in the movie were well played by the actors chosen to play them. I couldn't believe that this was a made for T.V. movie. It was really well done in all aspects the location, costumes, writing and directing. I liked that the script gave just enough information when it was needed, so the audience was able to go on the healing journey with Leeana and live her "aha" moments with her. I love movies that inspire and empower, and this one does both.

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Excellent story, cast and music

Author: maryhemus ( from North Carolina
10 May 2001

I am a fan of Joe's and his performance in this movie was great. I am sure Dolly knew something was very special about him when she picked him for this movie - she knows how difficult this business is and the movie reflects the life of someone 'paying their dues'. Joe has talent and I do believe with his continued hard work and don't give up attitude he will become a bigger "star". No matter what, he is a superstar now - we all know that for sure. Really great plot on movie and I look forward to seeing it again. critic in North Carolina

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We enjoyed the movie and would like to see Joe Tinoco in More movies, he is very magnaetic, Dolly was great. Love it.

Author: yrtnuoc ( from Kansas
8 March 2001

We enjoyed the movie and would like to see Joe Tinoco in More movies, he is very magnetic/multi-talented.... . Loved it. Sort of a strange part Joe played, if you knew him, it would freak ya out, he is so shy. but a great and talented hard working kid. Dolly was great!! Dolly is fantastic and she has worked hard to become the legend she will remain! Great cast. Hope to see more good Country Movies on Lifetime TV, can you tell we are Country Fans? Thank You Barb

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At least Dolly Parton was in it (as a redhead!); good music

Author: vchimpanzee
24 August 2003

Leanna Taylor is a country singer whose backup band is the Blue Valley Ramblers. At the opening, she is late for a performance, as usual, because she just had to read People's Digest. She charms her way out of a traffic ticket, and then arrives just in time for one of many good performances.

Among the problems: a phone call with terrible news from Leanna's mother, who hasn't contacted her in years. And the band needs new material. And Thelma, the pregnant wife of one of the band members, can't stand having her husband leave her (he might find someone else just like he found her). But this struggling band has to travel. And the biggest problem of all: band manager Hank has been Leanna's boyfriend for many years but he is controlling and won't commit. Bobby writes a duet for himself and Leanna and ...

Flashbacks of Leanna's early life are shown throughout the movie. She sings (make that lip-syncs) in church as a young girl, and she must deal with an abusive and overprotective father.

The movie started off fine. There was some comedy, such as Thelma's constant phone calls, and Leanna having to share a motel room with all the male band members except the one chosen to sleep in the car. Things started going downhill, though. I hoped the movie would get better when Leanna visited her hometown of Blue Valley. It did to some extent, but overall, I wasn't that happy.

The biggest reason to watch this movie was Dolly herself. She almost always plays herself in her movies. And this was true here. Leanna was charming and compassionate but had a temper. I liked seeing Leanna when she was happy, but this movie was hard to watch when she was mad or crying. I'm not saying anything was wrong with her performance; I just like seeing Dolly happy.

Of course, it's the music that makes the movie worth watching. Dolly is quite talented as a singer, whether doing mainstream country that appeals to a large audience, or old-time music that Leanna wants to do but shouldn't risk because it's not really what the audience wants. The band was good too. And there was a really good quartet called The Dobsons that performed 'Amazing Grace' at Leanna's church.

If I have to pick actors that gave good performances, I would say the woman who played Ruby, who ran the club where Leanna performed the most, and the man who played Leanna's pastor.

It wasn't a bad movie. But Dolly Parton has done better.

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Blue Valley Songbird

Author: ( from Indiana
3 April 2001

Hey watched the movie and recorded it also. We have watched it a couple more times and enjoy it more each time we watch it. Joe is a great actor and would like to see him in more movies. Dolly is still as beautiful ever. She is still a great singer. Joe get to working on some of your songs and make them into a movie, so the whole world can see and hear you.

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Let's see more of Joe Tinoco in films.

Author: flo-4 from Granbury, Texas
2 April 2001

I thoroughly enjoyed this film and was pleasantly surprised at the appearance of my favorite guy, Joe Tinoco, whom I have always admired as a country singer but never knew he had this hidden talent of dancing. I thought he added a little "spice" to the film and showed how really multi-talented he is. I hope we see more of him in films in the future.

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Joe Tinoco "MADE" the Birthday Party Scene

Author: Marlene Slater ( from Powhatan Point, OH
2 April 2001

Joe's performance as the "Stetson Man," a male stripper who was Dolly's "birthday present", made that scene as great as it was! It was all so "real" with Dolly getting embarrassed a little, and Joe laughing as he danced for her. I was saddened that he didn't have more exposure in the movie... I mean dressed and acting more, of course! The movie on a whole was wonderfully entertaining and very touching. I would like to see more movies with Joe Tinoco in them and with more significant roles.

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Joe Tinoco was the best part of the movie!Man can he dance :)

Author: SHARON GOSNELL ( from Brevard, NC
7 March 2001

I enjoyed the movie over all but I only watched it because I knew Joe Tinoco would be in it.I am glad I did as the whole movie turned out to be very good.Dolly is always good in every movie she has ever been in and can still sing better than most young stars of today! They should have let Joe Tinoco sing too as he is awesome at that as well as dancing!

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