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Mainframe's Masterpeice, the best show you've never heard of

Author: david-345 from Charlotte NC
29 April 2001

Stop me if you heard this before, a group of alien races have been at war with each other for centuries, but they have to put aside their mutual racism and distrust in order to form an alliance to battle a powerful enemy previously thought to be myth. Did I mention that a few of the aliens are lizard like and some have weird accents? If you thought I was writing about Babylon 5, then you would be wrong. The show in question is a computer animated offering from Mainframe Entertainment called Shadow Raiders (or War Planets), the show that Babylon 5 should have been. Shadow Raiders was based on the toy line from Trendmasters called The War Planets, but the Canadian broadcasters did not like the use of the word "war" in the title, so the Canadian title became the less appropriate, yet much cooler Shadow Raiders and it is this title that the series is being released under in America on DVD by ADV Films. This company is guilty of releasing a ridiculous amount of execrable animated product from Japan, what the geeky fan faithful call "anime" (snicker, snicker), but thankfully they have branched out with Shadow Raiders, Mainframe's original (and most famous) work Reboot and the live action series Far Scape. The reasoning behind this seems to be "man can't live on bad product from Japan forever" and ADV needs to be applauded for placing Shadow Raiders in our hands. If you were like me, then you never saw Shadow Raiders in it's original run. It was on in my home town at a ridiculously early time slot on the weekend, I only blundered into an episode by accident after waking up at the crack of dawn and failing to get back to sleep. It's a shame really as like most Mainframe product, Shadow Raiders is a highly dramatic, mature work, probably the best thing Mainframe has ever done. It's a TV show that deserves to be seen, a sprawling epic Space Opera, with a wonderfully original look and magnificent animation. In fact it's epic feel is the type of thing that the foolish anime fans have been brainwashed into believing their silly fighting robot shows provide. They should certainly watch Shadow Raiders and see what true animated Science Fiction can achieve. Actually everyone should take a chance on this series, you'll be rewarded with strong storytelling and excellent characterization. You can't say that for much of what passes for entertainment these days and remember, Shadow Raiders is technically a children's show! If all shows (for children or otherwise) could be this mature, TV would not be the wasteland it is today.

At the very least, Shadow Raiders proves that a show based on a toy line does not have to be made to appeal to the lowest common denominator or be dumbed down in any way to a success. Get Shadow Raiders, you won't be disappointed.

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A Great 3-D Animated Show

Author: Ginger87 from New York City
23 August 2004

"Shadow Raiders" or "War Planets" as I usually called it was one of the best 3-D animated shows there ever was. It was one of the shows on my WB 3-D animated show line up on Sunday mornings. It had a great plot, good special effects, and I liked the different type of characters on it. It's too bad it was canceled before its time (before it could become a big hit)!

My favorite episodes were: "Behold the Beast", "Uneasy Hangs the Head", and "RagnaRok", parts one and two.

Overall I really enjoyed this show and wish it lasted longer. Anyone who likes 3-D animated shows I believe would like this show. I give this show 9/10 stars.

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The best out of all of Mainframe's shows!

Author: Blaze-17 ( from Toronto, Ontario
21 May 2000

This is my number one favourite show. I like it even better than ReBoot. The reason it's not as popular as ReBoot is because it came at a VERY bad time. It came on when ReBoot ended. Everyone thought of it as a replacement for ReBoot, and did not want to see it. Even I didn't want to see it because I thought of it as a replacement as well, but I still watched it anyways and I loved it. Shadow Raiders/War Planets is much better than what most people think of it. It has awesome graphics, awesome characters, and awesome plotlines! I really hope that Mainframe will create a season three. For all you ReBoot fans who have refused to watch it or have not watched it much, WATCH IT OR WATCH IT MORE!! It is a really excellent show that you will probably love once you really get into it.

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Great sci-fi

Author: Curare from Entwistle, Alberta, Canada
27 February 2000

Firstly, let me say that I love just about everything that Mainframe puts out. Secondly, this show was just a great space epic, complete with its little side deals and enemy factions. It also had real characters and real character development, which a lot of cartoons tend to skip out on. All in all, just one cool show. Too bad there'll be no Season 3, but let's enjoy what we've got.

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More good work from Mainframe Entertainment

Author: CZ-4 from USA
27 June 1999

War Planets/Shadow Raiders doesn't match up to its predecessor, Reboot, but it's still a notch above your average Saturday morning kiddie-toon. The computer animation is gorgeous, characters are appealing, and the writing, while a little lackluster, certainly has the potential for greatness.

I really liked the whole design of the show. Each of the four planets has inhabitants to match, and a distinctly different culture. Rock, for instance, is starkly militaristic, while Fire seems to have some Arabic roots.

My only real problem, was that each episode tried to do more than it was capable of, and each the entire storyline didn't seem to be tied together too well. Other than that, I can't wait for Season Two.

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The best animated show ever made!!!!!

Author: R.W.Best from California
3 March 2002

I happened upon this show based on a whim. I was curious to find out how good of a show it was. After I found all six DVDs, for a great price, I purchased all of them at once and am so glad that I did! The animation is fantastic and the DVD transfer is absolutely perfect. I don't think that I own any DVDs that have a cleaner picture. The story lines are all interesting as well as the dialogue. I STRONGLY recommend this show to everyone. If you like science fiction, animation, and an interesting premise then this is the series for you. I've also watched the 3D animated "Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles" and they are nowhere near as impressive as "ShadowRaiders". Try something new and watch ShadowRaiders, I think that you'll be as thrilled as I've been.

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For worlds without end, the end is near.

Author: Op_Prime from Ardmore, PA
5 May 2000

Far behind Reboot and Beast Wars, but way above the Saturday morning cartoons you see every week. First off, the animation is excellent. Exactly what I expected from Mainframe. Second, the stories are great. They have interesting plot treads that are not resolved in a single episode, more like several. Also, great voice work and characterization. This show is really good.

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A Real Treat

Author: Robin Cook from USA
15 March 2007

I recently rented and watched the 6 DVD's of this series and thoroughly enjoyed it! It has such artwork/graphics I sat in complete awe from one scene to another. Such detail was done on the movements and art I wondered just how long it took the artists/creators to complete each episode. The stories for each episode alongside the running planet wars theme were excellent ... so much so that both adults and youngsters can sit comfortably together and enjoy this series.

I've read a comment about a series called Reboot, which I've not seen (but think I'll be renting it next!). In fact, I don't watch much animated or cgi'd films, but I was most certainly greatly impressed with this series. I hope, like the other user's comments, to see more of this series if they decide to make more. Absolutely AMAZINGLY good! It's a real treat, so I strongly recommend it for viewing.

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Author: guardian0401 from Ontario, Canada
28 January 2003

I can't believe this show was taken off the air. It was by far the best sci-fi computer animated show ever to exist. The plot was the most original and impressive I've seen since ReBoot and Beast Wars. The characters were great and the effects were awesome. Mainframe Entertainment: Please bring this show BACK!!!!!!

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The one show I would have saved from cancellation.

Author: montagrappa from United States
30 August 2008

The one show I would have saved from cancellation.

Significantly better than Reboot, though not as good as Beast Wars/Machines(but then again, what is?) , War Planets (I hate the name Shadow Raiders) is a grand space opera. I still remember how I came across it. I had gotten some of the toys, then one Saturday morning my mom was reading the network listings in the newspaper & told me how there was a show called War Planets. I thought this beared looking into, so as soon as it was time I sat down & waited for it. I wasn't really aware of the backstory, so I was overwhelmed by what I saw. Although it was the 2nd episode, I still managed to understand it & was, of course, hooked.

Aside from the unoriginal names for the planets (Rock, Fire, etc.) I would have had no idea that this was based on a toy line. Even as a kid, I was able to believe that some shows were based on a toyline (like Transformers, although that turned out to be my favorite cartoon series), and could even be called 20-minute commercials, but not War Planets. The toyline didn't have any distinct characters, so they had to create a bunch of original characters for the show. I liked all of them. None of them were annoying. My favorite was Graveheart. He had the best voice, & he was a very cool character. Oh, & I can't forget about the plots. They were intense, yet almost every episode had one bit that was funny (the writers at Mainframe really know how to tell a joke). They also had story lines that weren't resolved in one episode. I like it when it takes a bit for a story to resolve. That keeps you interested. The crowning touch was the animation. It was, simply put, the best CGI I have ever seen.

In short, this was a really good show. My mom even liked watching it with me, as she did with a few other of my favorites. The only complaint I have is how it was canceled after 2 seasons. I really wish that they could've gone on, since not everything was resolved. But at least it didn't have a cliffhanger ending like Reboot, all 26 episodes were sufficiently entertaining (unlike Reboot).

BOTTOM LINE: 10/10. Tied with Sonic the Hedgehog & SWAT Kats for 4th best cartoon ever.

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