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Season 1

16 Sep. 1998
Behold, the Beast
A Planet Rock raiding party on Planet Ice finds itself trapped by an Ice force under the command of King Cryos traps them. As the two forces continue their dispute, they are interrupted by an unknown ship being shot down by an unknown force. One of the Rock miners, Graveheart, rushes over to the crash site to find Princess Tekla inside as the forces of Rock and Ice are destroyed by the unknown aggressors. Tekla bears an important message: the Beast Planet is coming and the worlds of the star system must unite to stop it.
23 Sep. 1998
On the Rocks
Graveheart returns to his home world to try and encourage it to join the Alliance. Instead, he finds himself arrested for treason. Graveheart must rely on his childhood friend, Jade, to try and convince Rock to join the alliance. When Beast Drones attack the command center, Jade believes Graveheart and releases him to help repel the attack. In gratitude, Lord Mantel, leader of Planet Rock, grants Graveheart amnesty but refuses to join the Alliance and exiles Graveheart. Jade, however, joins Graveheart.
30 Sep. 1998
Born in Fire
Graveheart and Cryos try to convince Prince Pyrus of Fire to join the Alliance but the Grand Vizier attempts to stop it by sending them through the Trial by Fire. As the two battle through the trial, Lazy Zera tries her own form of diplomacy with Pyrus by berating him when they are attacked by a group of Beast Drones. The attack convinces Pyrus to join the Alliance as Graveheart and Cryos finish the Trial by Fire.
7 Oct. 1998
Bad to the Bone
The conniving emperor of Planet Bone, Femur, tries to play the Alliance against the Beast forces, but his actions nearly end up destroying his own world.
14 Oct. 1998
Wolf in the Fold
The deadly Lamprey possesses Tekla's body and uses her to wreck havoc within the Alliance.
21 Oct. 1998
Mind War
Princess Tekla fights Lamprey for control of her own body.
When Jade is wrongly accused of murder, she and Graveheart have 24 hours to prove her innocence, with the fate of the Alliance hanging in the balance.
4 Nov. 1998
Blood Is Thicker
When the evil Beast general Blokk has Cryos' daughter kidnapped, the Ice King must choose between his family and his people.
Rock and Ruin
With Graveheart exiled, Jade returns to Planet Rock to make one last attempt to bring Lord Mantel and the Rock forces into the Alliance.
18 Nov. 1998
Against All Odds
When they are stranded on Remora, Pyrus and Zera learn that the Beast forces are secretly transforming the moon into a weapon, and they must survive to get the information to the Alliance.
25 Nov. 1998
Uneasy Hangs the Head
As the Alliance prepares to battle Remora, Graveheart believes he is not fit to be its leader. Jade consoles her old friend and convinces him to stand firm.
16 Mar. 1999
Ragnarok: Part 1
As the battle against Remora rages, Graveheart fears the worst, until Planet Rock's last minute decision changes the odds.
9 Dec. 1998
Ragnarok: Part 2
With the four worlds finally united, the Beast Planet's approach threatens to engulf them all.

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