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Season 1

The Birth of the Miraculous Robot
Koji Kabuto pilots the amazing Mazinger Z for the first time.
10 Dec. 1972
Sutoppu za Ashura gundan
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4 Feb. 1973
Soratobu tetsuwan Daian
Shiro is kidnapped by Baron Ashura and used as leverage against Koji, while Ashura's latest mechanical beast terrorizes the city.
11 Feb. 1973
Maboroshi no kyohou Garen o bakuha seyo!!
Baron Ashura and the army of Dr. Hell uncover a powerful cannon that once belonged to the Japanese military. Koji and the others attempt to stop them from using the cannon to destroy the Institute.
18 Feb. 1973
Urasetsusha! Kyodaika robotto Baikongu
Dr. Hell develops a gun that can increase an object's size to giant proportions. Baron Ashura uses it on a local student's robotic science project in order to create a giant killer robot to rival the power of Mazinger Z.
25 Feb. 1973
Akuma no daikaiten kougeki!!
The school's winter festival is interrupted by the attack of Baron Ashura's latest mechanical beast. While Aphrodite S does battle against the creature, Koji must fend off Ashura's armored troops as they invade the Kabuto residence.
4 Mar. 1973
Okore! Nemureru kyojin Suparutan
Mazinger Z battles Dr. Hell's most powerful robot beast yet -- the Spartan K5.
11 Mar. 1973
Kikai juu daitsunami sakusen
Mazinger Z is seriously damaged in battle against Baron Ashura's latest mechanical beast, giving the enemy an unfair advantage when the beast makes its second attack.
18 Mar. 1973
Kabuto Kabuto ji ansatsu shirei!!
After a failed attempt on Koji's life by Baron Ashura's troops, Dr. Hell unleashes his newest mechanical beast -- a robot with cyclonic powers.
25 Mar. 1973
Chitei kikai juu horuzon V 3
After destroying an entire city, Baron Ashura issues an ultimatum to Dr. Yumi: hand over the Japanium metal or the rest of Japan will suffer the same fate.
1 Apr. 1973
Chi no gyangu kaizoku gurossamu!
Mazinger Z is modified to better function underwater in order to defeat the aquatic robot beast currently destroying all seagoing vessels.
8 Apr. 1973
Hikou majuu Debiraa X!!
Doctor Hell unleashes the Deviler X1, a mechanical beast capable of aerial assaults. Since Mazinger Z does not possess flying capabilities, Koji must come up with a plan to defeat the Deviler X1 from the ground.
15 Apr. 1973
Arashi o yobu kikai juu sutorongaa
A newly-transferred student who is bullied in school is given the chance by Baron Ashura to take revenge on his tormentors by allowing him to unleash Dr. Hell's latest robotic beast.
22 Apr. 1973
Goosuto taun no kettou
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13 May 1973
Mahha kikai juu Jinrai
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17 Jun. 1973
Dai gyakuten Majinpawaa
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 Season 1 

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