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Going back in time to reveal plot twists was unique.

Author: ( from Monroe, WI
12 June 2004

The many time shifts reminded me of the book "Slaughterhouse Five", by Kurt Vonnegut, but this movie was not as confusing as that book. Using those time shifts into the past in order to reveal some plot twists kept it interesting. Showing the spinning hands of a clock in order to alert the viewer of the upcoming time shifts did get old though. Carla's (played by Kristin Minter) constantly repeated comment "this will be better than what we planned" (or some variation thereof), which she used whenever things went wrong, also got old quickly.

John Ratzenberger's performance as P.I. Clay Fairfield, was refreshing in a non-Cliff Clavin role.

I must have missed something, but can anyone e-mail me to tell me how the body got out of the trunk about 3/4 of the way through the movie? (when shortly after that, Rachel Avery found it laying alongside the road).

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Starts cleverly but the twists get silly towards the end

Author: bob the moo from United Kingdom
4 January 2002

Rachel is a young woman married to a very rich older man, Holden Avery. However a night out with her friend Carla ends with a one night stand with Travis. Travis is working with Carla and they produce photographs of the two together. Travis tries to blackmail Rachel for $100,000 to destroy the photographs, but Carla is also working with Rachel in a bigger plot involving murder and double-crosses.

I didn't have high hopes for this due to it's unknown cast and the speed with which it reached TV. At the start it looked like another TV film with the same old plot, however it actually gets a bit cleverer than that and has some nice twists and turns, some you expect and some you don't. The clocks winding time back stuff allows us to jump back in forth in time every time a twist occurs - letting us see how the twist came about and a little back story or to see the same events from a different point of view. This is cleverly done but is nothing more than a fancy flashback tool. The twists get a bit silly after a while and aren't as credible the more the film goes on. It's a shame because it starts picking up momentum only to get too fast to be believable.

The unknown cast do a reasonable job, Kristin Minter is the best role (although I felt she was needless shot nude just to keep viewers interest). Megan Ward is not great, she is too tearful and scared at the start and too ruthless at the end, but she does OK. Ashby is also weak with a good ol' boy character. David Duke is one of the worst - not really doing anything with his character or lines. Ratzenberger (best known from Cheers) is good as a private eye but his scenes are often daft and this makes him look bad - for example he is following Rachel as she meets someone in a deserted parking lot, he parks 5 cars lengths away in the middle of an empty lot but doesn't get noticed! Most of his scenes have stupid mistakes like that, things that a real PI would never get away with.

Overall this is cleverer than I thought it would be. The "tick-tock" element makes the flashback idea more interesting, but the twists that are so good at first quickly get silly and a bit tiresome.

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Exceptionally intriguing plot and two lovely actresses

Author: drbill-1 from Gainesville GA
14 August 2004

When I started watching this movie on TV, my first thought was, "Never heard of any of these cast members." However, I realized that at one time Bogart, John Wayne, Tom Hanks, and Sean Connery had not been heard of either, so I was patient.

What a densely woven plot! What intrigue and double-crossing. I would not believe anyone who told me he or she figured out the ending ahead of time.

And what lovely actresses. They could energize a dull movie pretty quickly, and in this lively movie they were something else!

I would watch this one again, and try to figure out all the nuances, because there are plenty of them!

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Nifty genre thriller driven by Kristin Minter as a bad girl.

Author: Craig Anthony ( from Sydney, Australia
21 April 2001

This is a nifty, no nonsense thriller that starts out almost like Thelma & Louise and then veers sharply into darker territory. Megan Ward gets top billing but the movie is driven by a strong performance from Kristin Minter (E.R.) as a bad, bad girl. The plot is the usual tangle of cross and double cross that typifies the genre, but director/writer Kevin Tenney keeps the audience on its toes with some clever editing that yanks the viewer around in the timeline and shows events from the viewpoint of different characters. There's plenty of blood and violence and some dark humor. There's also an unexpected and quite gratuitous nude scene by Kristin Minter but, hey, who's complaining. Worth a look.

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Attractive thriller that no one talks about.

Author: makenai from on the Net
2 December 2000

I have to accept that this movie got my attention because Megan Ward was in it. Otherwise, I am sure I would not watch it. Luckily, I did, and let me tell you what I found.

From the beginning to the end, the movie maintains the suspense by revealing the plot gradually from different characters' standpoints. Therefore, you do not have the whole history until the director goes back in time and presents what happened from other character's viewpoint, which is necessary to be known to explain the story. Additionally, characters' motives are not so clear, giving the movie another conflict factor. I liked this way of developing the story as well as some transitions from one scene to another using a common object to both.

Respect to the story itself, it begins with M. Ward (Rachel) and D. Dukes (Holden) having sex. After that, he tells her he will be out for a couple of days to visit her daughter Anne (H. Burress) and he goes to take a shower. Then, Rachel calls her friend Carla (K. Minter) and they talk about doing something together; but Rachel is not sure. Later, Rachel drops Holden at the airport where he (knowing she talked with Carla) tells her to not spend time with Carla because she is a bad influence. From there, the story complicates when Rachel and Carla meet at a bar and casually get in touch with Travis (L. Ashby.)

Talking about the negatives, cast performance is not the best (but I expect that) and I did not like how the writer justified certain characters' conducts, although I believe it is probably me. Overall, I give this movie a solid six (6) using IMDB's user ratings as scale.

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Quite An Interesting Thriller

Author: rosemcgowanrulez2001 from Toronto, Ontario
30 October 2001

To start off with my review on this flick I will say that if anyone is expecting an awesome cutting edge thriller then pass on my review. But if you have an open mind when it comes to direct-to-video flicks then read on. Now "Tick Tock" is actually not too bad of a thriller. Getting a pretty face like Megan Ward doesn't hurt at all. The movie does start off slow and it may not catch your interest, but hey it is only for the first about 15-20 minutes. Then when Megan Ward and pal are at the bar and a "cowboy" walks over to them to chat, the first thing Melrose Place viewers will do is laugh because for those of us who watched MP, Megan Ward played Connie and Linden Ashby played Dr. Bret Cooper "Coop" at the hospital, he plays this "cowboy" Travis. Anyhow, the director of this flick makes you think "what the?" when after certain things happen, the clock turns back and we see an in depth type of view of a character which will explain why a certain thing has happening at points in the story. This happens throughout the flick and definitely kept me interested. John Ratzenberger, Cliff from Cheers, is in this and he plays his small role actually good as a P.I. And David Dukes plays the rich husband,Holden,of Megan Ward's character Rachel. The plot is Rachel and Carla are planning to kill Holden and from there the story has lots of twists and turns. Even her husband has a certain plan. So everyone in the movie crosses paths one time or another in this movie and it is really cool how it is done. Sort of like 2 Days In The Valley. The cast is small and that is good so you will keep on getting into this story as each character is not what you think they are. The poorest acting out of this is done by Kristin Minter. Her acting is sub par compared to Megan Ward's and I think Megan is under rated. Was she not good in Encino Man? All in all this is a good thriller/mystery movie but the ending will make you say "what kind of ending is this?" I guess the director just couldn't come up with a great ending, but then direct to video movies/B-movies usually end that way. Oh and yes the usual lesbian type scene is in there. Megan and Kristin both share a kiss, where else, in the women's washroom at the bar. Megan Ward is sexy and maybe she will start to do some more of these types of flicks like Kari Wuhrer. 5 out of 10.

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A surprisingly enjoyable thriller!

Author: PhantomAgony from United States
31 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I just watched this film, called 'A Friendship to Die For' on Lifetime and was pleasantly surprised by what an enjoyable thriller it was and the way the director told the story, constantly flashing back in time to view the scenario from a different characters' perspective was creative. There were many twists in this film and it did not follow a formulaic thriller plot which was refreshing. Just when you thought you knew what was going to happen, there would be a twist and then a flashback to show the audience how exactly that twist came to happen.

The story is basically about a murder plot that goes wrong and the antics that happen during the night to try and fix the crime, only things keep going wrong, things keep trying to be corrected and before the killer(s) know it, they are in over their heads.

My one gripe was the ongoing theme to see who could incriminate themselves more with DNA/Fingerprint evidence. The actual murder is committed in the nude telling the audience that said killer(s) is conscious of this type of thing yet once things start going wrong, DNA/Fingerprints don't really seem to be on the killer(s) mind(s) as he/she/they go from object to object touching at will and throw objects like a blood soaked dead body into a car trunk for transportation without even considering the DNA that will be left behind. It became comical at times which I don't really know if it that is a good or bad thing.

Also.. why, once the dead body went MIA, Megan Ward's character of Rachel didn't just call 911 and act like he was missing is beyond me. I guess they wouldn't have had a movie then. Ha.. since had she done that, she probably would have been home free since she had an alibi and the PI man had seen the cowboy's car at the home making him suspect number 1. Plus, the dead body would have eventually been found... Just a thought. It's almost certain that the cowboy would have gone down for the murder..but again, then we wouldn't have a movie. :)

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Author: genieinabottle from Poland
8 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Tick Tock was a lot of fun to watch and kept me interested throughout. Two main roles are played by beautiful actresses that give very good performances. Carla (Kristin Minter) and Rachel (Megan Ward) scheme to kill Rachel's wealthy husband, Holden (David Dukes), to get the whole inheritance. All they need is a patsy who would do the dirty work for them. Carla's lover, Travis (Linden Ashby), seems a perfect choice. The two female characters have strikingly different personalities - Carla is devious and cold-blooded, she does the planning and keeps her cool when things go out of hand. She's the mastermind of the scheme. Her partner Rachel, on the contrary, is tearful, unsure of herself and loses her cool whenever something goes wrong. She completely depends on Carla for instructions what to do. She gets a bit annoying when she is constantly saying things like 'Now what?' 'Now what's the plan?' 'Are you sure?' 'What are we doing now?' 'Do you think that's a good idea?' 'I don't know,' I was thinking that maybe we should wait?' I don't think I can go through with this,' 'I don't think I can keep this up,' 'No, I can't, I can't, Carla,' 'What are we doing?!' and ... 'I think I peed my pants.'

The events in the movie are not presented in order but the series of flashbacks provides the viewer with a more comprehensive insight into the intricacies of the plot and make the movie more intriguing.

I enjoyed watching Tick Tock even though it has some flaws, the ending being the major one. Why would indecisive Rachel want to kill Carla when throughout the movie it was Carla who planned and managed the whole thing and encouraged Rachel to keep at it every time she was about to chicken out? What was she trying to achieve by doing so? Now that she's lost her smart partner she completely blows her chances of getting away with the crime. At that moment the movie lost logic to me. And it is beyond me why faint-hearted Rachel would hack Travis to death bashing him hard so many times with a shovel if earlier in the movie she was clearly disgusted at the way Carla killed Holden. Also, there was only one scene showing that Carla and Rachel were lesbians. The motivation for the crime would be more convincing if their relationship was developed better. Aside from the ending, Tick Tock is great fun to watch.

I found the soundtrack pretty good.

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Tick Tock is a Good Title

Author: whpratt1 from United States
6 January 2006

Viewed this film which was called "A Friendship to Die For", and through out the entire picture you noticed a clock in quite a few scenes and I wondered why, now I find out the picture was really called "Tick Tock" and it makes more sense. There seemed to always be a rush against the clock in this film about two females who were great friends and had a wonderful deep love for each other which was boiling over and over. Megan Ward, (Rachel Avery), "Mirror Man",'03 and Kristin Minter,(Carla),"Pissed",'05 were the two lovers who had a clever plan and a poor sucker of a guy gets roped into all kinds of situations. There is a private detective who drives around a beat up piece of junk something like a "Colombo" style vehicle only Worse. All kinds of murders happen and bodies are transported here and there. You will simply love the ending, which I thought was simply Great. Enjoy

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Murder plot goes wrong, requiring extensive improvisation

Author: msroz from United States
1 August 2016

"Tick Tock" (2000) is a neo-noir. It is of the type of neo-noir in which there is a crime plot, usually murder for money (insurance or inheritance), in which a simple plan goes wrong. Everyone then acts and reacts in reasonable ways, all the while producing further unanticipated plot consequences. This kind of plot is fun and entertaining, even as it is subject to questions and plot holes. In this case, like two other reviewers, I was stumped by one event, which is that the body of the victim turns up at one point at the side of the road; whereas it had been placed in the rear of a vehicle just before. I guess I'll have to watch this again sometime.

The narrative is told through overlapping flashbacks and at least one flashforward. The overlaps are a bit redundant but make it easy for understanding.

There are 5 main characters. The victim is a rich businessman (David Dukes). He has the least important part. The IMDb summary line is wrong to say that he "hires a private detective in time to thwart her plans to have him killed." He is in fact killed. And he hires the detective (John Ratzenberger) because he suspects his wife (Megan Ward) of having an affair, not planning a crime against him. Ward is close friends to Kristin Minter. Minter is tight with Linden Ashby. That's the 5.

In this kind of story, police are usually left out for the most part. In this one, they are peripheral to the action. There is one sequence added to create some suspense, but it's routine. These stories also tend to have a black humor aspect in places, and this one goes for that too.

"Tick Tock" is an overlooked movie. It's not on neo-noir lists. It's not reviewed by critics. There's no reason why it should not be added to the neo-noir lists.

The quality is reasonable. The acting suffices. It gives a good feeling for place (Bakersfield). The color scheme suits the plot. It's not a big theatrical film but as a cable entry, it's all right.

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