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Season 1

18 Jan. 1999
Family Reunion
A preteen supernatural seeker, Fiona, tries to help a ghostly boy reunite with his dead parents.
18 Jan. 1999
Web Sight
Fi tries to save the life of a music critic by using her beloved laptop to see the future.
8 Feb. 1999
Fi tries to solve a small-town mystery involving mysterious aliens who lost control of their ship.
1 Feb. 1999
Fi gets lost in a huge national park and meets "Bigfoot" in a cave.
8 Feb. 1999
Fi's brother and cousin fall in love with a girl who can leave her body at will to escape the pressures of school.
15 Feb. 1999
An awkward computer genius has troubles with gremlins messing with his technology.
22 Feb. 1999
Jack befriends a beautiful girl, Gabe, who is concealing her leukemia from everyone except her dad and a guardian angel.
1 Mar. 1999
While visiting her aunt, Fiona finds a book of spells and accidentally unleashes a monster.
15 Mar. 1999
Molly's childhood friend has met Fiona, however she is hiding the reason why she disappeared years ago - she is immortal and has to keep it a secret.
15 Mar. 1999
Fi's brother Jack has a dispute with a boy named James, who has created a cunning imaginary friend that became a real soul.
22 Mar. 1999
Clu becomes lost in a wormhole in a curmudgeon's back yard and it's up to Fi to save him.
29 Mar. 1999
Fi tries to help a lost little girl on a chat room get home, and learns that the little girl is now a teen and comatose.
11 Oct. 2001
Will 'O the Wisp
While viewing the ghost lights of Marfa, a mischievous will o' the wisp takes over Jack's body and freezes time leaving Fi to decipher the riddle of his name or the creature will inhabit Jack's body permanently.

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