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Rippingly good, old-fashioned movie epic.
New York Daily News
The sunny, funny, toe-tapping Lagaan is the answer to those who ask why they don't make movies like they used to: They do, but in India.
Austin Chronicle
A movie that amply delivers on the epic promise of its title, entertaining, enlightening, and emboldening viewers with its deceptively simple premise and execution.
Entertainment Weekly
The unlikeliest enthralling movie to be released so far this year.
Chicago Sun-Times
An enormously entertaining movie, like nothing we've ever seen before, and yet completely familiar.
Features colorful song-and-dance numbers that look and sound best in surround sound and on a huge screen.
Gowariker's stunningly choreographed, four-hour spectacle (reportedly one of the most expensive films in the industry's history) is a fascinating mix of Hollywood genres and tropes.
Not only the best I've ever seen, but also the Indian film that'd be most accessible to a Western audience.
Charlotte Observer
A wild, self-indulgent but completely captivating extravagance.
Boston Globe
An epic film in every respect.
New York Post
If you've never seen a "masala" musical, you may find Lagaan hilariously bad. Cartoony acting, dreadful dialogue, obvious dubbing, and meandering but ultrapredictable plots are simply part of the Bollywood package, along with six musical numbers and a bizarre mixture of romance, comedy and melodrama.

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