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Viff 2012: First Titles Include Antiviral & Holy Motors

This year's Vancouver International Film Festival, which runs September 27th to October 12th, has already revealed a number of their upcoming titles in the form of Cannes favourites and festival winners but at a press conference today, a few additional details for this year's festival were released, namely the fact that "Trailer Park Boys" creator Mike Clattenberg's comedy Moving Day would kick off the Canadian Images section of the festival while Leos Carax's Holy Motors (trailer, review) has been selected to close the festival; as far as I can tell, the first time a genre offering has done so. [Continued ...]
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Buzzmakers: Swift's Kennedy Romance & Angelina

Buzzmakers: Swift's Kennedy Romance & Angelina
What had Et readers buzzing this week?

1. Taylor Swift & Beau Pay Tribute at Kennedy Grave

Taylor Swift and new boyfriend Conor Kennedy visited the grave of his late mother last Sunday in Cape Cod along with other members of the Kennedy clan.

Swift, 22, and Conor, 18, have been dating for about two months. His mother, Mary Richardson Kennedy, committed suicide in May; she had been separated from his father, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and reportedly suffered from depression and alcoholism. She is buried in St. Francis Xavier cemetery, where other Kennedy family members are buried, in Hynannis near the Kennedy compound.

Taylor and Conor went to church and spent about 25 minutes at Mary's grave, perhaps telling stories and reminiscing, then visited Eunice Shriver's grave. Following the visit, they went to breakfast and went shopping.

2. Jon Voight on the Jolie-Pitt Kids

Jon Voight has been in good standing with daughter Angelina Jolie for about two years now, and
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Maria Shriver Sends Son Patrick Off To College

Moving day was a family affair on Wednesday as Maria Shriver and daughters Katherine and Christina sent 18-year-old Patrick Schwarzenegger off to begin his first year at USC.

"Sent my third kid off to college today...heart-wrenching for me, so exciting for him," wrote the proud mom to her Twitter page. "I understand how blessed he is to be going and how blessed we are to be able to send him. My hat is off to all these parents and kids who work so hard to get there. "

Video: Patrick Schwarzenegger's Anti-Bullying PSA

The three had a head start yesterday, as evidenced by a photograph Maria tweeted on Tuesday of herself and Patrick stopping for a breather after an admittedly no-fuss transition into the dorms.

"It's very different moving boys into college compared to two girls," she marveled. "So much less stuff. No matching this and that."

While everyone was all smiles on moving day, Katherine found the
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Mindy Newell: Moving Day

I had one hell of a weekend, and I don’t mean that in the swinging wild party, gorgeous male strippers in thongs stuffed with dollar bills, wake up and don’t remember what the hell happened. I mean hell in all its Dante’s Inferno Nine-Circles-Of, sturm und drang blitzkrieg, complete with crying jags and sheer, utterly emotional exhaustion.

We moved my parents to what is called in healthcare parlance a “continuous care retirement community.” They’re still living independently. It’s not quite assisted living. Yet.

Not that it’s a bad place. Actually, it’s quite lovely. Their new apartment is more spacious than the place they left; we didn’t have to get rid of any of their furniture, and by the time I left early yesterday afternoon, it looked like “home,” especially after brother Glenn, daughter Alix and her husband Jeff hung all the pictures
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First Trailer for Moving Day from Trailer Park Boys’ Mike Clattenburg

Previously titled The Guys Who Move Furniture, Trailer Park Boys’ creator/director back behind the camera this year with Moving Day – a slightly less bland re-titling.

Will Sasso (the upcoming The Three Stooges) stars in the lead, alongside Victor Garber (Alias), Charlie Murphy (Night at the Museum [and Eddie’s brother]), and comedian Gerry Dee.

Alliance Films have released the first trailer, giving us our first look at what so far seems to be a bit of a tame workplace comedy – it has nothing on, say, Office Space or Clerks.

“From director Mike Clattenburg (Afghan Luke, The Trailer Park Boys) comes the new workplace comedy, Moving Day starring Will Sasso (The upcoming Three Stooges movie, TV’s $#*! My Dad Says). Clyde (Sasso) was in a rut. Overworked and underpaid, he was struggling to make ends meet and starting to feel like a failure. But a new day has arrived for Clyde at Redmond’s
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Ashley Hebert & Jp Rosenbaum ‘Definitely’ Ready To Do Wedding On TV

'Bachelorette' Ashley and Jp fell in love in front of millions of viewers. But are they going to invite the cameras back in when they finally say, 'I do?' Get new details on their big day right here! Since finding one another on The Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert and Jp Rosenbaum are still going strong -- and planning a wedding! So when we ran into the reality couple at the season finale party for Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing May 2 at the Bowery Hotel in New York City, we couldn't help asking them about their big day. Find out what they had to say about televising their nuptials! "Yes, I would definitely," Ashley, 27, said. "We're open to it. That's how we met, so it would be coming full circle." "Our main concern is that we wouldn't want it to turn into a circus," Jp, 35, explained. "We want it to be a real wedding,
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Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Vampire Diaries, Glee, Once, Army Wives, White Collar and More

Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Vampire Diaries, Glee, Once, Army Wives, White Collar and More
Which Vampire Diaries duo will be put to the test? What will it take to Collar Neal Caffrey? Is Glee going out with an emotional bang? Read on for those scoops plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

The Vampire Diaries | Kicking things off with a dip into the reader mailbag, Amy writes, “I didn’t like the way things ended with Klaus and Caroline. Please say they forgive and make up?” Oh, it’d be far too simple to just tell you what you want to hear. Instead, exec producer Julie Plec offers you this response: “Klaus definitely
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Katie Couric is Honorary National Chair of National Parkinson Foundation

HollywoodNews.com: Katie Couric has agreed to be the honorary national chair of the National Parkinson Foundation’s (Npf) inaugural Moving Day campaign. Moving Day is the first grassroots campaign to spotlight Parkinson’s disease (Pd) awareness on a national level. The importance of good care for people with Parkinson’s is near and dear to Ms. Couric—her father, John Couric, 90, died recently from complications due to Parkinson’s disease.

“Parkinson’s is a challenging and often debilitating disease that robs too many people of their ability to lead a full life. I watched in awe as my father bravely battled this disease and know that he greatly benefited from care, which significantly minimized his symptoms by addressing all aspects of his well being,” says Katie Couric, honorary national chair of Moving Day. “Every individual coping with this disease should have the same quality care my Dad did, and
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Wtf: ‘Zookeeper’ Advertising Inserted Into ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Reruns?

Wtf: ‘Zookeeper’ Advertising Inserted Into ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Reruns?
Is nothing sacred?!? How can we trust anything, if we can't trust reruns of How I Met Your Mother? A couple of eagle-eyed viewers have noticed that episodes of the show from several years back have been digitally altered in reruns to feature ads for Sony, Columbia or Screen Gems films. At least two instances of Zookeeper ads have been screencapped, and there's a Country Strong ad inserted into another episode. Check 'em out and add your own laugh track after the break. All these examples come via Reddit (here [1] and here [2]), and I might as well crib one Reddit user's post by echoing their exclamation: sorcery! Flickr user stjarna! [3] noticed one of the instances of digitally enhancing the episode 'Moving Day,' from Season 2, originally aired on March 19, 2007. But when seen in syndication on June 30, 2011, the background of the episode had been given a new Zookeeper ad. Check
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How I Met Your Zookeeper

An advertisement for The Zookeeper digitally inserted into a rerun of "How I Met Your Mother"

Photo: CBS via The Consumerist A Flickr user (via The Consumerist via Vulture) posted the above screen capture from a recent rerun of "How I Met Your Mother". The episode is from March 19, 2007 ("Moving Day", season 2), which means Kevin James managed to travel back in time and slyly place a magazine with an ad for his upcoming movie Zookeeper perfectly in the shot or a bit of digital fakery is going on here.

I wonder, would you prefer all of your television shows had advertisements such as this strategically (or not-so strategically) placed or are you still content with commercials so the reputation of sitcoms such as "How I Met Your Mother" are not tarnished?

Here's a shot of the same scene from the same Flickr account, showing how the scene looks on the DVD.
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The Morning Read: 'The Avengers' starts production today

Welcome to The Morning Read. I've never been one to be shy about self-promotion, so I'm going to sing it loud and proud this morning. Over at Popcorn Fiction, you'll find my just-published second Commander Future story, "Moving Day," and you can still read the first story, "The Interview," if you haven't had the chance yet. I love the site anyway, and being able to introduce this character I love so much and do it in a place where I don't have to give up all control of him forever… that's heaven for a writer. I've got some big plans for...
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The Gates Season Finale Review: "Moving Day"

  • TVfanatic
Last night's jam-packed two-hour long summer season finale of The Gates was anything but boring.

In fact, it was kind of like too much of a good thing. When some episodes of The Gates tended to drag a bit, it almost felt like the writers wanted to be sure to tie up any loose ends before the season was over.

[Photo: ABC]

Both "Bad Moon Rising" and "Moving Day" were really fun episodes. I had no idea what would happen next. This is a great element to a season finale, but because it was one crazy scene after the next, it practically left me in a daze.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!!!

In the first hour of The Gates, Frank's wife was about to turn him into a vampire, but somehow someone mysteriously poisoned his blood. This made Frank pretty much toxic to any vampire who drank from him. (How creepy and yet fascinating
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Being Human, The Gates – Supernatural Throw Down! Season Finales This Weekend

  • ScifiMafia
As the summer draws to a close (at least in televisionland), BBC America’s Being Human and ABC’s The Gates conclude with their season finales this weekend. Both of these two shows feature intermingling of supernatural creatures and the finales will sure pack a punch to close the season. Check out the finale summaries, promos, and sneak peeks below.

Being Human Season 2, Episode 8 Synopsis

It’s the final showdown at the research facility. Can Mitchell save his friends from Lucy’s macabre experiments? Can his friends be save him from himself? And is this really the end for Annie?

Now that Mitchell has gone all ‘Angelus’, I don’t think he’s pleased with discovering that his ‘girlfriend’ took his werewolf and ghost roommate away from him… not to mention that she orchestrated the explosion that was meant to take him and all the rest of the vampires living in Bristol out.
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Before they were 'Mad': Jon Hamm, Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss

It's no stretch to say that "Mad Men" has been a career-defining show for most of its core cast. But that doesn't mean the actors didn't have careers before that.

In honor of "Mad Men" beginning its fourth season on Sunday (July 25), we at Zap2it decided to dedicate our latest Z-wind to three of the stars of the series: Jon Hamm, Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss.

Hamm had been a working actor for the better part of a decade before landing the role of Don Draper. He may have been best-known for his role in "Kissing Jessica Stein" (where he co-starred with his long-time girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt), but he also had a string of TV roles, including stints on "Providence" and "The Division" and guest spots on "Gilmore Girls" and "CSI: Miami."

He also did seven episodes of ABC's short-lived series "What About Brian," which brings us to our first clip.
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Splash Page HQ: It's Just Like Being There!

Ever wondered what Splash Page HQ looks like? For those following Splash Page on Twitter (or my personal Twitter feed), you know that earlier this week was a "Moving Day" of sorts for the place where comics and movies collide.

The MTV News room is a pretty wild place, and the new home of Splash Page is right in the heart of it all. In fact, you don't even need Superman's vision to see Splash Page HQ from the comfort of your own computer these days—all you have to do is check out MTV and MTV.com. Go ahead and see for yourself (look on the right side of the room during Jim Cantiello's report):

Yes, that is The Flash and a Skrull mask in the background of your daily MTV News updates!

And just so you know I wasn't joking about all that stuff I had to transport to the new desk,
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Moving Day at TheWrap

  • The Wrap
By Sharon Waxman

It's small. It's cute. It is almost window-free.


TheWrap now has an official home at 1229a Montana Ave in Santa Monica.

(If you come to visit you'll probably have to sit on the terrace.)


It'll hold us for now, and we're very excited about having an actual newsroom. We built most of the furniture ourselves, and guess what - Sharon took a little video on Friday, when we moved in just as Walter Cronkite decided to pass on to the next world. Check it out: 






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Do ghosts rent U-hauls?

So what would you do if you were the one in charge with making a sequel to The Haunting in Connecticut? Would you greenlight a sequel called The Haunting in Connecticut 2 or The Haunting in Connectcut: Moving Day From Hell? Neither one has that zing to it, do they? But what about The Haunting in Georgia?

Gold Circle, the production entity that made the first picture, is now actively developing a follow-up that would tell the story of a different family dealing with a different haunted house in a different state. The project already has a director attached to it, one Ti West (Cabin Fever 2) and a screenplay by David Coggeshall (Clock Tower) is being written right now. No start date for filming has been announced and Gold Circle doesn't know if Lionsgate will pick up the second film to distribute it as they did for Connecticut. But here's the
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"Moving Day"

“Do you have any other police ID?” Here’s why I’ve been loving this final season of The Shield. Through all the twists and turns with “the blackmail box” and the politics of gang warfare, the show has mainly continued to be about Vic (and everyone around him) lying and fronting and scrambling to cover tracks, in a situation that grows ever-more impossible. This is what The Shield has done best since Season One, showing how one bad decision begets another, until the noose tightens, and people start conceiving the most extreme solutions to their problems. I’ve also liked that Season Seven has included more stand-alone cases in the context of the larger narrative, after an intense season in which Vic's troubles were more or less the sole focus. Don’t get me wrong: I loved the relentlessness of last season, but if you think of each season.
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