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A truly incredible movie
echo_3711 August 2001
"Four Days" has all the makings of a crime/thriller classic. Terrific acting, sharp writing and smooth, layered direction all combine to create a wonderful filmgoing experience. Watching this film, I guarantee you will become caught up in the web it spins, as Simon (Kevin Zegers) makes his way with stolen money to meet his father (William Forsythe) who, unbeknownest to him, was shot and killed in the robbery. Forsythe's partner, played by Colm Meaney in an Oscar-calibre performance, sees Zegers run with the loot and chases after him along with Zegers' neighbor, played with equal conviction by Anne-Marie Cadieux. The film is too complex and rich for me to give a good description in a short paragraph, but trust me on this one: See "Four Days" and you won't regret it.
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A Very Disappointing Movie
Claudio Carvalho3 April 2004
The paperboy Simon (Kevin Zegers) is alone in the world and has only the company of his father Milt (William Forsythe), for whom Simon has very confused feelings, from fear to love and respect. After a successful bank robbery with his partner Fury (Colm Meaney), Milt changes the bag with money with Simon`s paper bag, but he is shot in the runaway and dies. Simon escapes from Fury with the stolen money without knowing his father was dead. On the road, he meets Chrystal (Lolita Davidovich), a woman who has just left her husband, and gets a lift with her until a hotel nearby a lake. The chase of Fury ends in a very unpredictable way. I did not like this movie: it was a great disappointment for me, since I expected much more than offered. The story has no clichés, which is a positive point. The characters are mostly very weird and the situations bizarre, the performance of the cast is great, but something is missing in the screenplay to satisfy me. I believe the director has not expressed sufficiently well to make me really understand the underlines of the plot. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): `4 Dias Alucinantes' (`4 Crazy Days')
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Is this an Art film?
Hunky Stud23 August 2003
This story is about a bank robbery. It doesn't contain much violence; it is more like an art movie. However, it is not so well done. It has many flaws.

For example, when the guy ran out of gas, he walked to the Santa's mystery hole store. When the owner gave him the gas tank, he didn't even pay for it; he just grabbed and walked away. The owner didn't even ask for the money. And at the end, when the same guy died from wound bleeding, his right hand was resting on the chair, which was higher than his elbow. The blood on his hand looks as if it was red paint. And it should be common sense that fluids, such as blood, never climb upward. But in this film, the blood someone didn't drop down to the floor, instead the blood climbed from his arm to your hand.

I think that I have seen Colm in one of the English film. I am surprised that in this film, he speaks perfect American English.

Kevin Zegers' eyes are mesmerizing. There are only those few people that you are watching, and this entire film is like a fantasy story, you know that it can't be true, but somehow you want to watch it till the end. The music is very artful, or maybe they are just so subtle that I didn't even notice. The whole setting appears to be out of the world.
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Zegers is excellent
jasonh9322 December 2001
I was really looking forward to watching this movie but was a bit disappointed. Zegers was great but the movie was pretty boring. I wouldn't exactly say the movie isn't worth watching but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
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