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11 Dec. 2000
Having ended yet another relationship ladies' man Adam Williams goes to the pub with best friend Pete Gifford. Pete brings him home to the annoyance of his wife Jenny,who is especially fertile and anxious to make a baby. Next day in a supermarket car park Adam's car collides with that of Rachel,whose boyfriend Simon has just announced that he is leaving her to work in Hong Kong. There is attraction between Adam and Rachel,whose friends Karen and David urge her to go on a date. After seeing a particularly bad play Rachel and Adam sleep together but,though things seem ...
12 Nov. 2000
Episode #3.1
Nine months have passed and Jenny and Pete have separated finally,Pete living with Rachel and Adam. However he is so dirty and untidy they ask him to leave and he returns to Jenny as a platonic lodger. Karen has twin girls Ellie and Olivia and already her son Josh is jealous. Her mother Heather arrives from Spain to help out but her love of the bottle makes her more of a hindrance and,at a business dinner party given by David,she flirts outrageously with his client Felix. Jenny is also invited and hits it off with Internet millionaire Robert.On their wedding ...
12 Nov. 2000
Episode #3.2
Pete feels left out as Robert takes Jenny to New York with him and they start dating.He turns to Ramona for consolation and also moves out of Jenny's house . Matthew,his new landlord,is unusually attentive and Pete is shocked when he finds out the reason,namely that Matthew is gay. Rachel's pregnancy turns out to be a false alarm and a visit to a gynecologist reveals that she may never be able to give birth because of her abortion. Karen persuades David that they should join a local campaign to stop the children's playground from closing down. He is not keen until he ...
19 Nov. 2000
Episode #3.3
Anxious to start a family Rachel and Adam explore the idea of IVF treatment. Pete finds himself minding his son Adam whilst Jenny goes out with Robert. Whilst taking him to the park he meets Ramona with the twins and - eventually - asks her out for a date. He is put out to learn that David is having a fortieth birthday party to which he had not been invited but he turns up and has a row with Robert. Jenny then has words with Ramona. David gets very drunk and ends up in the garden,kissing Jessica. Next day he wakes up with a hang-over and finds that everybody has ...
26 Nov. 2000
Episode #3.4
Pete agrees to play for Matthew's gay football team but is thrown out as ineligible when Ramona comes to support him and he kisses her. He stays the night with her but has an embarrassing encounter next day with David - who is fantasizing about Jessica. Karen goes to meet an old college friend Miles Brodie,now a successful photographer. Rachel learns that her inability to conceive is due to her suffering from partial Asherman's Syndrome and she suggests splitting from Adam as she can never give him children. Adam however proposes but Ramona dumps Pete as he is ...
3 Dec. 2000
Episode #3.5
Though they wonder if they are doing it for the wrong reasons Rachel and Adam's friends congratulate them on their engagement but,sensing the others' unease,the couple decide to put things on hold. David meets up with Jessica to have sex in a hotel room for an afternoon whilst Karen,having accepted that she and Miles Brodie no longer have anything in common,is put out when he asks Jenny to organize his exhibition. Pete starts to communicate with a woman he meets on a chat-line,only to find he has been hoaxed by two 12 year old girls,though it does lead to a date with ...
10 Dec. 2000
Episode #3.6
Pete and David take Adam back to the town where he grew up in Northern Ireland for his stag party. Pete catches David phoning up Jessica and persuades her that it is unfair on Karen and gets him to break up the affair on returning to Manchester. Adam meets Jane,his childhood sweetheart with whom he gets rather drunk. Next day he wakes up in her bed although she assure s him that nothing went on between them. Rachel is having a spa weekend with Jenny and Karen,where Jenny lets slip that she once kissed Adam. Rachel is annoyed but the women patch things up before flying...
17 Dec. 2000
Episode #3.7
David decides to break up with Jessica and takes her to a restaurant,where things go badly and she storms out. They are seen by Robert,also with another woman,and he suggests to David they keep each other's secrets. Karen is almost arrested for assault after punching a would-be car thief and David takes her out but she is suspicious of his attentiveness whilst Pete tells Jenny that he is getting on so well now he is back with Emma that he wants a divorce. Adam is shocked by the exorbitant cost of a wedding at a country house that Jenny has planned and Rachel so hates ...
26 Dec. 2000
Episode #3.8
Pete tries to get the others to record a congratulatory video for the happy couple but their cynicism intrudes. On the morning of the wedding Pete has cold feet about the divorce and so he and Jenny decide that they will give their marriage yet another chance. As Robert moves out to live with Sarah,the woman he took to the restaurant,he tells Jenny that he saw David with Jessica and Jenny tells Rachel but they are nervous about letting Karen know. The wedding goes ahead - no thanks to Pete,who forgets to order the car for Adam and whose reference to Kris in his best ...

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