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Season 4

18 Nov. 2001
Episode #4.1
Adam gets jealous when Rachel becomes a leading light in the local amateur dramatics group and,after he has thrown a tantrum,is given a small part in her play. He also coaches Josh's football team after David's managerial stint has proved disastrous. David decides to become more sophisticated to impress Karen,with an agenda that involves watching Spanish films,though only Ramona notices. Pete and Jenny seem to back on track,especially as she is pregnant again. However,after miscarrying she seriously considers moving to New York,as personal assistant to Owen,the owner ...
19 Nov. 2001
Episode #4.2
Karen and David cannot stop arguing and Ramona decides to quit,following an offer to work in a strip club. Karen and Jo baby-sit little Adam but when Karen has to leave and Jo is left on her own,Jenny is angry to find a stranger in charge of her son and announces that she will be going to New Youk,with him,after all. Adam and Rachel attend an adoption evening where Adam makes a fool of himself. Later they see Jane,whom Rachel innocently invites to dinner,unaware that Jane has deliberately followed Adam to Manchester as she still has feelings for him. David talks ...
25 Nov. 2001
Episode #4.3
David becomes Pete's lodger after Karen has thrown him out. Karen starts to enjoy her single status rather too much,going clubbing with a virtual stranger and getting drunk at a girls' night out with Rachel,Ramona and Jo,where she insults her old friend Bella. Later,after a concert at Josh's school,she crashes her car and a concerned David suggests that she go to see a therapist with him. Rachel innocently invites Jane to stay the night and almost catches her groping Adam the next morning. They just about get away with it but then Adam reveals to Rachel what happened ...
26 Nov. 2001
Episode #4.4
Rachel refuses to speak to Adam until David reminds her that,whilst nothing occurred between Jane and Adam,she slept with Kris whilst officially dating Adam and there is reconciliation as the couple go for adoption,meeting the adorable Laura. Pete's mother comes to stay,as obsessive as ever with housework but when Pete and David return from work they find she has set fire to the kitchen and admits that she is not safe to be left on her own. Pete therefore gets her into sheltered accommodation - with a dog for company. Jo assumes she will promoted at work as she is ...
2 Dec. 2001
Episode #4.5
Jo quits her job in protest at losing the promotion and moves in with Pete as she cannot now afford her higher rent. She begins an aerobics class and Pete drums up custom for her - despite throwing up at his first class. He is starting to fall for her and is upset when she dates colleague Suggs. Adam and Rachel show Laura the room they have prepared for her but when Ruth from the adoption agency hears of Rachel's pregnancy the adoption is withdrawn from them on the grounds that Laura would feel excluded by the baby. They consult a solicitor but have to concede defeat....
3 Dec. 2001
Episode #4.6
With Rachel visiting Jenny in New York Adam takes Ramona to a casino but she develops a gambling addiction and David has to lend her the money to repay her losses. Pete buys an MG sports car which Adam borrows without asking,impressing the glamorous Deborah,with whom he stays the night. Pete sees the car is missing but reclaims it,leading Adam to call the police and Pete to be arrested. Mark gives Karen a necklace and asks her to work for him permanently but,despite a sexual fantasy about him,she refuses. David buys a race-horse Lady Perfect,which does not live up to ...
9 Dec. 2001
Episode #4.7
Rachel returns from New York,ready for sex but afraid that Adam will find her bump unattractive. With pre-natal nerves they begin to argue over different things,such as the baby's name. Karen joins Mark at a hotel for an afternoon of sex,which leaves her feeling guilty and she confesses what happened to Rachel,who believes she should end things with Mark. At the launch of her book Geraldine tells Karen that she is not the first woman with whom Mark has been unfaithful but Mark is persistent,despite Karen's protests,offering to leave Geraldine for her. Natalie makes ...
10 Dec. 2001
Episode #4.8
The Marsdens and Williams fly to Sydney for Pete's wedding to Jo. Lucy,Rachel's sister,is a Lesbian who lives in Sydney and wants a sperm donor for a baby. Adam offers but Rachel puts her foot down. Jo's father Rod is actually a very wealthy man and disapproves of Pete,whom he believes is only marrying Jo to get at his money but Adam persuades him otherwise and the wedding goes ahead. To Karen's horror Mark turns up,having left Geraldine for her and,when she refuses to go with him,exposes their brief affair to David. As Pete does not have a ring David gives him his ...

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