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It could have done with fewer plot devices, but it is ultimately far more satisfying than countless less ambitious and risky films.
Norway's hallucinatory, edge-of-the-world beauty imbues the story with a woozy, alcoholic haze and a sense of the marginal spaces into which the messiest aspects of private life are shoved.
Boston Globe
It is an uncompromising family tale, one that's dark but lyrical and moving in its rendering of the ties that bind even the most dysfunctional families, despite valiant efforts to destroy them.
Miami Herald
A film of rare beauty, lifted by some of the best acting you may see in any film this year.
New York Daily News
A journey that goes from prosaic to existential. Director Hans Petter Moland's raw drama of father-daughter reconciliation features an excellent cast.
In the end, grips us precisely because its actors are so utterly absorbed in their roles, so unfettered and nakedly expressive. This is the kind of acting we always look for, but rarely see.
New York Post
Intelligent, moving and often beautifully photographed, Aberdeen boasts superb performances.
Behind the narrative twists and contrived dramatic complications is a searing and scary look at dysfunction.
Charlotte Observer
The characters, irritating as they can be at first, grow on you as they grow up.
It's a raw, haunting experience.

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