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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Clark Gregg Previews Coulson vs. Ward: 'He's On a Search-and-Destroy Mission'

Rocked by the tragic murder of his girlfriend and in turn determined to “end” Hydra honcho Grant Ward’s treachery, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Phil Coulson took a big leap — literally — and landed all the way on another planet.

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Though he took some knocks upon hitting the extraterrestrial terrain, Coulson’s arrival on the planet sets the stage for a S.H.I.E.L.D. showdown long in the making, as Coulson hunts down Ward, his onetime colleague, who traveled through the portal with Fitz in tow to retrieve a mighty Inhuman warrior.
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The 5 Biggest Mistakes Guys Make When Buying Flowers Online - and How to Fix Them

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Guys Make When Buying Flowers Online - and How to Fix Them
Does your boyfriend always get you the same crappy floral arrangement every holiday? The guys at BloomNation are here to help. In 2010, Farbod Shoraka, David Daneshgar and Gregg Weisstein founded a business that allows shoppers to work with local florists to design the perfect bouquet for your boo. "My girlfriend would text me the picture and I would be like, 'What? That doesn't look anything like what I sent,' " Daneshgar tells People. So how do you make you partner feel like a million bucks? The boys tell us the biggest mistakes guys make when buying flowers online - and how to fix them.
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New The Flash Photos: Barry Introduces Iris to His New Girlfriend

Guys like us don’t get the girl,” Oliver told Barry back in the first part of The Flash and Arrow‘s two-night crossover event, and while he may have been right (at least for the moment) about Barry and Iris, that isn’t going to stop Central City’s hero from trying to find love with someone else. And that’s exactly what Barry, along with Caitlin, does in next Tuesday’s episode of The Flash, titled “Crazy for You,” as he meets the lovely Linda Park (played by The Vampire Diaries alum Malese Jow) and even, as these photos show, introduces her to Iris. That won’t be the least bit awkward at all, will it? Elsewhere in the episode, Barry and the team set their sights on Shawna (Britne Oldford), who isn’t exactly using her teleportation powers for good, as she breaks her boyfriend out of prison.
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The Flash, Ep. 1.08, “Flash vs. Arrow” immensely entertaining and frequently hilarious

The Flash, Season 1, Episode 8, “Flash vs. Arrow

Written by Ben Sokolowski & Brooke Eikmeier

Directed by Glen Winter

Airs Tuesdays at 8pm Et on the CW

We’ve already seen plenty of exchanges between The Flash and Arrow since Barry Allen first debuted in “The Scientist”, but this episode marked the first major crossover between the two shows. The writers focused a great deal on the sheer entertainment in seeing these two heroes square off, and the end result is a fun, lighthearted, action packed adventure that knows exactly what it wants to be and executes it well. As DC and Warner Bros. prep Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice to kick-start their interconnected big-screen universe, “The Flash vs. Arrow” proves their small screen worlds are miles ahead of the game.

The formula when it comes to superhero crossovers is pretty familiar by now. Based on the title alone, we knew
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Flash/Arrow Crossover Recap: Oliver Makes a Point, and [Spoiler] Returns!

Flash/Arrow Crossover Recap: Oliver Makes a Point, and [Spoiler] Returns!
Barry Allen and Oliver Queen may have become fast friends when the Central City CSI first appeared on The CW’s Arrow, but this week on The Flash — in the opener of a two-night crossover event — the brahs brutally clashed, under extenuating circumstances. Then, once the dust cleared, one of the superheroes got a blast from his past (though just how big, he has no idea).

Most simply (and easily) said, Part 1 of the crossover was expectedly super — once one accepted Oliver’s extra-prickly personality within the Central City town lines. (We were told that he was on edge about
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"Supernatural" Recap: "Winchester vs Winchester (Round Two)"

We open with Benny working the bar at the local Gumbo Shack in Carencro, Louisiana.

Should I waste time commenting on how good Ty Olssen looks in that tight white shirt and the green apron which brings out his eyes? And that smile… Yeah, okay, snapping out.

A pretty brunette, Elizabeth, who’s probably the owner, or the head-waitress, fondly orders him about to close up for the night. He drawls, “Darlin’, it ain’t my first rodeo.”

Oh, Chuck! Take that accent and stow it away for a rainy day.

A lone trucker sitting at the bar comments about the easy camaraderie between them and wonders if they have something going on. “Nuh..uh, she’s more like a li’l sister to me, y’know,” Benny replies. The trucker, who’s about as old as her grandfather, wonders if he can take a shot at her.

“She’s all yours,
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Supernatural Recap: You Can't Go Home Again

Supernatural Recap: You Can't Go Home Again
The winter finale of Supernatural on Wednesday night proved that there’s no winner in Dean and Sam’s battle over Benny.

Both were right and both were wrong as the vampire’s true nature revealed itself to be far more complicated than a simple “killer” or “not a killer.”

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The episode begins in Louisiana, where Benny, now going by Roy, is working at the Gumbo Shack — because what else is a reformed vampire to do? While he’s trying to walk the line, Sam’s got Martin,
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Writer-Producer Rina Mimoun Signs Overall Deal With ABC Studios

Exclusive: After a decade at Warner Bros TV, writer-producer Rina Mimoun is moving to ABC Studios where she has signed a two-year overall deal. Under the rich seven-figure pact, Mimoun will develop new projects for the studio and join its upcoming series Mistresses as an executive producer. The soap, based on the British format, was recently given a straight-to-series order for a summer 2013 launch. It was written by The Nine co-creator Kj Steinberg, who is executive producing with Bob Sertner, Ecosse FilmsDouglas Rae and now Mimoun. With Steinberg busy working on her ABC/ABC Studios pilot Gilded Lilys, Mimoun and Sertner will oversee day-to-day operations on Mistresses for the time being. Mimoun’s deal with ABC Studios starts in June, but I hear she is been loaned out by Warner Bros TV so that she can start work on Mistresses right away. Mimoun — who got her start at age
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Johnny Drama Lives On!

Johnny Drama Lives On!
The final curtain may have closed on "Entourage," but Kevin Dillon isn't giving up on his alter-ego, Johnny Drama, just yet -- or at least not when it comes to getting girls. But Dillon may have to rein in his player ways; after all, he's starring in the new CBS comedy, "How to Be a Gentleman." In the new sitcom, he plays a gym owner who schools a client on how to be more manly -- a clear fit for the "Platoon" and "24" actor. If anyone is the professor of manhood, then it's surely Dillon-Drama.

Tell me about "How to Be a Gentleman."

It's got a little bit of an "Odd Couple" vibe about it. I would be more of the Oscar type guy. He's a guy who owns a gym and does personal training. Not only does he do the body he likes to think he trains the mind.
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Foo Fighters Channel The Beatles 'Live On Letterman'

By Annie Reuter

One thing you can certainly say about the Foo Fighters: They're a dedicated bunch. For further proof of this, look no further than Tuesday night's "Live On Letterman" performance, which took place at the iconic Ed Sullivan Theater in New York, site of the Beatles' first U.S. performance in 1964. So, of course, the Foos felt compelled to mimic the Fab Four's famed get-ups &# black suits, white shirts, skinny ties and black dress shoes &#8212 even though, as Dave Grohl would confess midway through their set, "these f---in' suits are so hot."

They also took the opportunity to turn the performance into a defacto album-release party for their brand-new Wasting Light disc, blasting through the album in its entirety (as they've been doing these days) and then tacking on a second hour of nothing but hits. Because, really, why not?

The first 60 minutes highlighted Lights' many strengths &#8212 namely,
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'Privileged' creator extends WBTV deal

Writer-producer Rina Mimoun has inked a new two-year overall deal with Warner Bros. Television.

Under the mid-seven-figure pact, Mimoun -- who created the studio's CW drama "Privileged" -- will develop series and work on existing Wbtv shows.

The deal will extend Mimoun's stay at Wbtv to a decade, during which time she also created and ran "Privileged" and worked on the studio's hourlong series "Gilmore Girls," "Pushing Daisies" and "Eastwick."

"They try to get rid of me, but I like working with them and just won't leave," she quipped, calling Wbtv president Peter Roth "the last man standing who truly loves television."

Mimoun was 21, writing spec TV script after spec TV script, when one of them found its way to sitcom veteran Michael J. Weithorn, then creator/executive producer of the Fox/Sony comedy "Ned and Stacey," starring Debra Messing and Thomas Haden Church.

Dolled out in a blue-and-white polkadot dress,
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