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True to the Book of Esther....
shaliach23 February 2003
This film is very true to the Book of Esther found in the Bible. The action follows the story (as told in the Bible) scene for scene and even much of the dialogue is the same as the original ("If it pleases the king..."). Highly recommended as a teaching tool in a religious school.
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Well made and true to the Bible
Avoura7 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is another film in the Time Life series of Bible films, and in "Esther" we see the events of the book of Esther from the Old Testament played out in a convincing and realistic way. The film sticks closely to the Bible narrative, even using the script word for word from the Bible, at least from the New King James Version, which I read along with the film while watching. Acting is excellent, and Louise Lombard does well in the title role. F Murray Abraham, an excellent actor, plays the part of Mordecai very well, and Thomas Kretschmann, whom I had not previously heard of, does an excellent job as King Ahaseurus. J├╝rgen Prochnow does a good job of playing the evil Haman, and by the time Haman is executed, I was hating Haman for his evil crimes, and regarding Mordecai, Esther and Ahaseurus with great admiration. The film also uses other Biblical characters, not mentioned in the book of Esther, but whose books come before Esther in the Bible, i.e. Ezra and Nehemiah. I am not sure if they were contemporary with Esther, or shortly after her time, but the way they are used in the film fits in very well with the story. I had previously seen a 1950s film with Joan Collins about Esther, which was totally wrong and mostly made up, whereas this film is very true to the Bible and worth seeing. Even if you have never read the Bible or know the story of Esther, I would recommend this film as it is a great film in its own right, and very enjoyable and watchable.
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Exceptionally stirring
joshualieder15 September 2001
I have yet to read Esther fully in the Bible (but will tonight after this review) so I cannot comment on the scriptural accuracy of this film, but I will say that whether Jew or Christian, its an exceptional moving film and the main actress worthy of her title as "queen"!

F. Murray Abraham and the Louise Lombard are terrific and bring real feeling to their roles. I also leaped for joy when I saw Ezra and Nehemiah brought in as supporting roles. Of the films in this excellent DVD package (Solomon, Genesis and Jeremiah) I found this the most rewarding. Someone suggested that a theology student shouldn't be using this film and others like it as cliff notes for The Bible, but I would recommend them as a wonderful starting point and rewarding entertainment for others as well. My only wish is that the rest of the films in the series would get released on DVD (Notably "David" and "Moses". They are spiritually uplifting and well worth a rental or a purchase!
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Esther is a jewel
cris-576 June 2005
Obviously, as all movies based on The Bible this is only a good place to start one's introduction to The Bible....but this one is a very good intro in my opinion. As a student of The Bible for many years I found myself comparing the movie with the biblical text and found myself learning some interesting gems. For instance, this guy Ahasuerus really loved Esther deeply...which is brought out in the movie "and the scriptures" for those who care to note...why else would Ahasuerus offer Esther half the kingdom when she entered upon risk of her life and then he turns around later and offers to grant her request with "no limitations." There are other gems in this movie for those who care to see.
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Exceptional Movie
francescoscinico2 December 2001
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is exceptionally well made. It is also extremely faithful to the Scripture, except for the different notation on the result of the war between the Jews and their attackers among the Persian provinces. I saw some other movies of this Bible series, such as Joseph (another favorite of mine), David, and Solomon, and this one ranks up high with Joseph. The only thing I could think about after watching this movie was the magnitude of Esther's moral character. I was in awe when I saw the faith with which she prayed God. ***SPOILER: Maybe the scene that had the greatest impact was the one where Esther prostrated onto the ground to pray for the delivery of her people and fasted for three days and three nights. ***END SPOILER*** Awesome. Ten Stars.
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woundworld3 December 2014
This movie's directing, editing, dialogue, scenography, acting and music are all 10/10. I really cannot find a fault and I find faults in most movies.

I may not agree with the roles of women in the society or that the proposed solution to the massacre is a massacre, but then again, a movie doesn't have to be feminist or pacifist, but to describe a story, and this is a nice story, though not of our time.

I suspect it may be looked down upon for its being a movie from the Bible and not being a big production. Probably no one expects excellency from it and its merits are not recognized. Its vote may depend more on what is expected such a production to be rated.
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Accurate and inspiring
artyyeo19 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The accuracy of the movie is pretty high. Even the dialog has quoted large chunks of the Bible and in many parts, they have attempted to extract and paraphrased many verses. It is quite biblical. I am inspired.

Here are the parts which are most inspiring:

1) Mordecai wailing in the streets, crying and praying. It depicted a man without any inhibition when it comes to expressing his emotions to God. It was recorded in the Bible and the movie depicted it accurately.

2) The emphasis on the 3 days and nights fasting with praying was clearly depicted and was again very inspiring. Many verses from other parts of the Old Testament were quoted in their prayers. It relates fasting with a national catastrophe.

3) In the end, the wooing of the king by Esther was again accurately presented. Through her gutsy courage to appear before the court uninvited and throwing the two banquets for the king and Haman, the final climax was accurately depicted again.

The movie, in short, was done to inspire and uplift the viewer spiritually. Well done and God bless!
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Girl's movie night--clean, romantic, accurate adaptation
a_rosehall26 December 2010
This was the second version of the story of Esther that I have watched (third if you count the VeggieTales version), and it was much better than the other I'd watched. As far as I can remember the other Esther I watched--"One Night With the King"--had poor acting, and I was not pleased with it's adaptation of the Bible story. I was concerned that I'd find the same problems with this version; however, I was pleasantly surprised.

"Esther" follows the Biblical account very well (which is one of the most romantic and exciting Bible stories--it has its own book of the Bible); in fact it brought some aspects of the story to light that I'd never noticed before. The actress playing Esther was perfect for the role (in fact, all the casting was well done). There was beautiful romance, but it did not "cross the lines" (in other words, minimal skin showed), and my mother and I fully enjoyed watching it together.
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Movie is a beautiful depiction of the Book of Esther from Bible
Tania B25 December 2006
This movie was a great rendition of the book of Esther. It showed God's love and plan for our lives and His people even though we don't see it.

The book of Esther had two major themes in it for me, one was how a wife is to prepare for her husband, Esther prepared for the King 12 months, second Esther's obedience that ultimately led to the Jewish people being spared from slaughter. Please notice that the queen could only be summoned by the King, Esther and the Jewish people prayed and fasted for three days in order to soften the King's heart when Esther approached him unannounced.

The movie also showed the sweet relationship between Esther and the King.

I highly recommend this movie! Tania
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I love it!
vesy vesy22 April 2014
I have to say i really got exited by this movie and i am not a model Christian. I am not an atheist but i haven't read the bible, I don't go to church, I don't keep lent, I don't pray. I don't even watch Bible movies. But I am really glad I saw this one. It speaks very well of it since it can excite even someone like me. There is faith, there is history, there is romance. It feels like a fairy tale for adults and I mean this in a positive way.

The actors have done a wonderful job and what really pleases me is by the words of the other reviewers the film is faithful to the the way it is depicted in the Bible. I have always thought "When you film a book, be accurate" and I think this should be considered especially for the book of books.

Marvelous, powerful movie. 10/10.
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