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Average action-thriller movie in short budget and cheap effects

Author: ma-cortes
21 December 2007

The film deals with Edward Downey (Jeff Speakman) , a government agent/ex-Marine imprisoned mental sanatorium where has strange dreams about his mentor (Bruce Weitz) . He's just been released from a mental ward by general Willard (Paul Mantee)and assign him to kill senator Lancaster(Frederick Coffin) and Presidency candidate . There's only one man you can count on when the final countdown begins. As an embittered satellite expert gets the opportunity for revenge against the USA by aiding terrorists in a plan to destroy the country's military base . A satellite called Eagle from 'Star wars project' is robbed by terrorist organization called 'Five Red' and formed by ex-KGB agents . The laser satellite launches a series of ray attacks on orbiting space station and US atomic underwater . Downey's needed to stop a terrorist band that's stolen the laser satellite . Meanwhile , he's helped by a beautiful journalist (Stephanie Niznik) .

This routine-low budget movie contains suspense , action , thrills and cheesy effects specials . Routine , and low quality to the point of boring though some moment gets thrilling . The film is starred by Jeff Speakman . He's 6th degree black belt in American Kenpo Karate . Speakman is director of American Kenpo, an International Kenpo Karate organization with more of 50 schools . In the cinema his greatest success was 'Perfect weapon' but his career failed with C grade films (¨Hot Boyz¨, ¨Deadly outbreak¨) , like this one , becoming himself a failed star . Secondary cast is formed by usual B-movie actors such as Bruce Weitz , Frederick Coffin and Joe Stevez who holds an uncanny resemblance his brother Martin Sheen . The movie was middlingly directed by Worth Keeter . He's usually TV movies director (Power Rangers episodes) and occasionally cinema director , such as ¨Hijack¨ , ¨L.A Bounty¨ , ¨Trapper county war¨ and ¨Scorpio one¨ (again with Jeff Speakman and with similar plot and FX) . Rating : Below average , though displays some action but also boredom .

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Offensive to those who lost loved ones in terrorist attacks.

Author: DigitalRevenantX7 from Australia
7 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To fans of the cult 1990s television series Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Worth Keeter is the director of many of that show's episodes. But when it comes to film, Keeter is one of the genre's most mediocre directors – virtually all of his works are poor & some are laugh riots due to their badly-written stories. But in the case of Memorial Day, a 1998 effort mounted by the decade's cheap action studio Royal Oaks, there will be no laughing here.

Written by later Wynorski affiliate Steve Latshaw, Memorial Day is the tale of a secret group of US intelligence agents within the CIA who feel threatened by budget cuts & so decide to save their paycheques by inventing a new terrorist enemy. Using a top-secret weapons satellite codenamed the Eagle, they commit attacks against their own countrymen, blaming the fictional terrorists for it. Using a hawkish & paranoid senator as a mouthpiece, the agents decide to kill him & make him a martyr for their cause. To this end they rescue an assassin who has been thoroughly brainwashed for years, sending him to assassinate the senator. But he regains his memory & refuses to carry out the hit. With the aid of a crusading reporter, he attempts to bring down the conspiracy.

The script is a collection of conspiracy clichés that will offend those who have lost loved ones during 9/11 & other real-life terrorist attacks. Despite being made only three years before Al Qaeda launched its war against the West, the film has dated badly due to its plot. Latshaw writes with an abandon of any sense of decency, making his scripts full of bad writing choices & flatly-staged action scenes. Keeter also is to blame here, making something that has no purpose other than to entertain those idiots out there who perpetually believe that the USA's government is in league with its enemies (although Frederick Coffin's senator is a carbon copy of George W. Bush with his incessant ranting which will bring back unpleasant memories of Bush's false preaching about Iraq's non-existent WMD stockpile as an excuse to invade the country).

Avoid this one like the plague.

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Movie summary

Author: bpeck13 from Washington State, United States
27 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Cold War is over and Defense Spending is down. In order to increase military spending, the Agency (a team of high-level intelligence officers) headed by General Willard (Paul Mantee) creates a fake terrorist group: Red Five that is using a top secret satellite laser (codename Eagle) to create havoc and terrorize the people.

Seven years ago, USMC Captain Edward Downey (Jeff Speakman) and former Agency employee told reporter Robin Connors (Stephanie Niznik) about the Eagle not working properly. The Agency discredited him by having him declared insane and committed to a mental hospital. The Eagle is now fixed and operational. Downey is re-programmed and released to do the Agency's evil deeds, Downey starts remembering the past and does not go through with an assignation of Senator Jerald Lancaster (Frederick Coffin) who is a presidential candidate and an unknowing pawn of the Agency's. Now Downey and Robin are on the run for their lives. Downey calls his old Agency contact, Jules (Bruce Weitz), for help. However, Jules (aka #1) is part of the conspiracy and kidnaps Robin because she knows too much.

Downey finally convinces Lancaster about the plot against his life and to help him. In a race against time, Downey has to stop the Agency from making Lancaster and Robin martyrs and killing even more innocent people.

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Did you see the same movie I did?

Author: tin_weasel from Australia
24 December 2006

The previous user comment about this being an OK movie is quite bizarre... it's quite clearly a low budget, c-grade, made-for-TV quality movie -- if it was made for TV in the early 80's. The fight scenes are awful, and I can't imagine anyone, not even someone who knows Speakman's martial art of choice would really care about what kind of punch he is throwing at any stage.

Maybe his comments were actually about a different movie... the back cover of the DVD that I picked up for $3 reads:

"Chicago SWAT TEAM leader Jimmy Fain (Jeff Speakman) is committed to a mental facility, blaming himself after he fails to diffuse a terrorist bombing threat. There he meets a mysterious inmate who insists that Fain is the man destined to save the world from nuclear disaster. Going against all sane logic, Fain breaks out of the asylum, racing against time to save the human race from self-destruction.

In desolate Siberia, mercenary saboteurs armed with a HI-TECH STEALTH HELICOPTER steal the control codes for Russia's orbiting LASER SATELLITE called TALON. Within hours, ruthless industrialist Gerald Lancaster launches a series of space-based laser attacks on American NUCLEAR SUBMARINE and a Russian ORBITING SPACE STATION. Soon, Russia's capitalist government falls victim to a hard line communist coup and the West prepares for the return of the cold war.

Crossing the Canadian border, Jimmy Fain rescues a defecting Russian scientist who holds the key to destroying the TALON satellite. Pursued by Lancaster's hit squads, Fain battles to destroy the TALON satellite, before Lancaster plunges the world into NUCLEAR Armageddon."

Now THAT's a movie worth $3! However, in the movie I actually saw:

1) There is no character called Jimmy Fain. 2) The character Speakman plays is not a SWAT TEAM leader. 3) His character doesn't have a breakdown, he is forced into an insane asylum, but doesn't meet anyone there. 4) Siberia is never mentioned or seen. 5) There are no HI-TECH STEALTH HELICOPTERS. 6) Russia is never mentioned or seen. 7) Canada is never mentioned or seen. 8) There are no defecting or any other kind of scientists (technicians, maybe). 9) There is no-one called Lancaster. 10) There is no nuclear threat at any stage. 11) There is a LASER SATELLITE, but it's called EAGLE, not TALON.

Apart from that, it's a perfectly accurate description of the movie.

What's odd is the IMDb Plot Outline for this movie reads:

"An embittered satellite expert gets the opportunity for revenge against the USA by aiding terrorists in a plan to destroy the country's military base."

This is also completely inaccurate. There is no embittered satellite expert, there are no terrorists, and there is no plan to destroy any military base. The movie DOES have a satellite in it though, I'll give it that. And 2 out of 10.

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Don't waste your time

Author: tet1953 from United States
26 June 1999

About the only thing worse than the awful dialog is the (over?) acting. Bruce Weitz's talent somehow comes through, in spite of what appears to be poor direction. Oh, yeah..the effects. Cheap...laughable at times. A notch or two above Flash Gordon.

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not as good as the perfect weapon (also featuring Jeff Speakman)

Author: awlauter from Chicago
12 February 2002

Memorial Day is a decent film starring martial arts expert Jeff Speakman who happened to study the same type of karate (kempo) as I did. The movie basically details a former intelligence agent who had information about a special satelite that is being used to harm innocent americans. Speakman plays the agent who is deemed insane and confined to a mental hospital. He is released with the idea of him being ordered to kill a presidential candidate who is little more than a puppet in the eyes of the people who put him there. The film moves pretty well and the acting is decent.

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Sequel to Independence Day it is not

Author: Ryan J. Gilmer ( from Plymouth, MN, USA
19 February 2002

I guess the two biggest or best things about this movie are:

1- The in-joke/rumor that there was a sequel to Independence Day called Memorial Day. Hum, this movie is obviously a rip on ID4 (even the box logo is similar), but there is nothing else.

2- Martin Sheen's cameo. Hmm, no credit, hmm.. bad movie...

Yes, this is a bad movie, I'd recommend passing on the film that has some decent sets and may appease Speakman fans, but otherwise, the story is full of holes and is just plain wierd.

Rating: 3

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