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C'mon, it ain't that bad

Author: Yohanes ( from Kudus, Indonesia
1 April 2002

B-movies should be treated as B-movie. If you watch the previous condemning comments, well, I can agree to them at some extent but it should be noted that this movie offer a good characterization of the Marshal. A rough, tough, macho, reckless lawman whose approach to handle crime is out of date but proves to be effective, just like Dirty Harry's approach. However, he's also thoughtful, he feels uneasy for getting caught by a lady for uttering swear words. But Scott Glenn truly portrays this character convincingly, a man who's bold enough to assert himself as he is (of course by wiping out his enemies with style). Action scenes are mediocre, but what else do you expect? I think it's still not that bad.

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Scott Glenn deserves better

Author: jhs39 from Chicago, IL
16 November 2003

Scott Glenn is about the only reason to sit through this routine cops and action thriller that plays like McCloud in Florida--if McCloud were a violent racist redneck. At least that's how the movie starts out. Scott Glenn spews a stream of anti-Mexican racial invective in the opening sequence that is amusingly nasty and also brings to mind some of the more edgy elements of the first Dirty Harry movie. Actually The Last Marshal works pretty well until Glenn's character is sent to Florida on the trail of two suspects--then the movie not only turns into a standard issue fish out of water thriller but becomes spineless--once Glenn is paired up with a hot Hispanic female partner he becomes such an emotional softie that Alan Alda in his salad days would probably have been embarrassed. Scott Glenn is a fine actor and always worth watching, but it's a shame that he only gets leads these days in straight to video junk like this. Movie does at least have a sense of humor about itself, which helps.

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What the world needs now, more than ever before, is Cole McCleary.

Author: Comeuppance Reviews from United States Minor Outlying Islands
4 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Cole McCleary (Glenn) is a tough, racist, hard-drinkin', hard-fightin' and hard-swearin' Texas Deputy Marshal. Naturally, his superiors and colleagues don't approve of his rogue ways. They seem to be oblivious to the fact that he always gets results. When super-evil bad guy Torres (Castellanos) and his "weak link" partner T-Boy (Cruz) do some REALLY bad stuff and abscond to Miami, Cole follows them.

Now a complete fish out of water, this throwback of a Texas lawman must contend with a multi-racial environment and a lot of bright colors and upbeat people. He's NOT happy about this. His new partner is Jamie (Batinkoff), a young, hip dude who Cole doesn't really take a shine to. It turns out the criminal mastermind behind all the murder, drugs, kidnappings and probably a lot of other things is DeClerc (Forsythe). Cole must take down the evil empire in his own way - as well as get involved with Rosa (Marie) in a romantic relationship, showing he may have a soft spot after all.

Scott Glenn is simply awesome in his role as Cole. He's completely believable as the old-school Texas badass who hates everyone in equal measure. He's grizzled and plays by his own rules. You should watch this movie for his performance alone. Sure, towards the middle of the film there's some unnecessary justifications/psychological explanations for his ways, but you kind of HAVE to do that, and it doesn't take long. One of the more interesting aspects of The Last Marshal is how true it is to its title - Cole truly is the last of a dying breed, and a man out of time. The movie should have explored this aspect just a little bit more - how no-nonsense enforcers like Cole are slowly being replaced by pretty boys who are just prissy and ineffectual.

Speaking of the title, it is misspelled in the film. Director Kirton (also responsible for the Forsythe vehicle Strike Force 2003, and who has an extensive stunt background) finds some good locales - from the Texas-set opening of the film, to the Miami "Steak n' Strip", a combination steakhouse and strip joint, one of the most macho eateries we've yet seen on film. Kirton scores big points for releasing such a politically incorrect (for the most part) film in 1999. In fact, except for the music, this movie could have been made in the 80's.

We can't forget William Forsythe with his "German" accent and his sidekick Sunny (Boyle). He and his goons certainly raise a high bar for pure evilness. But Cole only wants the goons. He's not interested in solving every single problem in life. Just the ones that came to his Texas turf and ruined his day. The Last Marshal has DTV violence and fun clichés in equal measure. Just check out the classic-of-all-classic Black yelling police chief Lukowski (Wilcox).

What the world needs now, more than ever before, is Cole McCleary.

For more action insanity, please visit:

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Good action film ..........

Author: merklekranz from United States
3 January 2011

Scott Glenn carries this exciting, yet flawed action film. The set up in Texas has Glenn not exactly following the book in a hostage situation. He then is assigned to Miami, hot on the trail of the two killers who escaped from the Texas mayhem. The first and final part of "The Last Marshal" is superior to the middle, which bogs down in a not believable romance. There are other problems relating to how certain people just happened to show up at certain locations, but these flaws can be overlooked, in favor of lots of action, and some impressive stunts. For an action film, you could do a lot worse than "The Last Marshal" - MERK

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How Action Films Should be made

Author: zorro2a from United Kingdom
28 March 2009

I cannot understand why people condemn a film like this, what do they want, Scott Glenn is fantastic in the lead role, he hates everyone, but even though he is an old time cop (Just like Frost in the UK) he gets the job done in his own way, and along that way there is plenty to enjoy, he is a hard drinking swearing son of a bitch, and as l have said he hates everyone, there are some funny moments, but plenty of action as well, there are the usual Police Lt. who shouts all the time, there is a faggot who is the hotel clerk, and a real nasty baddie-well 2 of them really so you really root for The Last Marshall l rate this movie as one of my favourites and l give it 9/10

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Waste of funds and talent

Author: Refereexxx from United States
25 February 2006

I not only saw the film,but worked on it as well and had a small role in it,JHS39 is correct in his review.

From day one of filming one knew how horrible this film would turn out to be.

Not only is it a waste of funds,but talent such as Scott Glenn,Raymond Cruz and Constance Marie.

I will not go into details,but let's just say Scott was one really mad actor,and I cannot blame him do to the unprofessional style of work Mike Kirton the director displayed throughout the month of filming.

Waste of $1mil!

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Uneven but worthwhile

Author: rsoonsa ( from Mountain Mesa, California
28 March 2000

Although cliches abound, this is an interesting film.

The acting of Randall Batinkoff, was quite subtle and appealing. Scott Glenn was focused and consistent with his characterisation. The direction by Mike Kirton, his first effort, was quite acceptable and his extensive stunt background was apparent. The score, editing and enthusiastic performances by the rest of the cast, many of whom obviously studied their roles, were noteworthy. Glenn's softening was blessedly unconvincing. There was enough torture and violence to warrant a "gratuitous" rating.

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A Valiant Effort for a B movie.

Author: Lee Bartholomew ( from Cedar Falls, IA
30 March 2000

This movie is obviously a B movie, but as far as B movies go, I will give it that. It's got plenty of action. A really good storyline. My one complaint is that William Forsythe doesn't pass off as a german very well. I thought Scott Glenn did a fairly good job. Sure some people won't like this movie, but I did. It was fun to watch. It's kinda like The Cowboy Way (which I never did like) although I may be stretching it a bit there. Either way, 7 out of 10 for me.

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Unintentionally (I hope) hilarious....

Author: innocuous from Raleigh, NC, USA
26 April 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You know you're in trouble when there's a misspelling in the title credits. ("Marshal" is misspelled as "marshall," even though they get it right virtually everywhere else in the movie. I guess they had already given up trying to get any quality into the film.) Forsythe's German (??) accent is a riot. Glenn's forced profanity and bigoted speech is so over-the-top that you just can't take it seriously. (Minor Spoilers!) I especially liked the part where the US Marshals Service flies a helicopter to get Glenn (an active Marshal) from his ranch to help with a hostage situation. The flight there and back obviously takes at least 15 to 30 minutes, but when Glenn arrives at the scene of the hostage-taking there are only three (count 'em) police cars there and only five or six news people at all. When Glenn asks about the absence of police, he's told, "They're on their here in a few minutes." Now, there are at least six hostage-takers and dozens of hostages, including a Federal judge, in the building. I guess the cops just stopped off for doughnuts on the way to the use hurrying needlessly, right? Only for hopeless Glenn fans.

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Laugh a minute farce!

Author: paulkersey from New York in Death Wish
26 March 2004

As noted above this film borrows from every action film of the last 25 years. It's part Dirty Harry, part Death Wish, part Lonewolf McQuaid and part Terminator 2 (sans robots). The plot is just ridiculous and has so many flaws, but that is what makes the film.

Cole McClary is brilliantly racist homophobic US Marshall. The dialogue throughout the film is just farcical. The scene where he arrives in Miami and meets his new partner (who introduces himself as Don Johnson) is pure comedy gold.

This film taught me lots I didn't know about the US Marshalls and the DEA. For example, DEA agents must have training in the art of ninjitsu. It's acceptable when rading a house to snap the neck of a guard. Speedboats can catch motorbikes. US Marshalls can commit extra-judicial executions. When your drug deal/party is busted, gun down all of your guests. If you're a Marshall, you needn't worry about not reporting the people you kill. That's OK.

A quality film. A definite must for fans of classics such as Death Wish 3.

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